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I am scared of innocent children

By Václav Vlk Sr, translated and endorsed by LM

All of us know Andersen's fairy-tale about the king who was walking naked – before an innocent child exclaimed: "The emperor has no clothes." This fairy-tale may be interpreted by saying that the citizens of the kingdom knew that the king was naked but they were forgiving him because he was an otherwise good king and the citizens weren't stupid (see e.g. the top Czech 19th century writer Karel Havlíček Borovský and his King Lávra) but the moral story in which an "innocent" child revealed a "terrible truth" is popular, and that is why it was also used by a man whom I have known for decades as a fellow lover of science-fiction, Mr Jaroslav Veis, in his article "Who is afraid of Greta" on September 30th. In effect, his text was just another moralizing and intellectual exercise on the theme "how we, Greta's fans, are moral while you, her foes, are a gang of morons and demagogues".

Much like all other articles from that genre, his didn't include a single piece of evidence that this girl Greta was right. Instead, it was just a transliteration of the famous slogan "trust the party, comrades" into another context: "trust Greta, comrades," in this case. Believe us that the world is approaching a cataclysm because it may be heated by as much as 1.5 °C by the end of the century. Which is 81 years from now. By the way, about 80 years ago, the Wehrmacht froze in front of Moscow when the Nazi science wise guys, often labeled the most wonderful and the most educated ones in the whole world, were serving the forecast to Hitler that the winter would be mild. To claim that we know what will happen 80 years from now is an example of utter arrogance or an intentional lie.

Veis wrote: "Everyone who follows the media, especially the social ones, is exposed to a strong temptation to think that Greta Thunberg was imported on a yacht to New York by the climate alarmist lobby, she pushed her body to the U.N. with the help of the green business, where she announced the red-green-progressivist-neomarxist holy war against capitalism and the traditional values."

Maybe I am stupid but I believe something along these lines, too. I am no climate expert – i.e. no simultaneous expert in geology, astronomy, chemistry, physics as well as biology and mathematics. These fields study all the forces that influence the terrestrial climate but almost nobody in the world is an expert in all of them.

I could change my mind if Greta and the climate alarmists could give me answers to several simple questions:

* How is it possible that the Earth has seen the alternating hot epochs – sometimes almost boiling epochs – with the ice ages during times when no humans existed yet?

* How is it possible that between the birth of the human race, when the humans didn't have any industry yet, up to the 18th or 19th century, we saw the alternating glacial and interglacial periods? The ice age with its glaciation cycles started around 2.6 million years ago and the last glacial period ended some 10,000 years ago. But the ice cover wasn't permanent – the Earth saw the alternation of the cold, glacial periods and the warm ones, the interglacials.

* Is it true that the volcanoes emit more ash, smoke, and gas than what the man has ever managed to produce?

* Isn't the real problem that the population has increased from 458 million in 1500 AD to 7.5 billion now?

* Isn't the real problem that the population of Europe where people are interested in the environment and its preservation is just 10% of mankind while 60% and 15% live in Asia and Africa, respectively – and Asia is responsible for most of the pollution in the world?

* How can you be sure about your graphs indicating an excessive temperature when the air temperature has only been measured globally for less than 200 years?

So instead of processing concepts, people are manipulating impressions and this whole machinery of eco-business, politicians, and media is proclaiming, through Greta's mouth: "Who isn't going with us is against us, but cannot lead us astray". Youth all over the world is rejoicing and demonstrating, as puppets controlled by the wires going all the way to the manipulators. Like a herd.

Youth isn't just enthusiastic, educated, courageous, and "progressive", whatever the last adjective may mean. It also fails to be sensible or discerning, it is egotistic, and in its derangement, it is cruel and ruthless. And Greta plus her puppet masters are leading this youth against everybody for a "better new world" because "tomorrow the dance will erupt everywhere, after our victorious red (green) flags will shoot to the flagstaffs of the whole world"! Young Nazis, enthusiastic German ecologists and "national socialists", were singing: "The rotten bones are trembling, [...] we will continue to march, [...] for today, Germany is ours / and tomorrow the whole world!" (YouTube)

In order to return to the innocent children who are saying the truth. The fairy-tale boy wasn't saying what Greta is saying and he wasn't threatening everybody around him: "We will not allow you to get away with it anymore. The boundary is here and now. The change is coming whether you like it or not."

These sentences are a declaration of war against the civilization that has existed so far and against the world order and whoever misunderstands this point should look into the history textbooks again. Also Klement Gottwald (Czechoslovakia's first Stalinist president) was shouting the following in the democratic interwar Czechoslovak Parliament: "We are going to Moscow to learn. Do you know what we learn there? We learn from the Russian Bolsheviks how to twist your necks. And you know that the Russian Bolsheviks are the world champions in that sport!" And the lawmakers were laughing and considering him to be a harmless nutcase. And the left-wing "progressive" intellectuals were applauding. In the same way, people were dismissing a man named Hitler with a mustache when he said: "Give me Germany for ten years and you won't be able to tell it's the same country!"

However, who was listening to Stalin, Gottwald, and Hitler were the mobs of young confused idealists who were similar to the contemporary schoolkids and students who are charmed by their own importance and "ingenious mind", just like their grandfathers in the Hitlerjugend, Komsomol, and its Czechoslovak counterpart ČSM in the 1950s.

Jaroslav Veis was born in 1946, I am a bit older. So I can no longer remember personally how the excited Germans powered by the holy enthusiasm were burning the defective literature, lynching the Jews and democrats, burning the Synagogues, and murdered because those were the politically correct things to do.

