Thursday, October 24, 2019

Even men have their periods

Another day, another advance by the transsexual overlords.

Protector & Gamble, the cosmetics giant whose Gillette department thinks that men who need to shave are toxic, has been asked by the transsexual activists to remove the symbol from the menstruation products. The result?
Always to stop using Venus symbol on menstruation products to be more inclusive (Google News)
Procter & Gamble told the transsexual activists that they were so honest, kind, tolerant, reasonable, healthy, pretty, fertile and all great companies in the world must obey their orders. So the Venus symbol (♀, an egg anchored to soil by a cross) will be removed because, you know, some of the users of the menstruation products would prefer the Mars symbol (or the Earth twisting with Jupiter and Saturn into a giant circle) – I guess it's the people born as women who convinced themselves that they are men and hexadecimal-non-binary-X-mxn etc. although I am frankly no longer certain that I use logic correctly to determine even these basic answers (this very confusion is a major goal, of course).

In the legendary satirical Czech TV program of the 1990s (which reflected the genuine freedom of expression of that first post-communist decade), the Czech Soda, there was also a wonderful TV commercial named "Even men have their periods"

Using the original music, it was a parody to the several non-violent commercials promoting Fernet, a popular brown bitter Czech liquor, which had "Even men have their periods" as the final punch line, primarily this similar (real!) ad with a bedroom. One of the other nice (real!) Fernet ads with the same "Even men have their periods" punch line featured the deflatable wife from the ideal world (CZ).

Celebrating the bitter taste, Fernet has also created lots of ads claiming that we won't soften.

Now, when Procter & Gamble has finally figured out that even men have their period, they may embrace the courtyard balcony ad above. The ad seems particularly relevant – not only it asserts that men menstruate but the ad also includes something that is tightly connected with the Always products, namely blood. Of course, I am only recommending that assuming that the transsexual advisers to Procter & Gamble will find this ad sufficiently politically correct.

Note that Procter & Gamble with their transsexual scientific advisers aren't the only ones who believe that men menstruate. Even in the Orient, a Hindu scholar believes the same. So maybe the West isn't falling so much relatively to the rest of the world – but like in Einstein's relativity, the relative judgement is important.

Needless to say, Czech readers were also amazed. A poll showed that 96% of readers think that there are 2 sexes; 98.5% of readers are not annoyed by the Venus symbol on Always. chose the title "The world has gone mad: Always has abolished the feminine sex symbol, they say that non-women menstruate, too". In May 2019, a top Czech court ignored Strasbourg and ruled that one can't change his or her legal gender without a surgery.

Procter & Gamble is far from being the only corporation devoured by this multi-gender, transsexual insanity. A month ago, Mattel started to sell gender-neutral Barbie dolls. I hope that at least the math class will be sometimes hard, sometimes easy now. MTL in their corporate name makes me doubly angry. 90% of viewers have downvoted the CNBC news with me.

This Fernet Stock 2015 ad takes a different approach to masculinity than Gillette or Always. Subtitles: Look at ourselves. We learned how to iron and eat low-fat yogurts. We're already afraid of turning our head when a sexy lady walks around us. But we are still men, CHAPS! [Other men look.] I know, none of us has it easy. But the ease isn't our goal, is it? We can achieve things even without extra sweeteners. A true man won't give up what he loves because a true man loves it bitter. Sure! It's fine that we can find the baking powder in the supermarket. But the matter is to also find some time for oneself! Yes! And I don't care if you're a professor, bricklayer, insurance agent, or anyone else. If you're a MAN, you can do it. We will do it! WE WILL NOT SOFTEN. We will not soften!

Two years ago, Dominika Nováková created a parody of the Czech (so far non-PC) Always etc. ads – how she thinks that the ad creators think that her menstruation looks like. She's bored and waiting every day at the beginning, then it hurts, she realizes that she doesn't have the product, and then it's OK and she starts to dance and look for the best template for dancing – while the period lasts 3-14 days longer than expected. 200,000 views for this ludicrous little film is probably more than she expected. ;-)

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