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Gretins make top psychiatrist "resign", they rejoice, Czech readers respond

Last Thursday, you could read my English translation of an interview with Dr Jaroslav Matýs, then the boss of the Czech psychiatrists. He clarified some aspects of Greta Thunberg's psychiatric conditions and their interrelationship with her fanatical anti-carbon crusade and with characteristics of her U.N. speech.

As many of you have expected, it was a tough material that would meet with some backlash. And indeed, the radical "inclusion" activists – mainly people who want everyone to deny that there's any difference between healthy and unhealthy people – have written some petitions and Dr Matýs was basically forced to resign. Formally, he resigned himself. Informally, it is pretty much obvious that this decision was caused by the hysteria of these activists who lack decency, integrity, and common sense.

The president Zeman's spokesman Mr Jiří Ovčáček responded above. "Welcome to the new totalitarianism, now for real. The 'progressive left' immediately started a counterattack and rejoices after a 'cheeky' physician is professionally liquidated." That was his response to an activist who celebrated the professional execution of Czechia's top child psychiatrist. The activist opined that Dr Matýs would only express his wisdom in his living room and only an ill person could be interested in these opinions. Wow.

There were several other activists who celebrated, including Children of the Full Moon, an organization covering sick people who howl at the Moon once in 28 days. You may speculate about the stage of their menstruation cycle right now. The people who shockingly celebrated this outcome include a disgusting commenter under my translation. The number of people who organize this kind of witch hunts is extremely tiny – in Czechia – but they're being given amazing powers due to the pressure from the EU and the cowardliness of many Czech politicians.

The overwhelming majority of the Czech nation is deeply annoyed by these developments. The top center right news server used the headline Greta has no social empathy, the boss of child psychiatrists said. This criticism was his end. The article attracted a hundred of comments per 15 minutes (update: 1733 comments at 9:30 pm, after 7.5 hours), here are the most upvoted ones:

Zdeněk Král, 96+/3–

I am happy that we were told how "stigmatizing, insulting, and unprofessional" his statements were but I must have overlooked an analysis whether these claims were in any sense untrue. ;-)

Hunza Lup, 144/8

If they weren't afraid of charges that they cause global warming, they could burn him at stake.

Ms Anna Radová, 107/5

And are really all THOSE parents OK with the fact that a child with ASD is being abused for propaganda?

David Riesz, 163/11

And it's here. You have a wrong opinion, it doesn't matter that you are an expert, and you must be removed.

Superb. We have already had this system... and we know where it led and where it still leads.

Marek Svoboda, 121/9

Super. And now everybody: "Greta is a genius, Greta is a genius!" What is the name of that Gentleman who isn't applauding?

Martin Kodat, 65/3

The first liquidation of a person for his denial of Gretenism. You, comrades, may tap the shoulders of each other, but you can't do anything about the fact that this small girl is handicapped and this handicap is being imprinted to her brat-like behavior.

Ms Martina Levá, 93/7

In the past, it was impossible to criticize the communists and now it's forbidden to criticize self-anointed activists.

Jan Stehlík, 69/4

"...From trustworthy sources, we received pleasant news. MUDr. Jaroslav Matýs resigned from the chair of a member of the Workgroup for Children and Teenage Psychiatry at the Czech ministry of healthcare, as well as the chairman and member of the Committee for the Section of the Children and Teenage Psychiatry at the Psychiatric Society of the Czech Physicians Society JEP..."

This is "indeed" very pleasant news. Given the fact that the waiting time for a child psychiatrist is 6 months or more, it's wonderful. On top of that, this man has only sinned by saying that the "emperor has no clothes". Thank you, Children of the Full Moon.

Ivo Janáček, 83/6

People have had to pay for the truth, already since the Middle Ages or so. ;-/

Lukáš Staník, 80/6

Prosecution for an opinion, and an expert opinion on top of that. Just wonderful. [thumb down]

František Ritter, 56/3

Isn't there a petition to support this man somewhere?

Martin Svoboda, 70/5

What a stupid idea to criticize a girl who has an aura around her head. :-D

Jiří Karásek, 40/1

Greta was a terrible weapon of mass destruction that the environmentalist church has acquired in order to end the world as we have known it and to abolish the values that we have cherished. It's imperative to abandon all barriers, abolish human rights, cancel entrepreneurship and markets, abolish politics, and deconstruct the plurality of opinions because we need some urgent action! Let us unify behind a science that was corrupt by a crooked grant and citation system. Who would dare to oppose a small girl in her fight for a better climate.

