Tuesday, October 29, 2019

An incredibly upbeat U.N. speech by Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is Swedish and many of you only speak English. Finally, the English translation of the remarkable U.N. speech by Greta Thunberg has gotten to you, distinguished TRF readers – through the positive Czech translation as the intermediate step. I think that you will agree that Czech must be a beautiful language. Enjoy!

0:00 [During a climate conference, Greta Thunberg gave a surprisingly optimistic speech in the halls of the United Nations in New York. It is such groundbreaking news that fills me with so much optimism that you should allow me a simultaneous translation of her ideas. Let's go ahead.]
0:23 I bring you the news that we are watching you carefully.
0:36 Everything smells of an unprecedented optimism.
0:42 I shouldn't be up here.
0:48 I should be back in school, on the other side of the ocean.
0:58 It's fantastic that you also allow the young people to speak. Thank you for that.
1:02 You are realizing the dreams of my childhood by your wonderful acts.
1:17 I am undoubtedly one of the happiest children in the world.
1:26 The poverty on the planet is decreasing at a miraculous rate. The vaccination against the worst diseases has reached amazing levels.
1:39 The life on our planet has never been thriving so much.
1:48 We are at the beginning of the most peaceful and safest epoch in the Planet Earth's history.
2:00 And all of it is thanks to your relentless trade and the cooperation in diplomacy and research that shows that the era of the world wars belongs to the past.
2:12 You rock.
2:30 For more than 30 years, we are witnessing an unprecedented scientific and technological progress.
2:35 How did you achieve that?
2:43 For me to come here and to criticize you would be an immensely hypocritical thing to do.
2:52 When solutions for most of the global problems have already been searched for and built for decades.
2:58 You say that you will keep on working hard.
3:03 And that it is urgent.
3:08 But in spite of all of that...
3:13 I can't believe that we could ask you for even more.
3:27 I know that you understand the situation very well, much more than I do. Look, I am still just a high school student.
3:37 But I believe that after long years of studies and diligent work, I will once become as productive a member of the society as you are today.
4:00 Fifty percent of the African children who, after decades of vigorous efforts by the whole planet, finally escaped the famines and malaria and found themselves in the world where they don't have to spend their lives by the struggle to survive but they may also enjoy some comfort much like the comfort that we in Sweden have been enjoying for many decades.
4:39 Fifty percent of children could look acceptable to you but it would be very hypocritical for us to place an upper bound on such children by regulations. The rich person doesn't believe the hungry one, a proverb says, which is why I urge you to let the African and Asian children to determine their own fate.
5:05 Billions of tons of CO2 produced by the Western countries cannot become an excuse to truncate the progress of the third world exactly at the moment when our technologies finally allow us to eradicate hunger and poverty once and for all. [Unseen, unseen.]
5:30 But fifty percent of children simply isn't enough. We want the progress to continue at the highest possible rate and we want the world to end up as a place that is full of prosperity and happy faces.
5:48 I recommend you to keep on caring about your business and ignore the pressure coming from the alarmists who simply despite the human control over Nature.
6:06 Those utterly fudged numbers allegedly describing the amount of CO2 that we're still allowed to emit shouldn't be taken seriously because they boil down to completely shaky hypotheses and to a wishful thinking.
6:37 Let us be mature and agree that our priority should be a fight against poverty, diseases, temptation to start wars, and the technological progress that is not interrupted by anything and that will ultimately allow us to excel under any climate change scenarios.
6:59 You have created an unbelievably prosperous, safe, and friendly future for us and the young people are extraordinarily grateful for that.
7:12 All of the future generations will be building on your work.
7:20 We will never forget about the millions of human lives that your cooperation has saved.
7:39 We will not let you down.
7:45 We want you to enjoy beautiful years of retirement while our generation will continue in your work to make our planet flourish.
7:55 The world is beautiful and it is full of life.
8:02 Fuck the polar bears.
8:17 [Beautiful. I was touched. Have a nice day. Your little brother.]

This simultaneous translation is one month old. The little brother, Ondřej Tesárek, was just vaporized from Facebook a few days ago.

By the way, he is a classical liberal with lots of videos. I was touched by this one:

Freedom is no longer cool

I was born right after the Velvet Revolution when my homeland could finally breath again. For fourty years, it was surrounded by the Iron Curtain... [He says how the people were shocked by the freedom of the 1990s when they had to swim, so they returned, abandoned creativity, restored jealousy, and started to live much like during communism.]

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