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Bogus impeachment inquiry: Democratic Party becoming a terrorist organization

I haven't discussed the latest impeachment efforts because I found them so utterly ridiculous – and I thought that this insanity would just fade away within a day. It seems that it didn't. Lots of the U.S. leftists are really fanatically determined to violate even the most fundamental principles of the U.S. constitutional system.

Rusyn (Subcarpathian Ukraine) traditional, a top Ukrainian video of the recent year, remade by an Eastern Slovak band (as you could guess due to the omnipresent wealth in the video). The Rusyn region used to be a part of Czechoslovakia but the music sounds so much more Eastern than Czech or Slovak music... Much of it is simply due to the preferred "Eastern" minor scale while our "Western world" prefers the major scale. It could be a good definition of West vs East.

Correct me if something is inaccurate but there seem to be very serious evidence indicating that a generic U.S. citizen – who happens to be the son of Joe Biden, a possible foe of Trump in the 2020 presidential election – has committed a serious corruption-related crime in Ukraine. It's possible that Biden the father was involved. And, as Giuliani said, it may be just a thread leading to much more grandiose corruption within the Obama administration.

It is obviously a moral duty of the U.S. president to allow such an investigation and prosecution and Trump gave the green light to those things. That's exactly the right response; of course it's convenient for Trump but that doesn't make it any less right. I think it would be absolutely scandalous if these possible crimes weren't investigated or if the U.S. president were blocking such an investigation. And most people in Ukraine would feel betrayed if that investigation were stopped.

However, it seems that the U.S. leftists demand that Joe Biden and his family – and probably all the prominent leftists and their families – stand above the law so Trump's doing the right thing is a justification for impeachment.

And then there's this whole incoherent talk about a "whistleblower". He, whether he's real or not, hasn't found any wrongdoing, just broke some laws, so it's completely right for the courts to go after his neck and Trump has the duty to cooperate in getting this leaker of the classified information.

The U.S. constitution clearly says that the impeachable offenses are

Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors
which clearly don't include the green light to the investigation of corruption accusations against a U.S. citizen in another country – regardless of his or her name. The spirit of the constitution is clear: the text is meant to protect the democratically elected president (and similarly lawmakers) from various types of a coup, from the removal that is justified by similarly outrageous excuses as those that are being produced by the contemporary Democratic Party.

At least some Democrat voters, e.g. Bill Maher, realize that these efforts may paralyze the U.S. for a very long time. Donald Trump went just a Planck length further when he tweeted:

If you think about it, his "civil war like fracture in this nation" (I am Czech, not an American who like everything big, so I scaled down Trump's capitalization LOL) is almost equivalent to Maher's "paralysis for a long time". Moreover, these formulations weren't created in the stable genius' brain: they are quotes of a pastor (read the tweets carefully). But needless to say, even this very tweet by Trump – despite the similarities to the views of Maher and other people who still have some common sense – has been attacked by the aggressive leftists and even some RINOs. Some of them claim that even this very tweet is a reason for impeachment. Wow. Everything is already a good excuse for impeachment in your eyes, nuts!

The Democrats and their staunch supporters have lost the last traces of proportionality and decency. Their respect for the U.S. constitution and its fundamental principles – and for some sign of a peaceful co-existence of people supporting the two parties, something that I still vaguely remember from 1997 (before Clinton had to explain what "is" is) – has almost completely evaporated.

An additional crazy aspect of this insanity is that these Democrats are now demonizing Ukraine as the ultimate enemy that Donald Trump has teamed up with – it's the same Ukraine that was the greatest friend of the U.S. just in 2014 when it had the maximum tension against Russia, the true enemy (and for some years afterwards). They make it very clear that all the claims that they cared about Ukraine were lies. It's just amazing how these left-wing fraudsters may turn the greatest friend to the ultimate enemy. They just don't have any moral principles or conscience.

What they're trying to achieve is superficially similar to the impeachment theater that America has seen many times. But just imagine that it succeeds – and maybe some things are different this time – and by some combination of pressure and flukes, the Democrats remove the president for these ludicrously self-evidently unconstitutional reasons. And they will probably make it clear that they plan to do the same thing to VP Pence (who should replace an impeached Trump, right?) soon, too. Do you really believe that the Trump voters will applaud such a coup? Many of them legally hold weapons. Can you imagine a better reason to have such weapons? Such a hypothetical situation would be a textbook example of the scenario that the writers of the Second Amendment had in mind. America's is a nice system to peacefully transfer power according to some rules. When someone breaks the system, the weapons simply have to return back to the game.

The U.S. has never experienced a genuine coup. It would be the first time and I am confident that tens of millions of Americans whose country would be stolen in this way wouldn't applaud to Greta's worshipers of 26 or 27 genders who would be responsible for that coup. Most of them are sensitive Ladies and Gentlemen so they wouldn't shoot at the first anti-Trump citizen right away. But the tension would be amazing – and "civil war like conditions" is a perfectionist description of what the U.S. would experience in the case of such a coup.

So please, if you happen to be a Democrat supporter whose brain hasn't melted down yet, it is your moral duty to stop this insanity. It is you who needs to persuade your comrades not to behave as savage members of a terrorist organization whose only goal is to damage America and its flawlessly elected leaders.

Tulsi has observed that her fellow Democrats running for the White House are also abusing this indefensible witch hunt to fill their pockets or the pockets of their campaigns. Truly disgusting.

P.S.: The number of brutal things that the Democrats are doing these days is way too high to be enumerated. A random news that caught my attention tonight is that the New York City has blatantly violated the First Amendment and introduced the stunning fine of $250,000 for everyone who uses the term "illegal aliens" for illegal aliens. Wow. (We're using less friendly terms in Czechia.) People who are attacking the basics of the U.S. constitutional system in this brutal way must be treated on par with Osama bin Laden. They're probably more pernicious for the U.S. than Osama bin Laden ever was.

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