I used to say that Greta may only be destroyed by Greta and it's just a matter of time. On a sunny day in the morning, she forgets to devour her Schizofix and that will be it. What I saw was just a small, whining, psychologically ill activist who was hiding something unbelievably fanatical, evil, and terrifying. It was something inhuman, a human robot presenting a speech that someone wrote for her, by a style that is free of any empathy. Horrifying.

If we overlook this human dimension of this whole theater, Greta has presented a perfect argumentation trap to catch herself. OK, she says that politicians have stolen her childhood because she had to spend her time by practicing this activism while the politicians didn't act in the way that was preferred by her unhinged mind. We may argue whether it's true or not, I personally think that her childhood was stolen by her parents when they incorporated her into this disgusting P.R. show. But whatever the answer to this question is, Greta's childhood is lost by now, the dreams are lost, and nothing can be reversed, so what do you still want from us, you little hysterical girl? The rest of the speech was as disturbing as the beginning, composed purely of some activist whining of slogans whose subtext was grievance entangled with some weakening and increasingly uncertain applause. Power arises from the perception of power and I see no power in a crazy girl.

Let's hope that by this act, Greta has written down a period behind herself, they will prescribe some better pills to her, and left-wing ecoglobalists will stop using psychically ill child soldiers in their war to establish a new climate communism.

Ms Anna Kiršová, 66/5

What does it remind me of... oh yeah, I have experienced that, too. And 30 years ago, I was telling myself that these things were finally over. Oops...

Jan Ulrich, 51/3

So when someone like Greta decides to share her views about topics that affect the whole world and she will harass politicians as small children in the U.N., then her health condition is important for everybody whose life may be affected by her world view. It was herself who volunteered to become visible in the media, so now it's understandable that her health is a public topic. It's enough to look at her facial gestures in the U.N. speech and we see that something isn't alright about her. The death metal version perfectly matches the facial gestures.

Jan Pastirčák, 37/1

The sunny people (SJWs) have their office hours right now... Quite sad times...

Jan Krátký, 37/1

He's lucky that he's not living centuries earlier. He could end up just like John Huss, Giordano Bruno, and thousands of others – on the stake. Unfortunately, the truth is being punished by removals from jobs – no longer by burning at stake. During communism, the usual sin was the opposition to the international help (1968 occupation), now the sin is to express the opinion that Greta is a moron!

Petr Skuhravý, 33/2

I see, so someone who is defending the return to the pre-industrial economy and therefore the death of billions of people has some social empathy? Someone who artificially increases the price of food and therefore causes hunger in Africa has a social thinking? What a perverted epoch.

Roman Poláček, 57/7

So 30 years after the Velvet (Revolution) we are dismissing people for their opinions. And then tell me that socialism/communism isn't returning in its full-blown glory. Congratulations...

Jiří Cee, 25/1

It's a new time, the patient is firing the psychiatrist now.

I would like to see those "experts" who allegedly signed the petition to professionally liquidate this man.

Instead, as usually, it's activists with the university of life with zero knowledge who understand everything, but really absolutely everything.

Martin Kosejk, 19/0

Asperger's Syndrome according to Wikipedia:

"AS belongs to the autism spectrum disorders. It displays itself primarily by defects in the communication and social behavior which are incompatible with the average or above-the-average intelligence and speaking skills (passive vocabulary tends to be high, the development of speech isn't delayed). The emotional and social intelligence is reduced, just like the ability to understand the common social situations. Because of the patient's incorrect identification of intents of others, the patient who is still a child may be easily manipulated because their equally old companions may benefit from that. They may also be manipulated by others."

Sadly, even the generally well-known truths are forbidden to be said when they are not aligned with the propaganda of our elites.

Many media outlets have run their stories, the readers' reactions are usually less polite than those above. chose the title "Czech psychiatrist has evaluated Greta and he is over now. Has the witch hunt on the people due to a piss*d-off girl started?" The first sentence says that what was unthinkable in the past is becoming a reality now.

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