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Austrian Greens' relative success makes us worried

In the Austrian elections, semi-treacherous (but still much better than the average party in Western Europe) Sebastian Kurz and his People's Party won with impressive 38%, social democrats' worst historical result above 22% still looks healthy relatively to our social democracy LOL, the right-wing Freedom Party – the only party that comprehensibly opposes the ongoing climate hysteria – dropped to below 17% because of some incomprehensible scandals, while the Greens – below the 5% threshold last time – returned to the Parliament with over 13%.

Most of us hope that the Greens won't be invited to the government – which is unfortunately said to be the most likely outcome. Ondřej Neff, a science-fiction author and the owner of The Invisible Dog, the oldest (1996) Czech Internet's "private newspaper", pointed out we should be worried – and he is worried.

First of all, the increase of the Greens from below 5% to above 13% shows that a very large fraction of our top 3 favorite foreign nation (along with Slovaks and Danes), the Austrians, may be easily manipulated by the cheapest imaginable tools. This increase of the Greens may be almost entirely attributed to the hysterical atmosphere created under the brand of the Scandinavian spoilt brat, as Jeremy Clarkson called her in his wise and inspirational essay in The Sun.

The temperature hasn't tangibly changed from the previous election – but the Greens jumped from below 5 to above 13 percent. Isn't it crazy and dangerous? It is. To believe that the climate hysteria is justified by science means to be totally scientifically illiterate. To increase the belief because of some pronoucements by a sick and unstable Swedish teenager means to have lost the last traces of common sense – and that's how at least these 8+ percent of the Austrians may be described, too.

Second, these Greens have announced that they want to revive their jihad against nuclear power plants in the neighboring countries. Austria became a non-nuclear country after a narrow victory of the anti-nuclear warriors in a referendum in the late 1970s that has killed the plans for the Zwentendorf power plant.

It's not paranoia when they're really after you – I am convinced that the Czech nuclear power plants (Temelín, Dukovany) are particularly threatened by these Austrian Luddites; perhaps it's because both of them are close to the Austrian border, some 30 miles. (The logo at the top promotes "Start Zwentendorf", a Czechia's twin organization of "Stop Temelín" LOL.) But a map makes it clear that every single neighbor of Austria has nuclear power plants: Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, and (at least so far) Germany. Do these Luddites want to declare war on all neighbors of Austria?

These anti-nuclear pronouncements at this very moment are tremendously ironic, indeed. The whole amazing success of the Austrian Green Party in the weekend polls may be explained by the new wave of the anti-CO2 hysteria revived by the brainwashed and manipulated spoiled brat. Nuclear power plants are obviously the most important technology that has the side effect of greatly reducing CO2 emissions. So how can they translate the anti-CO2 hysteria that returned them to the Parliament to a new wave of anti-nuclear jihad? These politicians and their voters probably don't even realize the absurdity of all of this – because they're effectively brain-dead. CO2 and nuclei are just empty words for them; their real enemies are brains. Properly functioning brains are the real enemies of these brain-dead creatures – counterparts of the bark beetles that devour the grey matter and white matter instead of wood.

A journey to the Temelín reactor that was open during a fuel replacement in 2016. If you are an Austrian citizen who doesn't have a Geiger-Müller counter incorporated into your head (analogously to Prophet Greta Thunberg who sees CO2), you won't even be perceive to see that you're meters from the most demonized place. They got as much radiation as during a flight. On the other hand, I agree with a Ukrainian babe in Czechia that the trips to Chernobyl aren't quite safe for your health yet. The radioactive stuff may be at tons of random unexpected places etc.

But Neff mainly worries about something else. These days, the Asperger's patient and lots of similar people openly brag about their plans to stop the economic growth. The sick child has emotionally attacked the economic growth (and those who try to keep it high) as if it were plague – and the sick adults have applauded her. This epidemics of stupidity may either fade away or it won't. If it doesn't fade away, it's almost unavoidable that the economic growth will disappear in the sick nations that applaud the hysterical outbursts, as desired. Assuming that Czechia keeps our sanity and relative independence, it is a matter of years in which its rosier future, relatively to the decaying Western Europe (West of us), will become self-evident and we might face lots of refugees from Western Europe.

Now, the Czechs' tolerance for immigrants from sufficiently similar European nations is vastly greater than our tolerance for immigrants from totally different cultures that have a much lower probability of assimilation. But even if hundreds of thousands of immigrants were white Germans or Italians, it would be a nonzero problem. In the overemployment right now, we may need extra workers but these conditions could change and the healthy job market isn't the only or main priority of ours.

I feel that if Western Europe started to produce genuine refugees, people who are existentially threatened because of the dwindling economies and because of the terror against them due to their refusal to worship sick children, most of Czechs would probably agree that it's our duty – and maybe a good idea – to accept these refugees from Western Europe. But are we ready? Shouldn't we discuss much more intensely how such a scenario should be handled? Do we want to build something isomorphic to the Sudetenland German minority again? Millions of people who may feel insufficient gratitude to the dominant population of their new homeland?

It seems to me that at the very beginning, we should define the rules that would prevent the bad historical evolution to repeat itself. I do think that this time, for example, the kids of these hypothetical immigrants from the countries plagued by Gretenism and similar pandemics should be obliged to attend Czech schools. And there should be a long-term agreement that any descendants who will express problems in the future with having Czechs as the majority population of their country may be expelled.

The 1999 Vengaboys' hit "We're Going to Ibiza" became Austria's most downloaded song in 2019 because the right-wing Freedom Party politicians, Strache et al., went to Ibiza where an embarrassing video was shot. That scandal has weakened the Freedom Party as much as Greta's hysteria has strengthened the Greens.

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