Friday, August 02, 2019

YouTube bans Soph after a video on sexual minorities

Many of us have expected it because Soph is both unbelievably articulate as well as incredibly courageous. But we didn't know what would be the topic that YouTube would consider the "last droplet" before it bans Soph.

Soph's YouTube channel had 994,000 followers but it no longer exists. And the video "Pride and Prejudice" above was the final one that was deleted before the whole channel followed in the video's footsteps – the final straw that broke the camel's back.

As of this moment, you may still find Soph at BitChute (YouTube alternative), Twitter, Gab (Twitter alternative), Patreon (deleted hours after YouTube), New Project 2 (a replacement), Bonfire (her T-shirts), Bitcoin (many people are unable to deal with this Segwit address, just $250), and Bitcoin Cash (works great, $800 received).

I find the LGBTABCD...XYZ discussion rather dull but her insights were both penetrating and basically mainstream, at least from the viewpoint of the Czech society. She has discussed Machiavelli's lessons for gay activists – it's better to be feared than loved – and how they replace reproduction with recruitment and what this replacement implies.

It's really very interesting. Many of us surely think that we're among the elite that really thinks about such and other matters but because those are largely taboo, we can't ever be sure whether our thinking is more ingenious than that of others. I must say that in her understanding of the dynamics, she has gotten further than your humble correspondent in many issues.

At any rate, YouTube is a de facto monopoly – a great majority of the people in the U.S. and elsewhere really think that "it's the only server with videos that you need" – and the similar deplatforming is therefore extremely worrisome for the whole human society. Soph has almost certainly become the youngest YouTube personality yet who was deplatformed for saying the inconvenient truth. Her number of views could have dropped to 1/6 by being forced to BitChute only and her financial expectations could have dropped to 1/3 – it's my estimate.

In a tweet, she suggested that this video punditing/entertainment was the only thing she had, and if they would take it from her, she could do what people sometimes do when the "only thing they have" is taken from them. This is a mixture of a joke, exaggeration, and secret hints. You really don't know how literally you should take it. But I, for one, would have an almost full understanding for her if she happened to transform her words into acts and e.g. deplatformed the Stalinist pervert jerks in the Silly-Con Valley from the face of the Earth where their right to exist, at least in the way they seem to exist now, seems highly disputable to me.

Incidentally, when I go to the page of the banned video on YouTube, it says – in Czech – that the video has violated the laws of my country. I am positively sure that this is a slanderous lie.

BTW soon after Soph, YouTube also deleted a European historical folks song channel (here is the BitChute backup). You know, e.g. Mozart's Turkish March must be amazingly racist. This is really a war, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Gabbard's two-day-old pro-free-speech, anti-Big-Tech-monopoly monologue may be more coherent and active than Trump's steps in this direction.

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