Sunday, October 13, 2019

Governor of North France demands a war budget against the political Islam

In my country and elsewhere, it's taken for granted that countries like France have already been lost and their drift towards becoming Islamic republics is unstoppable and irreversible. Well, I am an optimist who happens to think it's far from clear.

Le Point published some explosive pronouncements by Xavier Bertrand, a former Republican and the governor of Hauts-de-France, the Northernmost province of France with 6 million people.

Czech outlets have informed us about these statements but it seems that the Anglophone media remained totally silent.

OK, Bertrand said that the political Islam is deconstructing the very foundations of the French society. The French people have been naive and cowardly, he said, but in recent two years, the political Islam has made some significant advances because the fight against it wasn't Macron's priority in recent two years.

During a funeral of four cops murdered by a radical Islamist, Macron said it was needed to fight the "Islamic hydra". However, everyone thinks that he's just babbling and he doesn't have the balls to do anything. His prime minister Édouard Philippe is even more "cautious", unwilling to reveal even whether he supports or opposes the Islamic terrorism.

According to Bertrand, a former minister in several French governments, the Islamists want to provoke the war of civilizations. Because the war against the Islamic terrorism is already ongoing, he argued, France needs to embrace a wartime budget. In the interview for Journal du Dimanche, Bertrand has discussed the collective failure of the French politicians – or French citizens – and proposed several changes, e.g. the mandatory oath of the French politicians to the secular system.

Read the aforementioned articles via Google Translate if you want to know more.

I wonder whether the Islamists' fifth column will praise Xavier Bertrand for his ideas. ;-)

Well, I actually do believe that the faster population growth of the European Muslims will be stopped by a combination of restrictions on the number of their children and deportations of the problematic Muslims. There's nothing difficult about these policies – the only actual hurdle is the political will. And I think that this political will is going to emerge when things get obviously serious but before it is actually too late. This political will may be restricted to a part of Western Europe only (but almost everyone in Central and Eastern Europe) but it could still be enough to preserve the European character of Europe.

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