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Girl: feminists in social services enabled the suicide+murder of my younger sisters by our mother

One week ago, James Younger's reproductive organs and his dignity were threatened when a Dallas jury voted 11-to-1 to allow the non-biological mother of the 7-year-old boy (who has an identical twin brother, Judy) to eliminate the biological father Jeffrey Younger from the boy's life and continue with the "transition" of James into "Luna", a girl. The woman's plan was that aside from the "social transition" that was already ongoing, the hormonal castration would start at age of 11.5.

A video showing a 3-year-old James makes it clear that the idea that "he was a girl" was imposed on him by the woman – by a silly kind of manipulation that is sufficient to affect children.

On Thursday, perhaps under the pressure from the public and maybe also the governor of Texas who had launched an investigation, the judge ruled (despite her being left-wing) that both parents would continue in the joint custody, the father may veto such medical procedures, and both parents must be silent about the matters. The incredible vote by the jury was partly caused by some child service (CPS) bureaucrats and their "testimonies". That institute is apparently full of radical feminists and trans-sexual activists.

These wrong people at the wrong places are existentially dangerous. They may kill. Sadly, something that looks like a proof appeared in a tragic story in Northern Bohemia on Friday i.e. three days ago.

On Friday in the afternoon, a Seat (Spanish subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group) crashed into a dumpster truck – at a very high speed – on a road between Liberec and Frýdlant (DE: Reichenberg and Friedland) near Mníšek (DE: Einsiedel in Isergebirge). Yes, this is in the typical Sudetenland, Frýdlant defines the Eastern one among the two "promontories" of Northern Bohemia into East Germany.

The female driver (44) was instantly dead, along with one of the daughters. The other small daughter (they were aged 4 and 6, a pic) died while going to the hospital.

Car accidents do occur. However, on Saturday, an older half-sister of the two girls (another, fourth sister is also OK), Miss Mája Hanousková (18), posted a shocking 7-minute-long monologue on her Facebook profile (a YouTube copy). The mother has crashed into the dumpster truck deliberately, Mája announced; it was a double-murder-suicidal plot. This tragic act was made shortly after a court decision that the father could pick the girls.

The evidence that Mája – and her step father (who is the biological father of the small dead girls! They were his only kids) who is clearly on the same frequency as she is – is saying the truth looks extremely strong to me. They have evidence that the mother has previously threatened with suicide, telling them that she would crash her car into a tree. The father sometimes hid the car keys (or flattened the tire) when she was ballistic and threatening in this way. The older sisters and the step father were repeatedly urging authorities such as OSPOD at two places (sometimes pejoratively nicknamed the "Czech Barnevernet") to do something and remove the existential threat posed by the psychiatrically defective mother from the small girls etc.

Mája says that OSPOD and other government bureaus (SVP) have been completely deaf and they always voted in favor of the mother – not because her case was more persuasive but because these government agencies are actually filled not with competent professionals who fairly serve the children and the public – but with radical feminists who will always stand on the side of a woman, no matter what. The mother has been obsessed with hurting the ex-BF, wasn't hesitating to use the older sisters as tools and enemies in this fight, and finally killed the younger girls, Mája claimed.

In an interview, Mája clarified that the father was automatically dismissed as an "indictee" – which only means that he was officially charged by the mother. This simple procedure – without any required fairness or substance – is enough for women to "win" these days. It didn't help that they had recordings where the mother demanded that the daughters fight against the father, testimonies that she was beating Mája's other older sister on her head so that the minor felt sick, and so on. "The mother must have had a reason," the official response said. That approach by the "authorities" continued even after an expert analysis ordered by the court did find that the mother was torturing her daughters. Courts were somewhat sensible but the "everyday authorities" that are supposed to enforce the court decisions etc. were behaving insanely.

The father has also been accused of having sexually abused the girls – in a way that seemed self-evidently bogus. Clinical psychologist Dr Vladimír Fiedler says that "he knows from his experience as a psychologist that 95% of accusations by women in these disputes are lies".

So if Mája and her step father are right, and I believe that they are, the feminism has just added two murders (plus a suicide) on its list of "achievements". Feminism isn't just a collection of abstract, harmless lies; it's an actual lethal threat for the lives of many people.

Some people who were close to the late mother (and disliked the step father, her ex-BF) have disputed these claims by Mája and they have said vague bad things about the step father. I see absolutely no verifiable, objective beef in those statements.

By the way, in 2011, mother Ms Romana Zienertová (44) has murdered all her 4 children below 10 – two boys, two girls, two choked, two stabbed – as a revenge to the father who left her. She later (2012) arrogantly appealed when she got a life in prison, claiming "not to deserve that punishment". Thankfully, the verdict was confirmed and she was sent to the (overcrowded) women's prison in Opava.

In happier news, Donald Trump has succeeded in an operation – that he debatably claims to be grander than Obama's elimination of Osama – that ended the life of a spiritual role model of the Washington Post [typo fixed, thanks]. That newspapers has called him an "austere religious scholar" in an obituary. My condolences go to the Washington Post and leftists in general! ;-) We will see how important this single man has been for the ISIS.

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