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How Czech press informs about the expulsion of Noah Carl

I am thankful to be surrounded by an island of a relative positive deviation whose radius is a few hundred miles.

In post-communist countries and especially in Czechia, many top media outlets still preserve the old rules of journalism. Well, RT (formerly Russia Today) also beats virtually all mainstream media in the West. Look how RT informed about mini-AOC who got death threats from some really nasty leftists defending America's dumbest lawmakers. RT is clearly fair and balanced and discusses the real point.

Noah Carl, from Support Noah Carl

Four hours ago, (iTODAY in Czechia), perhaps the most mainstream Internet news server, wrote about the story of the IQ expert Noah Carl who was fired by Cambridge. Virtually all commenters are shocked by the rise of totalitarianism in the U.K. – and elsewhere – and 800+ comments were posted in a few hours. Because such articles are rarely published by the Western newspapers, let me show you what totally ordinary Czech readers read about this story and how they react. (A similar article with similar comments appeared in Echo.)

Genes influence the IQ, a scientist wrote. He was pushed out of Cambridge as a racist

The young British researcher Noah Carl was fired by the Cambridge University after hundreds of Academics have accused him of promotion of racist pseudoscience. Carl has written texts also about the relationship between the genes and intelligence and about the crimes committed by the immigrants. To defend him, another petition has been created and Carl plans to sue. Several Czechs have appeared among his critics as well as supporters.

After he won the job contest, Carl started as a beginning scholar at St Edmund's College in Cambridge last summer. In late April and early May 2019, one of the world's most prestigious universities has ended the cooperation with him, however.

Since last November, the university has investigated him because he became a target of some criticism by students and of an open letter by hundreds of Academics from the whole world. Without a single piece of evidence, they have written down that Carl's works are "ethically suspect" and "methodologically flawed". It was said that they "contained basic errors in the analysis and interpretations of the data."

The petition has called (some) articles by Carl "racist pseudoscience". It added that his texts were already being exploited by the far right media in their efforts to strengthen the xenophobic and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

The critics have urged Cambridge University to denounce similar research and review the process of Carl's hiring. Among the signatories, we find the left-wing anthropologist David Graeber who describes himself as an anarchist. A Czech signatory is also e.g. Filip Vostal from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Carl's supporters point out that most of the petitioners aren't experts in the research of intelligence and similar topics. They also emphasize that Carl has also published in renowned journals and that is where potential polemics should be taking place.

Among other things, Carl has analyzed the relationship between intelligence and political attitudes, e.g. the differences in the verbal intelligence between the American Republican and Democratic Parties. He was also mapping the IQ trends in various regions of the U.K.

He considers unquestionable that the genes are affecting the intelligence of individuals. He hasn't made any conclusion about the possible influence of genes on the proven groups' (racial) differences between the IQ. However, he labeled this opinion as a rational hypothesis that may be legitimately probed. He warns that to suppress the discussion about the race, genes, and IQ may lead to greater damages than benefits.

Cambridge as a new spokesman for racists?

A statement by St Edmund's College [map above] claims that the school also supports research that may be controversial or sensitive. However, it must respect the "cherished standards of ethics and integrity of research" and be "performed with the appropriately stringent methodology". Some of Carl's works are said to violate these criteria.

Cambridge is also bothered that Carl has cooperated with "several individuals who were known to be close to extremist opinions". "There was a serious risk that hiring Dr Carl could directly or indirectly lead to the exploitation of the school as a platform for promotion of opinions that are encouraging racial or religious hatred," the statement explains.

It adds that because of Carl, the atmosphere at the university has worsened and many were feeling hurt or betrayed because they couldn't believe that Cambridge was being connected with such opinions. The university emphasizes that Carl got a chance to defend himself in front of the investigation committee, both in the written form and orally.

Debate about races as an ideo-crime?

Soon afterwards, a petition supporting Carl was created as well, and that one was also signed by hundreds of Academics from the whole world. They include the American psychologist Jonathan Haidt whose book "Morality of the human mind: why the people are divided by politics and religion" was published in Czech.

