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MIT Press' QSS journal has peer-reviewed, will publish Strumia's anti-feminist research

Off-topic HEP: LCWS, a pro-linear-collider group, will publish a pro-ILC statement. Via Tristan.

Many people collaborate with the totalitarian feminists and liars and their excuse is that everyone else does it, too. Well, it is a lame excuse for someone's cowardliness and the statement isn't really true as one fresh event shows (hat tip: @Roman_012, @NSesardic at Twitter):

In decision certain to draw fire, journal will publish heavily criticized paper on gender differences in physics (Science's prophesy about the QSS publication)
For the sake of perceived balance, the new sociometric journal published by the MIT Press, QSS, will simultaneously publish unsubstantiated and ideologically driven insults against Strumia and his research. Alessandro Strumia has written the paper
Gender issues in fundamental physics: a bibliometric analysis (45 pages, PDF)
Alessandro has analyzed lots of the bibliometric data (via the Inspire database) quantifying the productivity of male and female researchers and has found that male researchers are more productive at the crucial points; and female researchers are more likely to be hired when all other things are equal – in a striking conflict the widespread assertions by the so-called feminists.

Alessandro Strumia has also sent the paper to QSS which has forwarded it to its referee(s) and, as I have mentioned, the referee(s) has agreed that it is a serious piece of meticulous work and the paper will be published in QSS.

As far as I understand, the complementary texts in Science won't use any Inspire data (or any other hard data, for that matter).

Strumia's work on this issue has previously provoked a petition arrogantly titled Particles for Justice signed by thousands of neo-Stalinist bullies harbored by physics departments. I encourage these bullies to follow the peer-reviewed researcher and notice that they are full of šit. I sincerely hope that during their talks about the "discrimination against women", these people will point out to their audiences that the peer-reviewed literature says the exact opposite.

It's a nice opportunity to post this short, 6-second-long video from the cult Czech movie "The Cosy Dens" about politically different families with macho fathers from the year 1968. Here, the right-wing father screams his refined variation of "Proletarians of all countries, unite!" His corrected slogan says "Proletarians of all countries, lick your own aß!".

The journal has apparently paraphrased this legendary slogan:
Feminists of all the countries, lick your own pußy!
I have some doubts whether the main authors of "Particles for Justice" (and the jerks at CERN and University of Pisa who have launched their "investigations" – a euphemism for disgusting neo-Stalinist witch hunts) will be capable of doing that! At any rate, congratulations to Dr Strumia.

P.S.: At, a feminist talkatively wrote that there's nothing to be seen here because citations are discriminating against women researchers, too. An early version of my blog post said that Strumia's paper will appear in Science, sorry.

Another amazing fact. has banned the QSS paper which is why was helpful. Maybe for the first time.

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