Friday, November 22, 2019

Armored glass? Tesla plagiarizes a Czech cult film

This blog post isn't important and belongs to the light genre.

As Manzo reminded us, Tesla presented its new very ugly "Cybertruck" – a cardboard milk on wheels, as radio hosts call it in my homeland.

The most important minute of the ritual included the tests of the resilience of this "tank". Sadly, two windows didn't survive the hammer test.

What people outside Czechia don't realize is that this stunt was copied from the beloved 1999 Czech comedy movie about the year 1968, "The Cosy Dens". It's a movie revolving around two families and their kids. The macho fathers in these two families are an enthusiastic communist and a staunch anti-communist (who is also an anti-fascist veteran), respectively.

"The Cosy Dens" has become one of the top 10 films that families like to watch during Christmas on TV – along with the Russian fairy-tale "Jack Frost", Czech-German "Three Nuts for Cinderella", "Pretty Woman", "Home Alone", and a few more. The following scene from "The Cosy Dens" is one of the 5 most popular ones – 400,000 views on YouTube isn't bad for a scene in a movie from a nation of 10.5 million people, you know.

0:00 Dad: And now something for the mommy, from the daddy (the pro-communist guy)
0:12 Mom: Glasses?
0:15 Dad: Feel free to shake it, Mary!
0:34 Mom: Glasses! We already needed them as salt. They have been broken out.
0:43 Dad: Exactly. All of them have been broken out. You used the precisely relevant words. I wonder whether you have noticed something unusual about the glasses, Mary.
0:55 Mom: They are light.
0:59 Dad: Yup. You know, this is where the fun ends and things become serious.
1:09 Dad: So look carefully, you sneerer (towards the skeptical son).
1:12 Dad: Lidunko (daughter), what happens when you throw an ordinary glass to the floor?
1:20 Girl: Well, it will be smashed!
1:22 Dad: Yes, it will break. A usual glass will break. That's indeed how it used to be – ordinary glasses were being broken.
1:32 Dad: But then, a group of bright minds came together (son laughs)... Don't grin!... And they said "enough is enough". And it's no coincidence that the group of bright minds emerged in the Polish People's Republic, in the socialist Poland!
1:55 Skeptical uncle: Indeed, it isn't a coincidence. The famous Polish woman was named Sklodowski – it's like "sklo" ("glass" in Czech).
2:04 Dad: Yup. Simply: an unbreakable glass!
2:11 Girl: What do you mean by "unbreakable"? (A glass falls, survives.)
2:15 Grandmom: A miracle.
2:19 Son: May I try it as well?
2:26 Girl: How strongly?
2:28 Dad: As vigorously as you can, girl.
2:35 Grandmom: And glassmakers will starve.
2:38 Dad: Grandmom... Do you all know what it means? It means that we are yet another step ahead of them!
2:50 Skeptical uncle: Will it be enough, what do you think?
2:53 Son: It was thrown too weakly.
2:56 Dad: Weakly, you say. Well, fine. Here you have the glass, boy.
3:05 (Son smashes the glass. Daughter laughs.)
3:08 Dad: AND WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM YOUR (plural) ACTS? ... The other side?

The movie continues by the mother's analysis of the nice shapes that the smashes plastic glasses created.

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