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Corrupt left-wing media promoting Carroll elevate politicization of physics to a new level

Sean Carroll is doing everything he can to promote his new book attacking quantum mechanics and earn a few bucks by doing so. The book tour is supported by some media. Let us look at the list – will you be able to see a pattern?

Nude Socialist (author: the Führer): What is space-time? The true origins of the fabric of reality

The New York Times: Even Physicists Don’t Understand Quantum Mechanics

NPR: In 'Something Deeply Hidden,' Sean Carroll Argues There Are Infinite Copies Of You

PBS: Sean Carroll: Universe a ‘tiny sliver’ of all there is (+video)

Guardian: 'Nature is quantum from the start': Sean Carroll, many worlds, and a new theory of spacetime – Science Weekly podcast

Wired: Sean Carroll Thinks We All Exist on Multiple Worlds

WaPo: The fascinating questions of quantum mechanics that perpetually elude answer

Quanta Magazine: Where Quantum Probability Comes From

Nature: The bizarre logic of the many-worlds theory

Science blogs: Our autumn reading list
The New York Times has slightly improved its statistics by printing a very short reply by Deepak Chopra about the need for consciousness. But the point of quantum mechanics isn't consciousness itself – the detailed research of that belongs to neuroscience and Chopra's obsession for that concept has ideological reasons that are largely analogous to Carroll's (well, plus his being a guy in medicine which is a more understandable source of the bias). The Times still haven't printed the view of any actual good let alone great quantum physicist.

I could continue for a while but the general spirit wouldn't change much. What do the comrades who uncritically promote Carroll's absurdly unscientific ideas about quantum mechanics have in common? Oh yeah, what they have in common is that they are comrades – left-wing activists masquerading themselves as journalists.

Those are the folks who are ready to write any lie that is needed and provide the client with any other kind of support as long as the client is a spoiled lying far left-wing activist brat – and it doesn't matter whether his or her name is Greta Thunberg or Sean Carroll. They are effectively the same. The difference is that Greta Thunberg has at least had the courage to sail from Europe to America on a yacht. But they emit the same kind of unscientific, hysterical, ideologically driven, beyond-the-pale gibberish.

Ethan Siegel wrote a mostly negative response at Forbes, with respectable 72,000 views as of now. How does Forbes differ from the comrades? Oh yeah, it's Forbes. Some gambling or what it is. As college students in Prague, we used the verb "to forbes[it]" as a synonym for "to play computer games". ;-) The addicted computer game player is a "forbesák" if you need to know.

Notably missing in the list of Carroll's uncritical supporters are outlets such as
Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, The National Review, Breitbart, the Daily Mail, The Washington Times, The Telegraph
and many more. Thankfully, you will also find no actual technical journals such as Physical Review, PRL, JHEP, ... among Carroll's uncritical supporters although PRL came rather close to mocking itself. ;-)

Just look at the chart above – it is very clear that it is purely the left-wing, and mostly far left-wing, media that provided the spoiled brat with the kind of promotion that politically balanced writers may only dream about. And none of them dared to point out that according to most professional quantum physicists, Carroll is just repeating old philosophical musings that couldn't have been converted to any useful physics at least for half a century and/or straight misconceptions in order to fill his pockets – without a glimpse of an added value.

How is it possible that it's so trivial for him to make the whole left-wing media machine work for him? Well, it's not hard to guess. It's all about politics. The inkspillers in these activist, would-be media organizations have had intense contacts with Carroll, they've been helping each other with political things all the time, and he just persuaded them that it was a great idea to promote his book – partly because the many-worlds pseudoscience is good for the left-wing causes, too.

Even if you remained agnostic about the question whether he's wrong or right about quantum mechanics, I think that even a small degree of scientific decency should make you agree that it is profoundly pathological for topics that have been supposed to be apolitical, non-ideological, technical questions primarily requiring expertise have become so polarized along the conventional political lines – left-and-right.

You know, for years, many people who were discussing this blog were asking: What do axioms of quantum mechanics or string theory have to do with Motl's being right-wing? And the answer was "virtually nothing", of course. Those things really were assumed to be uncorrelated and it was largely the case and it surely should be the case. But it is no longer the case. The whole political machinery of raw power – at least one side of it – is now being abused to push physics in a certain direction.

We sometimes discuss the Stalinist Soviet approach to genetics vs Lysenkoism; or the biases coming from the Aryan Physics of Nazi Germany as cautionary tales but what's happening here is pretty much at the same level. It's obviously immoral for Carroll to use his political contacts to promote his pseudoscientific books, it's immoral for these contacts to help him, and it's shameful for virtually all other physicists to prefer the personal comfort and stay silent when their field is attacked by the left-wing media in this nasty way. But make no mistake about it, it is being attacked and the atmosphere is already changing in a way that is analogous to the examples of Lysenkoism and Aryan Physics.

P.S.: A Columbia University blogger decided that he was wrong and Carroll is really selling the same nonsense that appears on the cover etc. From now on, that blogger will try to "ignore" Carroll. Too bad we see these double standards – string theory wasn't lucky enough to be ignored by that blogger in recent 2 decades. But Carroll is a higher class so "being ignored" is the worst kind of a criticism he may face.

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