Sunday, November 17, 2019

Italian schools: 33 mandatory hours of climate hysteria a year

In this week, the media have announced that since September 2020, ten months from now, all Italian public schools will require the education in "climate science". It was ordered by the Italian minister of education, Lorenzo Fioramonti.

I think that this idea is insane – how much insane obviously depends on what they will actually teach.

The minister is a scholar in political sciences and a member of the unreadable, formally anti-establishment, Five Star Movement. The idea that a member of an "anti-establishment" party introduces something like that sounds surreal. Such an "anti-establishment" guy could be employed as a suppository in a DiCaprio-like establishment organ right away.

If I understand well, this absolutely ludicrous new subject should be taught every year. If you spend 8 years at school and multiply it by 33 hours a year, you should be exposed to 264 hours worth of the climate science education.

This is just a breathtaking amount of time. It is very clear that the most famous person associated with the climate hysteria today, Prophet Greta Thunberg, doesn't know even 26.4 minutes worth of climate education – assuming that the teacher doesn't okay the idea that 27 minutes of screaming "how dare you" counts as the climate science. How can an average Italian schoolkid meaningfully learn 33 hours worth of climate science every year? It just doesn't make the slightest sense.

I am almost certainly among my country's top 10 experts in the generalized science of "climate change". But during my recent talks about the subject, I found out that after a 2-hour-long talk, you gradually start to deplete the issues that are really relevant for normal enough people. The facts that matter for a typical person really may be conveyed in a few hours. And I think that after 10 hours, I could communicate virtually everything that matters for a typical human – but that the typical human is still capable of understanding.

33 hours a year is almost enough to create a scholar who may start to work as a professional in atmospheric physics. Obviously, none of these things will happen because they don't have teachers who can do such things. In practice, it is almost obvious that the kids will be exposed to 33 hours of lies and repetitive Islamic-style prayers involving claims about the non-existent problem. Just like the Islamic kids are being forced to repeat that "Allah is great" all the time, so that they don't overlook this assertion, the Italian kids will be forced to parrot "the climate threat is great" for tens of hours every year.

Needless to say, not only utterly brainwashed whackodoodles of the religious types – such as Muslims and the climate alarmists – have been bringing the utterly idiotic and repetitive indoctrination into the schools. If you have read Feynman's most famous popular book, you may remember the U.S. textbooks where the solution to every problem was energy makes it go. It could have been "wakalixes makes it go", Feynman pointed out, because the kids weren't learning anything at all. It is exactly the same with the alternative explanation "it is caused by the climate change" or "climate change is real". The kids don't learn anything – except for the correct pronunciation of one, very vague and very general, lie.

But even if the kids were learning something meaningful – the atmospheric physics, circulation, thermodynamics of layers of the air, extensive lists of drivers of climate change and the details how they operate, consequences of climatic changes for various ecosystems and branches of the industry, whatever "meaningful" facts that you could imagine – 33 hours a year is just hugely inappropriate. And even if you believe that CO2 causes substantial global warming and that it (even more indefensibly) changes weather patterns etc., it's a few minutes of stuff. "CO2 has been found to be an important greenhouse gas, meaning that it is absorbing IR radiation from the Earth. At current rates of its rising concentrations, the IPCC says that 3 °C of warming could be added a century, plus minus 50 percent, and that could affect other things in ways that aren't known. We may want to reduce the rates." It is 25 seconds of knowledge, not 264 hours.

Climate science (even if you include meteorology, atmospheric physics, and even the general introduction to fossil fuels and a few other things that have been made to sound "vaguely related") is a tiny, ludicrously unimportant branch of physical or Earth sciences. Climatology is not a fundamental subject in the sense of theoretical physics; and it is not too important as an applied one, either. To say that the "climate science" should be as widely taught as schools as "chemistry" or "biology" is just absolutely detached from reality and common sense. But this is the kind crazy things that are becoming common as absolute idiots are increasingly self-confidently shouting and pretending to be smart and important – pretty much in all nations of the Western civilization. Here, Italian idiots plans to unteach the kids in the nation of Galileo and Fermi (plus Fibonacci, Volta, Peano, Cabibbo, Fubini, Majorana, Rubbia, Veneziano...) how to add fractions – but they will teach them how to yell "how dare you, the climate" in 50 new ways.

We must start to treat this stupid, brainwashed, scientifically illiterate scum as stupid, brainwashed, scientifically illiterate scum.

And that's the memo.

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