A signatory is also philosopher Vlastimil Vohánka from the Palacký University and Czech mathematician Petr Zizler who is affiliated with a university in Calgary, Canada.

Squarely on the side of Carl, we find the activist server Quillette that, referring to Orwell, stated that the scientist was fired for committing an "ideo-crime".

"Mob rule is crushing free speech on campus," roars a headline in the Times, above an article by political scientist Matthew Goodwin. According to him, the attacks against Carl were also accompanied by the protests of students and unspecified vandalism.

Goodwin opines that the activists have destroyed the scientist's career. He began to successfully collect money on the Internet [if you send him, you should also send something to me], to get funds needed for him to defend against Cambridge legally.

The 29-year-old Oxford sociology alumni considers himself a moderate conservative who supports more stringent rules for the immigration to the U.K. and the departure of the U.K. from the European Union.

In the Czech context, group IQ differences are studied by the psychologist Petr Bakalář's book "Taboo in Social Sciences". This author has also faced accusations of scientific misconduct and (crypto)racism.

Author: kan (Lukáš Kantor)

Top rated comments

David Černý 241+ 1–

Darwin would have a hard time in our epoch.

Jakub Kos, 273+ 2–

That the genes affect the intelligence, much like most of the physical manifestations, is self-evident. That some groups of people or nations outshine others in something from a statistical viewpoint and vice versa is also well-known. It is true for breeds of the domestic and agricultural animals, for example, there are hitparades of dog breeds according to their intelligence. Only a moron may think that this doesn't apply to humans.

Lubomír Tulinský, 156+ 0–

Was he writing it on his blog or publishing it in science journals? Because he published it and it has gone through the peer review, the methodology, data, and conclusions will be OK.

But our era doesn't want to hear it, you know. Copernicus and Huss could tell us a lot about it. [We celebrated the anniversary of the execution of Huss for heresy by the Catholic Germans yesterday.]

Branislav Meliš, 121+ 0–

Nazis were getting started in a similar way – they were firing people from their jobs for their opinions. Then they were burning books and at the end, all the inconvenient people were dragged to the concentration camps! By the way, NSDAP was starting as a left-wing party but it's not fashionable to point this fact out today, is it?! I have a feeling that the history will be repeated and I will live long enough to see it – which terrifies me more than everything else. :-///

Kryštof Malinka, 152+ 2–

It will get worse. Witch hunts. Only the stage set has been replaced. Activists won't let their world view to be undermined [a parody of a communist slogan against the reactionaries and imperialists]. Facts and research must be suppressed when the goal is to turn the only good opinion into reality.

Michal Brňák, 243+ 7–

When I say that the East Asians have a higher IQ than Europeans IN AVERAGE, leftists are applauding. When I say that the Europeans have a higher IQ than Africans IN AVERAGE, I become a disgusting racist according to them, a xenophobe, and I should be fired and, more ideally, be jailed. In other words, how a free society with the plurality of opinions, based on the critical thinking and the freedom of speech, may be built... [Irony, like often in Czech comments]

Jirka Honců, 205+ 6–

It's almost terrifying how much this resembles the Bolsheviks.

David Černý, 108+ 2–

If I understand it correctly, the result of some paper or the truth isn't important at all. And that always seems to be the result when someone accuses someone else of racism.

Dušan Křivský, 122+ 3–

I have already written it a few times. The biggest problem is that the universities have been hijacked by the ultra-left.

Again it's just another level, now they will have to publish just the politically unharmful articles, supporting the government ideology. So an ultra-leftist will do some "research", while being applauded by everybody, and the race will become just a social construct, all of us will become the same, and multiculturalists will use this article as an argument. And we will be another step closer to the end of Europe. One step after another.

Jan Bubík, 105+ 2–

And it is revolving, anyway.

400 years later, people are being burned for the scientific truth once again.

