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Dallas jury encourages woman to castrate a 7-year-old boy who isn't her biological son

Your humble correspondent and virtually all my compatriots who have heard the news from Texas yesterday just cannot believe it:

Jury rules against dad trying to save his 7-year-old from gender ‘transition’

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Dr. Anne Georgulas, a child physician (this occupation itself is absolutely shocking given the story below), has claimed to be the mother of James Younger (7) and also asserted that James wants to become a girl, Luna, so she wants to start to hormonally castrate the boy. She asked a Dallas court to attack the father of the boy, Mr Jeffrey Younger (in the process of divorce with Ms Georgulas), who wants to prevent the "transition", who uses the name James to call his son, and who says that the son is OK with being a boy.

Dallas Rainbow Therapy is expected to cripple the little boy soon

Stunningly, the jury ruled in favor of the would-be mother; the vote was a stunning 11-to-1. The father isn't allowed to call James by his legal given name – you know, "James" – and he can't take him anywhere where he could be referred to as a boy! And the mother may start to destroy the boy's reproductive organs!

A detail that makes this story even creepier is that the woman admitted that James isn't even her biological son: she has used an egg donor – in-vitro fertilization!

So what's going on is that a woman has a legal control over a boy but has no real biological attachment to him – and decided that it's a fun idea to castrate him so she attracted him to a wonderful idea of becoming "Luna". And the jury has approved the plan while treating the real biological father who just wants to defend his son's basic health as if he were a criminal.

I just find this story absolutely incredible. America has really gotten to the level of Nazi Germany and Dr Georgulas is exactly on par with Dr Mengele. All of you, Yankees who enable these things with your silence if not actively, are despicable filthy Nazis.

There are very good reasons why "minors" up to some age – surely higher than 7 – are not legally deciding about their fate. They are just not mature for that. James hasn't been properly explained how sex and similar things work, what would be the long-term consequences of such decisions. He hasn't been explained that the proponents of trans-genderism and similar things are sick and lying sociopaths who don't hesitate to absolutely cripple human lives in order to achieve their deviant kind of satisfaction. He hasn't been explained that those who underwent sex-changing surgery have a 19 times higher probability of suicide than the other people.

So of course that in at least slightly civilized countries, it's some adults who are actually making similar far-reaching decisions on behalf of the children. The society should protect the kids – especially if both parents turn out to be sociopaths who are harming their kid or kids – but it's the parents who are most naturally expected to protect their children. And exactly this is happening here because James is a biological son of Jeffrey. But the woman who isn't James' real mother decided to cripple James' life – probably partly to get a relief out of the fact that she didn't have her own kids – and a jury of perverts has supported this monster in her monstrous plan.

Please, Texans, wake up. This is getting way over the edge. Be sure that the new would-be Mengele gets a life in prison or a rope before she starts to cripple children's lives en masse! And do something about the malicious perverts in your juries.

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