Monday, October 21, 2019

Green Nazis effectively fired Dr Crockford (polar bears)

This is just a short linker-not-thinker story. We may be approaching the "Lidice 1942" moment of this conflict. Nazi Germany was growing in self-confidence and area up to mid 1942 or so – and suddenly the trend got reversed.

It's impossible to completely attribute the peak to an event but I choose the Lidice massacre in June 1942 – the first act of genocide that the Nazis bragged about (village eradicated and flattened because of untrue rumors about its responsibility for the assassination of Heydrich) – to be the event that has reversed the sign of the trend.

Soon afterwards, the U.K. revoked its signature under the Munich Treaty and all the Allies on the edge started to take the anti-Nazi fight seriously. While presenting Greta Thunberg as an authority, the environmentalist extremists may have jumped the shark – and if they haven't, it's one of the other acts they are doing these days that may be classified in this way.

At any rate, Susan Crockford is a trained interdisciplinary anthropologist/biologist and a polar bear researcher with dozens of articles and thousands of citations. Her research has led to many conclusions but one, overall conclusion simply was inconvenient for a certain collection of extremists: the fact that the polar bears are thriving.

It's not shocking that they are. Despite some degree of a warming in the century, their habitat is still very cold. They don't live there because they "absolutely love or need the cold weather" so that a milder weather would be an objective deterioration. Instead, polar bears (who are obviously relatives of the brown bears from the warm climates) are just capable of withstanding the cold hard conditions more than others – which gives them some advantage relatively to others in getting some yummy meat that is waiting to be eaten there.

So the number (about 30,000, instead of alarmist predictions of 10,000) and health of the polar bears has generally gone up in recent decades. It really isn't surprising for a sane person to see that the doomsday stories – polar bears have been predetermined to be "endangered mascots" – turn out to be completely wrong fairy-tales. But her research isn't about "good or bad" only. She has found much more – e.g. that spring is the most challenging season in the polar bears' lives because seal pups are the only source of food. Read her books and/or watch her videos if you want some empathy for the polar bears' actual problems.

The University of Victoria in Canada simply hasn't renewed the contract of an adjunct assistant professor – so the dumping isn't conclusive or spectacular in any way, unlike many similar events – but the reasons look obvious. In May 2017, the world's top polar bear expert's lectures were first shut down due to the "lack of balance" – by balance, they obviously meant that lies about the polar bears' condition should occupy at least 50% of those lectures. She's been increasingly intimately harassed especially from that moment.

To highlight that they still believe to be arrogant jerks who are in charge of the situation and don't have any obligations, the apparatchiks at the university kept the reasons of the dismissal unknown – they neither confirmed nor denied the fact that it was just another green Stalinist purge. They have the power to do it, anyway, don't they?

For more information, see The Washington Times (University dumps professor who found polar bears thriving despite climate change), The Financial Post (Was this zoologist punished for telling school kids politically incorrect facts about polar bears?), her blog, Donna's blog, and The GWPF-PDF (The defenestration of Dr Crockford).

These university creatures are dangerous cancer and they must be treated as such. Let's make this 1942, destroy this tumor within 3 years, and organize a Nuremberg-like Trial for people such as those who just fired her not later than in 2022. Meanwhile, those on the wrong side may want to start to study this list

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