Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Political prisoners in Germany and Spain

While the post-communist part of Europe behaves sanely these days, Western Europe is split and a big part of it has been devoured by novel political movements that want to totally destroy all the opposition, everyone who disagrees with them, and they are ready to use the worst possible tools.

Germany is currently led by a hardcore ecofascist government that wants to punish the German citizens even for their very disagreement with ecofascism. A driver has decorated his car in this way. The pigtails are nicely hanging from that car and the author of the idea wisely and generously recommended a young Scandinavian political leader to "fudge off, Greta" and he rightfully bragged that the climate change "problem [was therefore] solved".

What is the reaction by the ecofascist Merkel government? Three years in prison for that driver. The driver has just expressed his opinion about an extremely troubling political movement that is contaminating much of Europe and North America these days. The pigtails are clearly just a symbol of the unhinged ecofascism we are seeing everywhere around us. That particular spoiled brat wasn't in any way threatened by that driver.

Merkel and her Genossen are behaving in a very similar way as her more famous predecessor with a mustache. The victorious allies of the Second World War – at least those who haven't lost their mind yet – should notice where Germany is drifting once again. Maybe a German city should be – and this sentence is a bit metaphorical – bombarded to give a warning to the rogue government that is trampling on the basic principles of the post-war German constitutional system once again.

Germany isn't the only former fascist country that is rediscovering its old fascist instincts these days. What happened to the Catalan independence efforts? Well, that conflict has been frozen for some two years... but it just obviously can't go away.

Here we go again.

Nine Catalan pro-independence leaders were just donated prison sentences starting from 13,12,11 years in prison (the minimum is 9); three politicians came out without jail sentences. In total, it's 98 years in prison for something that simply cannot be illegal in a civilized country. These are textbook examples of political prisoners. Political prisoners in a strange continental confederacy that we belong to. We often worship the likes of Václav Havel for having been political prisoners. But while he has been arrested 5 times, he has only spent 5 years in prisons in total (and it was sometimes a luxurious prison where he worked as a prison librarian etc.). The current Spanish government is clearly using more strongman's tactics against the opposition than the Czechoslovak communist government ever was from the 1960s to the 1980s.

The European Union, often pretending to be an owner of the European values and human rights, is silent once again. The European Union isn't supporting freedom and democracy in any way. On the contrary, it is enthusiastic whenever the European people and peoples are being terrorized, blackmailed, and scared to death. The Czech commissary Ms Věra Jourová – who won the job of a noticeboard manager on the 7th floor in Brussels, plus the task of babbling about human rights in Europe – is silent, too.

She is collecting her incredible salary for whitewashing all these blatant violations of the human rights and the national constitutions.

It can't be surprising that protesters gathered in the streets of Barcelona and violence erupted once again. Team Catalonia blocked the El Prat airport in Barcelona and the subway today. A few days ago, people gathered in the streets for the Catalan national day. 600,000 were a drop from one million one year ago but it was still impressive. The recent prison sentences will surely escalate the Catalan-Spanish tensions. Millions of people realize that some folks have received 13,12,11 years in prison for being of the same nationality as they are, and for taking this nationality of theirs into account in their political decisions. In particular, the jail sentences were given almost entirely for their contributions to the organization of a referendum – just a poll that shows the distribution of opinions!

At the deeply moral level, millions of people are de facto imprisoned for their nationality – in Spain of the 21st century. Also, 113 Catalan protesters were injured by Spain's riot police at the airport yesterday. Can't you figure out how many people who viscerally hate Spain and who want the "king" and similar people to be decapitated do such events create? And the legal, peaceful order is already being abandoned. For example, the police boast about using rubber bullets against the Catalan folks – although they are illegal in Spain. One protester has lost his or her eye.

The idea of a political union across the European continent is obviously a ludicrous fantasy if the nations can't even agree that a similar behavior by governments is unacceptable in modern Europe.

Let me be the voice of peace and sanity. I urge the fascist governments: Stop this insanity immediately. You might think that you must unavoidably win but that's just a pile of hogwash. You will either give up your plans or you will be forced to give up – and in that case, it can't be expected that injuries will be avoided.

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