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Greta vs Chantal: will a Navy save a carbon-neutral activist?

Update Thursday afternoon: stuck in the middle of the ocean, windless conditions are clearly their biggest worry

Sailing from Europe to America on a yacht isn't quite a trivial deal – although the $4 million solar yacht, Malizia II (the name means "Malice" in Italian, it's appropriate – and Malice was a Czech 10th century village where I spent my 20th century childhood), with some competent users makes it easier.

As observed in Soph vs Greta, Greta has shown that it only takes one strongly opinionated... girl... to completely destabilize democracy. Her success is literally encouraging a whole generation to become parasitic brainwashed lying lazy uneducated... children. So I admit, I got excited about the Atlantic weather conditions that could hypothetically get intriguing. If the fairy-tale had a less happy end, the lesson that the other kids could learn would be wiser than "be a lazy lying hysterical piece of... a child... and you will travel on expensive yachts throughout your life". Darwin's award would look like a better fit for her than Nobel's award.

Track Greta's boat via (a weather sister of, the Czech Google killer)
If the tracking website shows up in Czech for you and you still failed to learn Czech, you will get an exemption for a week. Go to upper-left-settings (hamburger menu) and find+pick Jazyk/English. In the right sidebar menus, you should be able to switch from winds to temperature, pressure, waves, cloud cover, and more.

Fine. There may be hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, right? Happily for Greta and unhappily for the good guys, the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season is one of the quietest ones in the recent century so far. In 2005, Al Gore predicted several Katrinas every year from now on. Where are they when we need them? Shouldn't you at least apologize, Al?

Fine. On this date in 2005, the tropical storm Jose just formed, the 10th tropical storm in the season. Tomorrow, on August 23rd, it will be the 14th anniversary of the birth of Hurricane Katrina, the 5th hurricane of the 2005 season, which later grew into an unfortunately directed Category 5 Hurricane.

Recall that in 2005, the havoc was just getting started with the 5th hurricane, Katrina. Later, the ocean has depleted the Latin alphabet of names and continued with storms alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, and zeta – names that sound Greek to me.

2019 is much humbler. In May, there was just a subtropical storm Andrea (sub- refers to the location, not the strength). Barry, a minimal Category 1 Hurricane, followed in mid July, and Three was just a tropical depression later in July. Now, almost at the end of August, we've just enjoyed the second tropical storm of the season that made it into this category, after Barry. It was named Chantal and you may watch the maps at the National Hurricane Center website, too.

In Czechia, Chantal is quite a famous name although there only exists one well-known owner of the name, Chantal Poullain, a French actress with a male voice who has married a Czech comedian, Mr Bolek Polívka (=Soup), and who has learned Czech reasonably well.

But let's return to the exciting Atlantic Ocean: – Greta Thunberg is "heading" to the Tropical Storm Chantal (some text and a 30-second video)
Well, the tropical storm was weakened to a depression only, a few hours ago, but it could still be exciting. The winds don't seem dangerous – speeds are below 25 knots (as speed, 1 kn = 1 NM/h = 1.852 km/h) – but it may still be interesting because, you know, there's some cloudiness around Chantal, as you expect from storms. Recall that the yacht is solar so I suppose it can't move too well when the Sun isn't shining. Maybe it has some batteries? How much time can they give them?

Update: semi-experts on Twitter are telling me that it has no engine or batteries to be used for the motion at all, the solar panels are purely for luxury and electronics, so the motion depends on the wind. Wow, I was pretty scared 2 years ago when there was no wind and we were just 1 km from land on Lipno. They are over 2500 km from the land. ;-)

Note that a low wind speed is bad without the Sun and batteries – maybe at any speed below 12 knots, the boat doesn't even come to life. ;-)

At some time, the yacht could be controlled by the natural flows around Chantal and nothing else. It could be dangerous if Chantal decided to strengthen again. In recent hours, their yacht's speed was as low as 0.6 knots. I think that the maximum speed could be 40 knots but it's relatively to the water, I think, and the water was mostly moving against them, by 10-20 knots. More than 1400 NMs (nautical miles) are left to New York but they have already covered 2100 NMs. Recall that with a wing, the yacht may move along the wind but also almost against it, see physics of sailing LOL.

Axel who helps to steer the yacht is saying that Chantal is working to their advantage. Funnily enough, however, at 16:36 Prague Summer Time, they seem to be going North (9°, a bit to the East!) at 2.3 knots, i.e. away from Chantal. That what I would call being stuck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe someone told them that they should be afraid of the depression, after all? Maybe it was me?

But is the teenage activist hysterical because of the nearby Chantal? Can you tell her that you want her to panic? To scream all over the yacht and make her fellow travelers desperate? ;-) Maybe you want to tell her that Chantal was created by the oil industry to sink their yacht. I guess that in the case of a real threat, the Swedish and other navies and air forces will arrive to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to save our savior. Maybe a desperate call from her could be enough for these maneuvers. The carbon footprint could grow by many orders of magnitude.

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