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Hostage crisis at a Bristol hospital goes into 3rd day

"Conservative" PM BoJo seems totally impotent in the fight against the killers

It seems to me that the unhinged extreme left-wing fanatics have increased their insane activities by an order of magnitude or two, relatively to what we had just one year if not several months ago. Every day, we read several reports e.g. about 11,000 scientifically illiterate, psychiatrically unstable morons who are called "scientists" by their lying comrades in the media and who scream that this time, the sky is really falling and "untold suffering" is imminent.

Meanwhile, while a lazy and hysterical Swedish spoiled brat found herself on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean, incapable of getting over the ocean to a "COP25" party of the climate cultists in a carbon-neutral way, 25,000 of her comrades have realized that they have a very similar problem. They also need to go to Madrid instead of Santiago.

A whole town of flabbergasting morons who claim that mankind needs to "fight against the CO2 emissions" has to be needlessly moved from the American continent to the European continent. Isn't it ironic? Can't they just do their business via Skype and a YouTube live stream? OK, they should just pick thousands of the private jets and Greta+Pope should canonize the jets and declare that they miraculously flew in a carbon-neutral way.

Meanwhile, some extreme leftists are attempting to remove the beloved U.S. president Donald Trump. In January 2017, days after Trump was installed, an otherwise generic far left troll tweeted the following:

What's funny is that now, the very same Mark Zaid is one of the two lawyers of Eric Ciaramella, the would-be leaker employed by the CIA who tried to harm Trump by some slanderous comments about Trump's telephone call with the Ukrainian president.

This whole situation is "improved" by the fact that Mark Zaid hasn't even deleted the criminal tweet announcing the coup – which seems to be really ongoing. The whole situation looks utterly surreal to me. Two irrelevant generic anti-Trump trolls decided that they would start a coup in the world's only superpower, using bogus accusations. So they did exactly what they had planned and what they had publicly announced, they started a coup using bogus accusations, and the world's only superpower just plays the game of these trolls. The U.S. Congress actually spends time with this stunt. I just can't believe it.

Can't you please stop this incredible farce and place these traitors into prison for treason – and relocate the Biden family to another prison for their self-evidently proven big-scale corruption schemes in Ukraine? Is an adult left in the room in the U.S.? Is someone actually working on jailing these ludicrous petty criminals who are doing their crimes at noon in front of 8 billion people? Or has the U.S. become a complete banana republic? I think that e.g. in Russia, the people who overtly mock the whole constitutional system in this incredible way couldn't get this far – and this difference between Russia and the U.S. has become a sign of the Russian superiority by now.

But all these events are just innocent pieces of performance arts relatively to the more serious things that are happening... in the U.K.

That damn English hospital

Three days ago, the BBC announced that patients deemed sexist or racist will be deplatformed from a hospital in North Bristol, England. When you do anything that the radical staff dislikes, it may be just a gesture or a remark they deem "racist" or "sexist", you get a yellow card. When you get another card, it's the "red card" and they will just disconnect you from the machines and dump you.

I still couldn't reconcile myself with this absolute monstrosity. In the Western civilization, a foundation of the occupation of physicians is the Hippocratic Oath. I think that it's true even in most "not so Western" countries. Physicians just need to be professional and do their work to help the patient's health as well as they can. When there's a political disagreement, of course it's the patient who has the greater right to express it. After all, he is the person who pays for it. It's the consumer. The expectation that the paid professionals are those who are supposed to behave more professionally applies to many other occupations (e.g. clerks).

To threaten the health or lives of the patients because of their views on migration, feminism, affirmative action, or any other political topic is pure terrorism and it's absolutely shameful that the hospital hasn't been raided and the terrorists haven't been arrested yet. Clearly, Boris Johnson's government finds it OK when a bunch of terrorists holds a whole hospital with all the patients hostage. The entities that are behind these threats are not real physicians and whether they may be called "human" is questionable.