Jakub Jakubček

Of course the genes affect the value of the IQ and I have no trouble to admit that while we beat the Africans by some 20 points, the Japanese are ahead of us by some 20 percent [sic]. By refusing the truth, we are returning to the Middle Ages.

To claim the opposite is equally stupid as to say that the genes don't affect the performance in sports and that it's a coincidence that most of the basketball players or sprinters are blacks.

Ms Jaroslava Božíková, 81+ 1–

One of the signatories is a left-wing anthropologist who registers as an anarchist. And this isn't a problem, is it? As far as I can say, this information says everything, how the petition should be looked at, and who will be the people who wrote it and signed it.

Libor Lipový, 135+ 5–

If the boy has written down that some migrants from Africa have the IQ of 170 or so and that the average of the IQ on each rubber boat is even 180, he would be immediately nominated for the Nobel Prize. And I have generously overlooked that as soon as the boat emerges on the Italian beaches, the value of the average IQ increases to 190.

Honza Kovanda, 77+ 2–

There will be some truth about it. For example, in those parts of the planet that were affected by the continental ice sheets and people had to survive the winter, there was a bigger pressure on the selection of intelligence. That means that in all of Europe and Asia, people had to think how to build their homes for the winter, how to place traps in the snow to catch the rare animals, to cut the ice to get both water and fish. How to produce clothes out of these things, ignite and maintain the fire that gives the heat and that may also cook the food.

The human had to think in advance and he couldn't have eaten the reserves for the winter during one day.

Our colleagues from the African continent didn't have to solve any of these problems, they were provided with herds of thousands of animals that could have been beaten by a wooden stick whenever the colleagues wanted, and on top of that, bananas were falling to their heads throughout the year. There wasn't much of a pressure to choose higher intelligence there but there was a greater selection for physical skills such as fast running (who can catch the gazelle first?), the crops could have been harvested thrice a year...

Pavel Martínek, 65+ 1–

We can't disprove it so we will shut your mouth by kicking you to the street.

Where have I already lived with similar policies? It's been quite some time, something over 30 years.

Jaroslav Mühlhandl, 62+ 1–

Even if we overlook whether his views are correct, what is terrifying is that a scientist is fired for the views from the Academic environment. A new dark age is getting started.

Ondřej Sekera, 51+ 0–

Can two morons give birth to an intelligent baby? Yes but the probability is very low.

Can two intelligent people give birth to a moron? Yes but it's very improbable.

Conclusion: I am a racist.

Petr Bartůněk, 61+ 1–

Scary times, mankind will obviously never learn its lesson.

Jiří Pešice, 55+ 1–

Where else is it possible to discuss such things than at the universities? If we won't talk about them, we won't find out where the truth is. This is obscurantism (what makes the dark ages). The negation of the education and progress. Hijacking of the Academia by politics. At least, he should have been allowed to stay. Either it's confirmed or not. These days, people almost have to be afraid of looking at someone else diagonally. Or people may be slandered when it's approved by the elites. It seems that they're having a bath in their fame and elitism.

Daniel Pavlík, 43+ 0–

Excellent. We're going back to the Middle Ages when people were being disgraced (in worse cases, executed) for the proposition that was disliked by the church. The only novelty is that the church has been replaced with the ministry of the truth.

Josef Ulman, 43+ 0–

"Quillette stands squarely on Carl's side, saying – according to Orwell – that he was fired for having committed an ideo-crime." Right, that's how I would write it as well, it's the principle that I have been talking about for years.

Jaromír Hanzal, 81+ 5–

Huss was burned at stake for the truth but it was the Middle Ages. We are probably returning in time. [Three smileys.]

Tomáš Havel, 62+ 3–

Disgusting times. This stuff is the same as communism. For inconvenient opinions, we will be jailing the people, well, we are already jailing. Congratulations, liberals, Lenin is proud of you.

Antonín Petružálek, 55+ 3–

When he doesn't recant, burn him at stake. Is it possible that the history is being repeated?

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