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A highly carbon-positive "prince" from a Swedish girl's yacht

The prophet status of a teenage Scandinavian Mongoloid ADHD sufferer proves the insanity of the contemporary epoch. However, some of the news can entertain us, indeed. This Expres.cz story about a Monaco "prince" is one of them (it has 11 pictures in a gallery).

The Swedish activist recently told the United Nations:

Our civilization is being sacrificed for the opportunity of a very small number of people – for them to collect enormous amounts of money. Our biosphere is being sacrificed for the people in rich countries such as mine to live their lives in luxury. The price we pay is that many people suffer for the luxury of a few.
Excellent. She took one of the best examples of this sermon in the world to "her" $4 million Malizia II solar yacht, Mr Pierre Casiraghi (31), the "Prince" of Monaco and the grandson of Rainiere III.

Štěpán Karlesz, the Expres.cz journalist, lists quite a few of the "prince"'s hobbies. First of all, Casiraghi is the majority owner of Monacair. Every day, the company services 50 helicopter flights over the French Riviera. You may buy flights for 1-6 passengers from the Nice Airport to Monaco or back; plus numerous bonus tours such as Monaco from the Skies, Discovering the French Riviera, and long-distance flights to Saint Tropez.

I don't want to make too much of an advertisement but the prices look acceptable. For example, the helicopter for 6 people may be rented for 30 minutes for €900.

Casiraghi is also a huge fan of rallye. Every year, he participates – as a racer – in a race featuring the historical veterans in Monte Carlo. He is also a great fan of Formula One. However, his hobbies aren't confined to the land.

He is also a keen racer in yacht races – both races in the open sea as well as near the beaches. In 2014, he became a record holder when his yacht made it from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro in 10.5 days.

A cherry on a pie is that he is also a majority owner of Engeco, a Monaco-based developer firm founded by his father, just like Monacair, which has built quite a collection of majestic buildings in Monaco. You may estimate the emissions associated with their construction.

Like in the case of 114 private jets that gathered in Sicily to fight carbon emissions, it looks like these people are joking. Well, in this case, whether or not the jokes are deliberate, some of us are entertained.

So I wish the "prince" (I use quotes because in Czechoslovakia, we banned aristocratic titles in 1918) and the Mongoloid girl a nice planning how to destroy the people who are emitting lots of carbon dioxide for useless luxurious activities. Maybe these luxurious emitters should be hanged by their balls – from a yacht? Good luck in your thinking.

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