Clearly, neither I nor him may remember the Soviet Komsomol members who were looting villages, murdering "kulaks" on the spot, stealing all the crops from the muzhiks, and then they made sure that one million of them would starve to death. They also claimed that they had the scientific and pure real-world truth on their side because Marxism was the future of mankind and the most just order that is possible.

Some innocent kids of Palestine, addition by LM. A Palestinian Greta-like boy has a speech at 1:08. More...

As a baby, I still saw how the young Germans, members of the Totenkopfverbände, were murdering prisoners from the concentration camps by thousands, e.g. during the death marches. I would like to remind you that the members of this criminal organization were selected, nationally socialistically conscious Germans. The members of Totenkopfverbände had to have the Aryan pedigree, empty criminal record, height at least 170 cm, and age at least 22 years. In most cases, they joined the SS at the age around 18. These bestial mass killers were therefore young and "socially conscious". Those who were shooting at the pedestrians from Prague's roofs between May 5th and May 10th, 1945, were almost entirely composed of young members of Hitlerjugend. They had to be removed from the roofs by the Vlasov Army or the Red Army and these days, the "warriors for the truth" consider their lynching a wonderful Schlager for the media.

Afterwards, the young members of ČSM and KSČ (the Czechoslovak Komsomol and the communist party, respectively) came to the scene and they expelled the "reactionary students" from the universities (just like the left-wing students do in the U.S. today), were reporting their parents to the authorities, and were driving tractors of the villages where they expelled the "kulaks", confiscated their cattle, and they were throwing centennial bookshelves from the chateaux and monasteries to the backyards while their owners were being sent to camps or to the death. As of 2019, the Czech and Slovak villages have still failed to recover from those acts. While the young Russian Komsomol members were murdering on the spot, ours were more civilized and the victims were being sent to jails, camps, and PTPs (Auxiliary Technical Columns, civilian labor camps under the Czechoslovak communist army).

Hitler won the war and the Hitlerjugend are preparing the Spartacus Games, with choreography based on Michal David's "The Rosebuds" – in German, naturally. A funny modified version of the song for mass exercises is currently used as an ad for TopGear.

And I wouldn't like to remind Mr Jaroslav of Mao's student-led Red Guards who also had the slogan that it was needed to destroy everything that was old and punish the "politicians who have disappointed". The result was mass famine and the collapse of China. And almost another world war.

Mr Jaroslav Veis isn't the first and only one who is shouting, on the pages of the press, that it's exactly the youth – that is embodied in the innocent fairy-tale boy as well as the current Greta – who brings us the salvation. If he doesn't understand that the state of the environment is persistently improving – at least in our homeland – and that those alleged doomsdays are nothing else than a fabricated pile of hogwash, then I am sorry. These people belong to the same mental group as the left-wing "progressive" intellectuals of the 20th century who were celebrating Lenin and Stalin as well as many "educated Europeans" who simply had to love Hitler. And their fanaticized youth.

At the end of his article, Veis exclaims with some pathos: "Who is afraid of the children?" Well, dear friend, I am afraid of radicalized, fanatical, abused children because the history teaches us – and the oldest generations still know from their experience – that there is no crime, no atrocity, and no monstrosity that wouldn't have been committed by fanaticized youth. With songs on their lips and energized by the faith that they are doing the most correct things possible, while washing their hands in the buckets of blood. We have already seen it.

I am afraid of the so-called innocent children from the texts by Mr Jaroslav Veis and many others. But they are wrong. The fairy-tale boy said the truth but he didn't demand the king to be killed and the kingdom to be destroyed. And that's exactly what Greta is doing. So there is some difference, isn't there?

When I say that I am afraid of them – I don't mean that I am afraid of my life or my future. I will no longer join those who trust these liars and fanatics. And given my age... But what about our children and grandchildren? Who are marching like herds of enthusiastically bleating sheep on the Friday For Future rallies?

Their Soviet predecessors have launched terror in order to become victims of that terror later. Many were shot dead after the verdicts by the "Revolutionary Threesomes", convicted in the Gulags in Siberia as well as in deserts in the South of the Soviet Union. And those who survived have spent their lives in misery and fear of the totalitarian system.

Their young German national socialist, but otherwise isomorphic, mirror images or counterparts first became a part of the historically unforgettable crime by the German nation, the genocide of millions. And then they froze on the Russian plains, drowned in the Belorussian marshes, and arranged their skeletons along the plains of the whole Europe and North Africa. And their mothers, sisters, and daughters died under the collapsed roofs of houses bombarded in Anglo-American air raids and by the Soviet artillery. And these young enthusiastic fanatics proved that Germany was – and, according to many places, still is – a nation of criminals and their descendants in the eyes of the whole world. That's something that Germany still hasn't recovered from and the nations of Europe still haven't forgotten about it. And don't tell me it's not true. What about all the pictures of Merkel with a swastika on her sleeve?

Greta Thunberg is no messenger of a beautiful future. She is a messenger of downfall, ruination, destruction, insanity, and future suffering and death of millions if a new monstrous totalitarian system will be introduced in her name. We don't even have a name for that totalitarianism yet.

My view is the same as that of Laocoön: "Do not trust the Horse, Trojans / Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even bearing gifts." (Aeneis, II, 49.)

Let us not trust the self-anointed saviors, whether they speak the Angelese or the Devilese.

By Václav Vlk Sr

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