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Feminists at NYT, WaPo spit at Moonwalkers

Half a century ago, between July 20th and July 21st, 1969 (UTC), the first men were landing on the Moon – four days after the July 16th Apollo 11 launch, just like predicted by Jules Verne. The men who went through the final stage were Commander Neil Armstrong and LM Pilot Buzz Aldrin. LM doesn't quite stand for Luboš Motl, it stands for Lunar Module. They sound similar but the difference may also matter.

Armstrong took the New World Symphony to the Earth's only natural satellite.

The first woman on the Moon

OK, as discussed by Fox News, NewsBusters, and Summit News, two America's leading left-wing newspapers had a great idea to "celebrate" the anniversary: by demonizing all the people who have made it possible through disgusting identity politics.

To make it to the Moon, women have to escape Earth's gender bias (Kowal, NYT)
The hard-charging space program: Breakthroughs, breakups and breakneck (Heller, WaPo)
The NYT diatribe seems more ideological, hateful, and obnoxious.

At any rate, both rants have made me extremely, explosively angry – and I consider everyone who fails to be explosively angry after seeing these texts to be an immoral pile of manure. Needless to say, both texts attack the U.S. space research program for being a realm dominated by men – and almost exclusively white men. What a heresy that some men dare to be capable of putting other men on the Moon while women aren't!

The NYT piece spends many and many paragraphs by conspiracy theories about the spacesuits that were designed for men. Well, they were designed not for all men: they were mostly designed with some type of men in mind. Some men are simply optimal for tasks that the astronauts have to fulfill. This is why these men are a part of the plan and this is why the spacesuits are mainly produced for them. This is why NASA wasn't mass-producing spacesuits for women or children fifty years ago. It wasn't mass-producing spacesuits for obese or very thin men, either.

Are you really so stupid that you can't get this simple point about the correct causal relationship between the events, Ms Kowal?

The WaPo piece by Ms Heller at least discusses the rocket scientists' tendency to work at home and build things at all times – a reason why the divorce rate was extremely high around the space centers, especially in Florida.

Heller also makes a useful historical point: many leaders of the U.S. space program were Second World War veterans. They were shaved and preferred white shirts. It was a very different culture than one that was already emerging and that largely devoured the U.S. fifty years later – the crappy counter-culture of the hippies and related material. Sadly, in the reverse natural selection, the war heroes and NASA's rocket scientists have lost and they have been largely superseded by the biological garbage descending from the hippies. The latter are trying to hijack even things like theoretical physics today (e.g. the whining Canadian S-word aßhole was a proud hippie) – and if and when they really take over NASA, satellites will stop respecting the laws of gravity and they will start to spontaneously fall from the orbit to the ocean. ;-)

Thankfully, even at the left-leaning Twitter, Kowal was given a hard time by the people who found her attack on NASA unacceptable. Some witty commenters have mentioned that the soldiers in the Second World War were also mostly a (white) men's culture. Why didn't Ms Kowal complain that she was discriminated against and she didn't get shot dead in combat?

Heller talks about a blonde female mathematician who worked in NASA as a return-to-Earth specialist. The proportion of women – outside the jobs of secretaries who had to type fast – was smaller than one percent or so. This blonde was capable of e.g. resisting requests to make coffee. "My ovaries don't give me particular credentials to prepare coffee." You know, this reaction is both witty and pretty much tolerable. In some sense, hers was a typical men's humor. She could be there because she passed both the meritocratic tests and the compatibility with the very active culture over there – culture of an environment where the men really can't afford to spend time and energy with unproductive, stupid, emotional whining which is what the feminists demand at all times.

Fifty years ago, there were almost no women in the scientific and technological positions at NASA because lots of women just wouldn't be too useful. But the situation has changed. These days, lots of women are actively harmful. The omnipresence of the likes of Ms Kowal is a top reason why it seems so hard today to land people on the Moon – although it should be way easier than 50 years ago. Their comments are much more unpleasant and ruining for the working culture than the blonde's witty joke about ovaries and coffee. Kowal and similar feminists are utterly toxic. NASA and other high-profile institutions (including scientific ones) should hire specialists in defeministization who would be getting the exact same salary as the deratization experts because the tasks are analogous – except that feminists do much more harm today than the rats do.

Kowal's Twitter timeline is full of annoying whining about the bad treatment of women by the space research.

Great, choose some extremely rare and cherry-picked example of something and immediately conclude that a huge fraction of rocket scientists and astronauts should have been female. Please, give me a break. This reasoning obviously doesn't work. The very fact that you're using this reasoning is an example of the female logic and inadequacy of almost all female brains for the quantitative thinking that is needed in the space research and elsewhere.

And by the way, if the evil white men built a space program by themselves and for themselves, why didn't you build one for yourself as well, ladies? Every sensible person – male or female – knows the answer. It didn't fudging happen because it's almost physically impossible. So your complaints against the male culture at NASA or other top places are really misogynist complaints because you complain about the laws of Nature – and Mother Nature is female!

Tereshkova: Incidentally, one of the rants above criticized some men who dared to figure out that the choice of the first woman astronaut, Valentina Tereshkova, was just a Soviet publicity stunt. It unquestionably was one. A typical piece of Soviet propaganda. If you can use Google Translate, you should definitely read three parts of a very extensive Czech article published in 2013. Tereshkova was a total pain in the aß for the experts. The headlines are a demo which gives you some idea:
Intrigues and foul-tricks: how the fiasco with the first woman in the outer space began

Immediately after the launch, she almost beheaded herself. The first woman in the outer space

Hiding photos and retouching bruises away: how the Soviet Union was obfuscating the shame with Tereshkova
She wasn't up to the job, either physically or psychologically. She was crying and begging to return to Earth. General Nikolay Kamanin, the boss of astronauts, has admitted that he had erred in the selection. She wasn't capable of eating the proper prescribed amounts of food. She fell asleep at key moments when she simply shouldn't have. She insisted that the men wouldn't ever talk about her. Many of the "secrets", including the near-beheading, were only revealed during Gorbachov's glasnost.

And I generously omitted the fact that Tereshkova allowed an extraterrestrial witch to kidnap her and grill the terrestrial guest. ;-)

Ms Ponomaryova was arguably better than Tereshkovova but eliminated because of her unflattering comments about the communist party and Kosmomol – and because she had a proper family with a kid and liked to smoke cigarettes. Exactly the criteria that shouldn't be devastating for a candidate. (Ponomaryova wasn't allowed to be a reserve, either, it was Solovlyova.) We may only estimate whether Ponomaryova would be comparably good as the men – but Tereshkova surely wasn't. In the 1960s (and even much later), being an astronaut or a rocket scientist wasn't a matter of entitlements – which is how the feminists always present all these prestigious jobs. They were extremely demanding tasks and a very large majority of men – and almost all women – would have no chance to fulfill these tasks properly.

Like the Soviet propagandists, feminist ideologues also want to rewrite this whole history and present the female astronaut candidates etc. as generally equally equipped as the male ones. But the reality was and is completely different and by their propaganda obsession, the feminists only show that they think and cheat just like the Soviet communists did – if not more so.

I find it amazing what sort of human degradation makes it possible for these rants attacking the basic values of our civilization as well as America's top achievements – 5% of the U.S. GDP went to the space program around the peak and people loved to contribute (also) because the pride of the U.S. was at stake – to appear in the most well-known U.S. newspapers.

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