Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Ursula Leyen will accelerate putrefaction of Europe

Frans Timmermans was ultimately eliminated as a candidate for the replacement of Jean-Claude Juncker. That didn't mean that the European Union was going in a much better direction.

Farage evaluated Leyen yesterday.

I think that Ms Uršula Kluková will remain the most famous Uršula in Czechia LOL. In this dialogue, she is the owner of a new whorehouse after 1989. During communism, whorehouses were abolished but the brothel (disorder/mess) was here throughout communism, too. I think that these comments apply to Ms Leyen's EU, too.

Emmanuel Macron has proposed Ursula Leyen as a compromise candidate. This failing minister of defense has emerged out of thin air – despite her being inadequate according to SPD, Germany's CDU's coalition partner. Yesterday, a required majority of the 751 members of the European Parliament voted "Ja". She was the only candidate.

Just try to appreciate what it says about the state of democracy in Europe. Each of these MEPs annually collects hundreds of thousands of Euros in salary – but they're collectively nothing else than a machinery obliged to codify absolutely random and counterproductive inventions of a random pompous Emmanuel. He invents a name, there is no other candidate, and they just vote Yes. The top Western European politicians have absolutely no moral right to criticize countries such as Iran, Cuba, China, or North Korea for the lack of democracy – it's no better in the EU today.

I am using the name Ursula Leyen because from 1918, with the exception of the Nazi occupation, the usage of aristocratic titles has been illegal in my country. If someone uses the v-word, I will ban him or her. If and when Ursula Leyen dares to appear in Czechia and uses the v-word for herself, she should be hunted down.

She comes from a wealthy dynasty of noblemen, capitalists, and physicians. Including her, there were seven siblings – and analogously, she also has seven kids. This will surely silence all the people who have criticized e.g. Merkel for being childless. But that has clearly been one of the smallest problems with Merkel.

Concerning the number seven, I can't resist to mention the best joke in the world that revolves around the number 7:
Snow White visited her gynecologist to find out whether she was still a virgin. She asked him what the result of the test was. "Well, while I did find seven small holes over there, yes, you are basically still a virgin."
Oh, I forgot to mention that she has been trained as a gynecologist, too. OK, she's been a normal far left woman in politics, fighting for some women's quotas, a higher number of kindergartens, new types of taxes, and more frantic redistribution in general. As a minister of defense, she has been claimed to have damaged the German military more than Churchill and Stalin combined. But this is how the European Union works (or, more precisely, why it fails to work): if you fail as a politician in a nation state, you are promoted as a politician controlling the whole European Union.

Unsurprisingly, she promotes all the usual far left delusions such as the fight against climate change and the carbon tax (she wants to revive the suicidal, undead proposal of a carbon-neutral Europe in 2050 which Visegrád heroically and semi-successfully killed months ago), immigration (during the greatest wave of immigration from Syria, she decided that her 7 children hadn't been enough and she hosted a Syrian refugee), and the federalization of the European Union.

With Ursula's Eurofederal plans, we may need to refresh our knowledge of Germans. In this playlist, Czechs and Slovaks have created more valuable music sung in German than Germany of the 20th century combined.

God bless Europe because with this lady at the top of the European Union, the continent will need both God and the blessing to survive such a "union" on its territory.

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