Thursday, September 05, 2019

Remainer MPs are committing a coup, increasing the risk of a civil war

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Boris Johnson's new job as the British prime minister began with the unprecedented three defeats in the Parliament. From some perspective, these early days look even more hopeless than Theresa May's first days.

The Parliament – with a self-confident clique of Remainers – has seized the legislative process and therefore weakened the government in a highly imbalanced way. On top of that, it has voted to "outlaw" a no-deal hard Brexit. It has pushed Johnson to surrender and agree that the Upper Chamber may vote to "outlaw" the hard Brexit, too. Finally, the MPs have refused Johnson's proposed snap elections – which would be totally expected in any democracy in which the prime minister became unable to govern and unable to fix these government issues.

Also, BoJo's younger brother JoJo (Jo Johnson) had to resign as an MP.

Boris seems powerless and the Remainers are clearly trying to thwart any Brexit. On the other hand, many other people expect that the bill to "outlaw" the hard Brexit doesn't mean a thing because unless some particular resolution is approved by both sides, the hard Brexit will occur automatically after October 31st.

The result of the snap election would be anyone's guess. But I think it would be more likely for the Brexiteers to gain an upper hand – and surely strengthen in the Parliament. First, the Brexit party of Nigel Farage is focusing on the issue and could get some 30%. Second, the Labour Party and the Tories should divide most of the majority. And Boris Johnson has achieved one thing – kick the Remainer traitors out of the Conservative Party. So while the main issues deciding whether the voters pick the Labour Party or Tories may be unrelated to Brexit, both the Brexit Party and Tories should be unambiguously pro-Brexit, and they should have a majority after the next election.

It is my most likely guess. And it is probably the guess of the Remainer MPs as well which is why they have blocked the snap election.

The Remainers are really operating in extremely dangerous waters. They have destabilized the historical balance between the British Parliament and the British government. They have prevented snap election in a situation in which that would be a natural solution. They want to sideline both the voters' recent decision – the Brexit referendum – as well as the future choice in the Parliamentary elections. They are really weakening the British democracy in a nearly unprecedented way.

On top of that, they are really threatening the British sovereignty. Because of the referendum, it's basically a fundamental U.K. law now that the U.K. should consider itself a sovereign country that is working to regain the independence from the EU. I think that lots of Britons would agree with the view that the Remainers' help to the EU apparatchiks who want to keep their control over the 1.epsilon islands amounts to treason – a treacherous act that is analogous to the collaboration with Nazi Germany during its attempts to take over Britain. These traitors are not only fighting to thwart a voters' decision. They are also increasing the self-confidence of the European Union that will have an even smaller desire to fairly negotiate with the outgoing member.

The unusually tense political interactions are peaceful so far. But if some of the most active Remainers haven't heard it yet, well, they may learn it from The Reference Frame. If you have a public job and the Brexit succeeds, as it should, you will probably be fired and perhaps encouraged to starve to death. If you manage to escalate the tensions further, by openly teaming up with the European Union and against your homeland, the situation may indeed become more tense and you may be executed by a war tribunal, too. What you're doing isn't funny and the European Union isn't a lollipop that one can peacefully play with. It is a bloody aggressive empire attempting to control nations of the whole Old Continent and all individuals on it.

For some balance, here's the lyrics of Lollipop, sung by comedian Luděk Sobota, music by Ivan Mládek.

A lollipop, I found a lollipop on the sidewalk.
Someone has licked it off a little bit.
And I am not angry with him:
I am no diva.

That lollipop has been licked
by a boy or a small nestling.
Potential germs perished soon, in the cold and drought,
good riddance.

2x rest: To explain, the best sweetie is a lollipop.
It may bring an old man to the times when he was still a small nestling.
I am damn lucky today.

A lollipop, I found a lollipop on the sidewalk.
The man behind me considers me a piglet.
And I am not angry with him.

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