Saturday, November 23, 2019

Well-known Czech journalist introduces violence to her occupation

My homeland is one of the 10 most peaceful countries in the world but it's the country that has played a key role in the ignition of the Thirty Years' War, the Second World War, and the Cold War, and it just helped to escalate the tension within the media to a new level.

Some 110 journalists gathered at a media forum in Prague which ended yesterday. Many journalists interested in Russia have arrived, too.

The video above starts with a playful game of two journalists who are apparently trying to take pictures of one another. Well, the younger one is mostly using his cell phone as a shield against the other journalist, Ludvík Hradilek (from Daily N). ;-) The younger one is Vladimír Franta, a relatively unknown journalist working for Sputnik News – which is formally a daughter organization of Russia Today and which has replaced Voice of Russia as well as RIA Novosti in 2014.

A day earlier, he summarized a talk by Ms Petra Procházková, a famous Czech journalist, by mentioning that she had said that the Czech language was useless because no migrants wanted to come here. After hours that I have spent with this issue, I still don't understand what Ms Procházková disliked about Franta's innocent text.

But she was obviously very angry, appeared in the video, and screamed at Mr Franta. How dare you? How can you write such lies? Blah blah blah... and then, while labeling Mr Franta a toilet and a pig, she hit his phone so it was flying away before she slapped him in his face. She has also delivered some commentary on her physical activity in Czenglish and in Russian.

Ms Petra Procházková is quite an assertive journalist who is strongly anti-Russian (and works for Deník/Daily N, one of the most Soros-like mediums but we have many...), who has dedicated lots of energy to many Russia-related issues such as Chechnya, who has spent years in the dangerous places in the East, and who has apparently supported arbitrarily wild people as long as they were against Russia. She has also married an Afghani guy and they have a son – you might say that she not only talks the multicultural talk but walks the walk, too. According to a story that seems trustworthy, the son has been circumcised but Ms Procházková has emphasized that it was her who insisted that this act had to be done! So it doesn't matter whether a son of a Muslim "has to be" a Muslim.

Well, a colorful character. Aside from being a famous journalist, she looks like the average emancipated Czech woman (and acts much like Ms Helena Růžičková, a late full-weight actress), so be ready. ;-) Just to make you sure: I do think that she has created a far bigger name for herself than Mr Franta, the submissive pro-Russian journalist, can dream of at this moment. The sign of that name is heavily disputed, as you can guess.

Great. What is even more amazing is the number of famous representatives of the Prague Café – the Czech multicultural globalists (and Russophobes which is the most focused description that matters here) – who have praised Ms Procházková for her physical violence. Rank-and-file "liberal democrats" – the far left fascists' self-describing euphemism, film directors, as well as journalists – including one notorious journalistic guy who has been a part-time boss of mine a decade ago – have emerged to celebrate their new icon. ;-) Daily N has supported "their" Procházková, too.

Official "people against violence" include the president's spokesman and the boss of "far right" SPD Mr Okamura, what an irony.

When President Zeman jokingly mentioned some violence against journalists in front of Putin, he was treated as a mass killer. But when their lady actually starts to solve disagreements between journalists by violence, they enthusiastically praise her. These are their double standards. This how "liberal democracy" – the state-of-the-art hybrid of hardcore fascism and hardcore Marxist – works. These people simply aren't compatible with the European values. They don't belong here. We have to clean our continent from this dangerous behavior that contaminates our countries.

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