Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Charles University HQ cleaned of stinking Gr@tins

Charles University was founded by Charles IV, the most admired Czech king (by Czechs), in 1348 and is one of the oldest universities in Europe. 1347-1351 were the worst years of Black Death when the European population dropped by 50% or so. They were the most glorious years of the Czech history! ;-)

Carolinum is one of the oldest buildings – at a prestigious place near the bottom of the Wenceslaus Square. That's where students including your humble correspondent graduated and where the rector has his office.

But you know, Czechia is largely a Western country, with everything that this adjectives brings today, too. So we have tons of brainwashed Gr@tins and other far left entities that are aligned with the most pathological phenomena that are occurring in the EU and in the world of NGOs.

In particular, a bunch of 20 students decided to occupy the Carolinum with the sleeping bags. Just imagine that. These historical places – which are fancier and more historical than the surrounding buildings, although the latter are enough to impress millions of tourists – were filled with students who thought they were in the countryside and who didn't wash themselves.

These imbeciles were demanding the "carbon neutrality" by 2022 and the resignation of the rector, Dr Thomas Winter (CZ: Tomáš Zima). If they had understood at least the kindergarten-level science, they would realize that the cancellation of Winter would only accelerate global warming ;-). Sadly, they were already skipping their classes in the kindergarten.

So what happens when such individuals sleep in the rector's building for a week or so? Well, the most tangible consequence isn't the salvation of the Earth. The most tangible consequence is that these idiots start to stink. In this case, I mean literally – because spiritually, in the generalized sense, they have stunk for a long time.

Consequently, all other students and staff were disgusted by the stinking Gr@tins. Thankfully, in Prague, aside from the West-style Gr@tins, there are still sane students, instructors, and janitors and they can write and control their Academic Senate. So the title at describes the evolution like this:
Go home, finally, you stink: some employees and staff at the Charles University signed a petition to end the "strike"
The Gr@tins originally wanted the Academic Senate to serve them! Thankfully, the evolution was different and it was the Academic Senate of the Charles University (I have served in the "smaller" senate of the math-phys faculty for years) that said "enough is enough". You are spoiling the good name of the university, Gr@tins (some of them had far left T-shirts with Marx and highly repulsive appearance) and the protestors were pushed to vacate the rector's building – which they did on Monday.

Thank God for some of the sanity that is still preserved, even in the most brainwashed Czech city – which happens to be the capital, Prague. To show that the protestors' efforts were appreciated, they were promised discussions about the climate within the Academic Senate. Various subsets of the left-wing and green student movement have denounced other subsets of that movement.

There was an amusing, characteristic pattern in the composition of the supporters of the sleeping bag strike. It was officially endorsed by the following parts of the Charles University:
Faculty of Humanities [a codeword for grievance studies, the newest faculty], Philosophical Faculty, Pedagogical Faculty, Faculty of Hussite (reform Christian) Studies, Theological Faculty.
It was opposed by:
Faculty of Natural Sciences.
The students representing FNS in the Academic Senate insisted that the debate should become rational.

The latter is obviously the faculty that is most focused on the climate system and especially the consequences for the ecosystems. Now, this separation tells you everything you need to know about the Gr@tinist movement. If the members of the cult actually did what Greta verbally tells them to do, and "listened to the scientists", they would do the exact opposite of what they are doing.

But the Gr@tinist movement is one that totally ignores and opposes science – it is driven by ideological groups within the softest, scientifically illiterate and meritocracy-suppressing departments of the universities – not just one in Prague.

My narrow Alma Mater, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (the largest faculty of the university), along with the First Faculty of Medicine, took a lukewarm position when the strike was discussed in the Senate last week. I think that the Math-Phys would lead the opposition to the strike in "our" 1990s but it seems to me that "my" fields have moved more substantially to the left in the recent decade than the "generic natural sciences".

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