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Globalist rabble vs Velvet ex-student with flowers

I think that if I didn't pay any attention to the media, the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution looked just fine and decent here in Pilsen, Bohemia's 2nd and Czechia's 4th largest city (170,000 people).

The removal of the (burning) red star from the roof of the former Western Bohemian regional communist party headquarters (American Avenue, across the street from the Skyscraper with McDonald's) was the most unique event here. People arrived for some show – simply remembering the fall of communism as a good thing, regardless of some political differences.

But some of the scenes from Prague looked disturbingly different. You may try additional videos from the same confrontation.

The son of the ex-president, Václav Klaus Jr, was one of the students who actually marched in the streets on November 17th, 1989. He is currently the chairman of the vaguely Trump-like Tricolor Movement where I am a registered supporter. He is the guy with the innate deformation of the face, has four kids, and took daughter Eliška [by far the most popular name for newborn girls now] to the traditional ritual – placing candles and flowers at the place of the National Avenue where the communist police was brutal.

OK, he was whistled at, exposed to "shame, shame" chanting and "drag to Russia, go away" and "drag to the aßhole" and "Putin's sl*t" and a "motherf*cker" and "you took a kid as a human shield, ox", and so on. The association of such "politically incorrect" politicians with Russia is something that is identical in the U.S. and in Prague (and other places). A TV host asked him and Klaus Jr heroically ignored the tension and said it was nice we have freedom now and some people may even use it to hatefully yell in the street etc.

Both Klauses are probably more attracted to such situations than I am. They make them politically grow. I still prefer to avoid such an pleasant humiliation – if all other things are equal.

Looking at the tension that the kid was exposed to, I think that the daughter will do just fine. When Klaus Sr was 4 years old in 1945, he was building barricades in Prague (the boy succeeded and Prague was liberated within days) – why shouldn't his granddaughter see some neo-Marxist rabble from her dad's shoulders? ;-)

Mr Jiří Ovčáček, the spokesman for President Zeman who is the one of the Czechs who are most hated by the globalists, described the tragedy of these events aptly:

The best symbol of the ruination at the present is Václav Klaus Jr. On November 17th, 1989, he participated at the National Avenue rally against the totalitarian regime. On November 17th, 2019, on the same National Avenue, he was facing the aggressiveness of the fanaticized phalanx [rectangular formation of heavy infantry].

You could optimistically believe that such a disgusting rabble – which treats someone who actually has a legitimate reason to place candles and flowers at the place – will be denounced by "everyone who has a public visibility". But look what the Twitter account of the "Fund Against Corruption" wrote:

We learn that: "Only a person educated in a complete egotism and the absence of love takes his child to the war. We pity Klaus Jr."

I still can't get around this tweet, it is just utterly shocking because I have met the rich and famous founder of this "Fund Against Corruption" which obviously has nothing to do with the fight against corruption. What are they saying? An event commemorating the Velvet Revolution is a "war"? The war was taking place 30 years ago – and the side of Václav Klaus Jr (and your humble correspondent) has still employed purely "velvet weapons" to win that war. So why there should be a "war" on the celebration of that peaceful event 30 years later? If you were against Klaus Jr in 1989, you have already lost the war. And if you were a globalist in recent elections, you have lost that war, too. There is just peace now and the jerks in all the wars have already been defeated! We are just celebrating now. ;-)

Sadly, the previous sentences are just an optimistic joke because the globalists haven't really accepted the fact that they have lost the elections – and most elections in the recent decade(s). And I think that many of the angry folks from the National Avenue haven't swallowed that they have lost the 1989 events, either.

And what is the comment about the "education" of Klaus Jr? It is clearly a disgusting attack on his parents starting with the ex-president Václav Klaus Sr. To summarize, this tweet is just absolutely distasteful. You found some people from the TOP09 "globalist" party, e.g. the colorful young guy with some black ancestry and impressive hairdo Dominik Feri, who denounced the rabble (with the mandatory "you can see many problems with Klaus Jr"). But you may also find the people who support the comment by the "Fund Against Corruption". A daughter on the event involving flowers and candles is a human shield, we learn. That's also the approach by the son of a comedian, Mr Novotný, who is a mayor of a Prague suburb for ODS – and numerous other faces of the radical "Prague Café".

Dirty scum, it was a celebration of a positive event and as a well-known participant, Klaus Jr is among the most appropriate people who should be at that place at that time, 30 years after! On the other hand, the father of the founder of the "Fund Against Corruption" was an agent of the communist secret police. Where have we gotten that such "funds" are dictating who can take his daughter to downtown Prague to commemorate the anniversary?

I am just shocked what sort of hateful filth has become normal in the Czech capital – the same Antifa-like, Democratic-Party-affiliated scum that is violently opposing Trump in the U.S. These are the people who are often being associated with the "love and truth" from a slogan of Václav Havel. They are provably the most characteristic defenders of hate and lies, however. A true globalist, neo-Marxist, "liberal democratic" cesspool. And it's not just a bunch of irrelevant individuals on the street. We could clearly see that this category also includes lots of visible people people from the public life and whole Soros-style organizations.

I am tempted to think that during similar anniversaries, such distinguished places should be protected against similar trash.

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