And make no mistake about it. Many of the rogue employees of that Southmead North Bristol hospital are absolutely incompetent as physicians. Just half a year ago, they gave wrong implants to 57 patients in bowel surgeries. Given the outright malice that these people have unmasked three days ago, they could have been hurting the health of the patients intentionally. These things should be intensely investigated. Nothing is happening. Incidentally, it is the same city of Bristol that just banned all diesel cars, cool but not so much.

By the way, the BBC has mentioned that the hospital has already "removed" a patient and it was done to please a gastroenterologist - it could have been the very same man behind the screwed bowel surgeries.

What's really crazy is that the decent, productive Britons – pretty much the very same group of people who are deemed "racist" and "sexist" – are those who pay for the salaries in the healthcare industry, including the evil employees of Southmead. When they may be dumped from the hospital for an inconvenient truth, shouldn't they also be returned the money that they have paid to the healthcare system? And shouldn't they stop contributing? This whole event must have broken almost all the British laws. I just can't believe that the criminals continue to hold all the patients hostage.

And I can't believe that the journalists are basically silent about this ongoing terror. Well, the real reason is that there are almost no real journalists left. The people who call themselves "journalists" are just dishonest hired P.R. guns of some nasty powerful folks and institutions. The situation is about as bad as situation in Nazi Germany in 1937 or so. As Paul Joseph Watson has correctly said, after people's being deplatformed from key Internet servers and after they have been deplatformed and robbed by the likes of PayPal, they are being deplatformed from the hospitals, too. People's health or lives may actually be threatened when they're inconvenient for the arrogant, dishonest, malicious, and politically extreme individuals who apparently think that they own the United Kingdom now. And virtually no one dares to help or support the victims of this terror.

I don't want even 1% of this mess to make it to my country and if the restoration of the death penalty for similar "physicians" is needed to protect my country against this 1%, we will need to restore the death penalty. By the way, yesterday, after years in which we heard that the Prague Muslim Community is peaceful, the former Imam of Prague was convicted from funding and promotion of terrorism, and participation at terrorism, and is expecting some 15 years in jail.

Hitler masks

A minor yet nonzero example of the efforts by the totalitarian left to terrify everyone is linked to carnival masks. The worst title was picked by Outrage grows over Hitler masks on sale in Prague. There was no outrage. A shop manager simply had a contract with the landlord – well, the city hall, currently controlled by the far left Pirates – in which he said to sell "products linked to the Czech cultural heritage". Because the landlord unsurprisingly didn't like the mask and it arguably violated the contract because it's mainly a "product linked to the Austrian cultural heritage" instead, the contract was terminated.

That's it. It is perfectly legal to sell Adolf Hitler carnival masks in Czechia – they are obviously considered products on par with masks of Frankenstein or a vampire or anything like that etc. – and you can buy it in every good shop with funny products. The prices in 3 shops listed by Heuréka are CZK 740, 760, 836. Hitler is the second bestselling carnival mask in Czechia after the Devil and ahead of St Nicholas, Panda, a Charlestone sweatband, another devil, a masculine Arab, and an Anonymous mask. After some others, a horse, a nun, a death figurine, a sexy maid, and Borat's mankini are also doing well. Most of them are juicy – but it's the purpose of carnival costumes, isn't it? But the inkspillers at and elsewhere deliberately spread fear. They want everyone to believe that if he does anything like selling a politically incorrect carnival mask, he's in serious trouble. No, in Czechia – which is still largely a free country – he's not.

Incidentally, the ambassador of Germany into Czechia has helped to turn this amusing story into a would-be scandal. He is interfering with our internal affairs. Maybe he doesn't believe he is Adolf Hitler but according to his behavior, he may believe that he is at least Reinhard Heydrich. Sorry, Mr Ambassador, this is not your job and whether you like or dislike things sold to tourists at the Lesser Town Square is your problem and a problem for your psychiatrist – not ours.

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