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Don Cherry fired for the vital truth, too

Don Cherry has been a Canadian ice-hockey player and for 40 years, he was one of the most famous ice-hockey commentators in the country. 4 decades is a long enough time. Check e.g. what he (a guy who disliked both Jágr and Russians) had to say in Nagano (in the middle of the 40-year-long interval) when Czechia beat Canada on its way to the Olympic gold. ;-)

Nothing dramatic should happen now, when he is 85 years old, right?

But we live in the era of the dramatic overgrowth of the unhinged fanatical SJWs which is why this expectation would be wrong. In his segment, Cherry made wise comments about the poppies and the Remembrance Day, Canada's version of the Veterans' Day.

There's a tradition that the people buy poppies for a buck or two and place it somewhere to celebrate the soldiers who sacrificed their life for their country – Canada, in this case. Cherry complained that the tradition is dying away while the towns that are full of immigrants are simply ignoring the tradition and they never spent a few bucks to remember the veterans who paid their lives for the country.

Under the influence of the outraged far left mob that considers "patriotism" a vulgarism (and on the background of the shameful "apology" by the despicable "partner" of Cherry's, Ron MacLean), the stinky and disgusting bosses of Sportsnet – Canada's main sports channel – fired Cherry, abruptly terminating his 40-year tenure in that occupation.

A guy named Ishmael (the son of Abraham both according to the Jews and Muslims, a fine-structure man who died when he was 137 years old) wrote a typical tweet – which was "liked" more than 2,000 times – that shows something about the people whom Cherry talked about:

Great, you see two perspectives on the same phenomenon, Cherry's and Ishmael's. These two perspectives may agree in something and differ in something.

First, they differ in some details and emphasis. Ishmael is an SJW which also means that he is a liar. So he talks about "white supremacy". If you played Don Cherry's segment, there is absolutely nothing about any "whiteness". Like "patriotism", these SJWs present "whiteness" as an insult, so he immediately – and without any justification – attacks Don Cherry for being white or allegedly liking whites. Cherry could have very well spoken about Polish or otherwise white immigrants, too. For some reasons, however, Polish immigrants either wear poppies or they're at least silently ashamed when they aren't.

But second, aside from this dramatic and partially deceitful choice of words by Ishmael, what is remarkable is that Ishael and Cherry are saying the very same thing. The actual and factual "beef" of their messages doesn't differ by one iota. Both men say that typical recent immigrants consider the army and defense of the new homeland to be bad – some "militarism" – and they see themselves as disconnected from the "rituals" – such as the celebration of the veterans – and they think it's OK to ignore these values and rituals of their new homeland. Ishmael confirms Cherry's general statement that these immigrants only come to Canada to devour the milk and honey while doing nothing useful for the country and for its preservation.

So the only actual difference between Don Cherry and the likes of Ishael is "whether it is good" to behave in Ishael's way – to cherry-pick the milk and honey while forgetting to pick the "rituals" that the likes of Cherry consider important cherries for the country (and the defense of the country is the most important example). It's not good to behave in this way. It's disgusting parasitism leading to the national self-destruction. It's something that every sane country fights against. Every sane country tries to defend itself against interlopers such as Ishmael, indeed (yes, he chose an appropriate word for himself – and let's admit, the word "supremacy" for the traits of those who actually remember the veterans is appropriate, too). Sadly, it seems that Canada no longer has any basic sanity of this kind – but there are many other countries where the same comment applies, too.

Thank God, Don Cherry remained unapologetic. He mustn't become a tamed robot just in order to save a job, he pointed out, and that's exactly right. Only immoral garbage is placing jobs above the basic individual freedoms.

A Russian KHL team HC Dynamo Moscow quickly offered a similar job to Cherry – where he could say whatever he thinks, however. Canadians and other Westerners in the old-fashioned sense aren't flowing to Russia en masse (yet) and I would also prefer other places than Russia (so far). But the change in the nations' and regions' attitude to the freedom of speech has been breathtakingly rapid in recent years if not months. In a few years, the re-polarization of the West and East may be largely completed. We may be in the middle of it now.

Some actual Canadians have launched petitions to force the failed managers of Sportsnet to apologize and rehire Mr Cherry.

P.S.: I exploded in laughter when I saw the Canadian defense minister who has denounced Cherry, too. Well, with such a diverse defense minister, the Canadian veterans may be grateful if at least their graves are preserved.

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