Monday, July 08, 2019

Tommy Robinson deserves the U.S., Czech asylum

Tommy Robinson, born as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon in 1982, has spent some time in the prison. So far, he's been arrested thrice. While it's plausible that some of the earlier prison terms were justified, it seems absolutely obvious to every sane person that the legal harassment of Tommy Robinson in recent years is politically driven.

Korn: Last evening, I had a beautiful dream that I was Robinson.

The trials against Tommy Robinson are Stalinist-style monster trials and the far left that is de facto in charge of the U.K. wants to turn Tommy Robinson to a political prisoner. Right now, a court has confirmed the previously abolished verdict about Robinson's contempt of court, after he broadcast some defendants in a trial (well, it's journalism). He's supposed to be sentenced to 2 years in jail.

Last time in the British prison – where the number of Muslim inmates grew dramatically – he lost 40 pounds, mostly because he couldn't safely eat the food prepared by other, real inmates. He has faced psychological and physical abuse. One may seriously worry that he could die in prison if he were arrested, especially because the Muslims – a greatly privileged group in the present U.K. – could give him too hard a time.

Later in this week, Robinson plans to ask Donald Trump for an emergency U.S. political asylum. I surely think he should get it – he is being prosecuted and existentially threatened in analogy with the terror against Christians in hardcore Islamic regimes, and with similar cases of uncivilized court systems.

Sadly, the U.K., a cradle of science, technology, and the capitalist economy, is turning into a giant uncivilized šithole – despite the planned Brexit. Robinson was turned into the "enemy of the state", as the title of his book says, basically just for pointing out that the radical Islam is dangerous for his homeland. The situation has evolved so terribly that his great service of informing about the Pakistani pedophiles (who have been in charge of several British cities with cowardly cops) was interpreted as a grave crime.

If Donald Trump fails to grant the asylum to Robinson, he should still try other countries such as Czechia. It would be a gesture that could bring a significant political capital to any Czech politician. I wouldn't be extremely happy if Andrej Babiš were the person who would devour this capital – but if it were so, I would still think that he sort of deserves it.

Czechia still seems like a safer place for people like Robinson. You know, Google and similar Bolsheviks may manipulate the 2020 elections or some activist or fan of the "Democratic Party" may murder Donald Trump and America may very well jump on the bandwagon of the extreme, totalitarian left just some 17 months from now. Americans could very well become more brutal than the Britons.

I feel that the situation in the West is so bad and the human trash is gaining so much power so quickly that this kind of emigration – and perhaps mass emigration – of old-fashioned whites from the newly Islamized and "progressive" countries to the relatively sane world like my homeland will have to take place in a few years. We should think about the conditions under which these refugees are accepted so that they and their descendants don't threaten the Czech statehood in the future – like the Sudetenland Germans have. I believe we have the capacity to absorb hundreds of thousands of such genuine white refugees. Just to be sure, there would be some opposition even to the mass arrival of white refugees from Christendom – but the opposition would be much weaker than for the migrants from other civilizations and anti-civilizations.

The Czechoslovak government-in-exile operated in England when Czechoslovakia was controlled by the fascists – so I would find it fair if Czechia allowed the British government-in-exile to operate from here while the U.K. is controlled by the Islamofascists.

It's truly ironic that the millions of Arabs and Africans who are planning to migrate to Europe are still being presented by many influential politicians as "refugees". Almost none of them are refugees; they are economic migrants exploiting the suicidal offers they are receiving from the European politicians. Meanwhile, true refugees who are facing genuine existential risks – due to their governments' violation of the basic principles of the Western civilization and these governments' disrespect for the basic human dignity – are being created in the West and it's increasingly hard for them to find a safe place where they can escape away from the criminals who call themselves journalists or judges.

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