Saturday, August 10, 2019

Possible murder of Jeffrey Epstein deserves deep investigation

When I was home from a trip, including the most accessible municipality of Germany where I can get one person by train for $8 (round trip) plus a one-minute-walk (and its larger Czech counterpart), the most important bad news story waiting in the alert centers was the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Very sad yet predictable and predicted.

Officials "report" that it was an apparent suicide. A problem is that the standard camera – that should monitor all the inmates – was just malfunctioning at the moment when he died! What is the probability that the United States of America isn't capable of installing and maintaining a proper camera to check the safety of a billionaire in jail – and that this camera breaks exactly when it's critically needed?

Also, it seems, two key guards were sent away because of "maintenance". Cool. Finally, Epstein was stunningly removed from the suicide watch even though he officially tried to commit suicide just three weeks ago (while he said that someone tried to murder him in late July).

It is obvious that a murder is at least as plausible an explanation of his death as a suicide. We have been given exactly zero evidence that the answer "suicide" is more likely – and as far as I can say, every person who just buys the explanation by the "authorities" that it was a suicide is a breathtaking gullible moron.

The death of Jeffrey Epstein in jail had been predicted – by your humble correspondent (unpublished), economist Martin Armstrong, Ann Coulter (who wanted Epstein to be moved to a safe prison), victims' lawyer, and others.

All these people predicted death of Epstein in jail – which is the only new information we have now, and the prediction holds perfectly so far. All these predictions also involved the claim that the death would be a murder by the powerful people who know or knew that Epstein's testimony could have meant quite some trouble for them (a murder pretending to be suicide). These predictions make perfect sense so they must obviously be a leading theory in the investigation, just like string theory (with SUGRA at low energies) is the default theory of Nature. Everyone who says something else – both in the case of Epstein's death and string theory – is just spreading noise and prejudices.

Of course a suicide is also possible – he's been in serious trouble – but this theory is far from a certainty. Everyone in that New York MCC jail is in analogous trouble – but there has never been any suicide there, ever!

As far as I know, I have never talked to Epstein but he's been extremely close to my environment for years. His contacts with Harvard were very close. He's known most of the top theoretical physicists. He's been a friend of Larry Summers. He has paid some fast money to Indian string theorists after a conversation between Andy Strominger and Larry Summers that I was listening to. On top of that, Epstein has paid some labs for biologists whom I have also known from the Harvard Society of Fellows. And the list goes on and on.

So I think he's been a true philanthropist and basically a very good person – with important contacts that were bipartisan in the political sense (he's been close enough both to the Clintons and Trump – and the partisans were recently trying to throw Epstein to the other camp as if Epstein were a hot potato). And he has also breached the law in a very serious way. I do think it's right to defend the intimate integrity of teenage girls before some critical age – although this critical age is just a convention. On the other hand, I surely don't think that the violation of this law is on par with a murder. On his "pedo island", the girls were almost certainly generously compensated, and if I could guess, they were happy even about the non-financial aspects of the work. The adult famous men were also happy, I think. ;-)

So make no mistake about it: I consider Jeffrey Epstein's death to be much more serious than the crimes he's been accused of.

If someone has ordered this death – even if he or she has just "encouraged" Epstein to commit suicide – he or she must be found and held responsible for the act as well as the acts that he or she wanted to hide (as long as their existence may be proven despite the key witness' death). Because the U.S. hasn't legalized anything such as "assisted suicide", I think that the removal of the suicide watch camera that would enable Epstein to commit suicide would be legally a murder, anyway.

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