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Gr@tins want to ban asthma inhalers

A goal is to turn 300 million lives into hell in order to cool the globe by 0.003 °C per century

Climate alarmists have grown into one of the fanaticized movements that are most dangerous for mankind today – and perhaps the #1 danger for the civilization. They would not only love to ban King Coal, the most intelligent source of energy. They want to turn the people of the world into vegetarians and fags. They want to ban lots of other things that "cause the global warming". They want to strip everybody of his or her basic freedoms and civil rights, too.

Hours ago, some Czechs who follow these topics were stunned by an article in which is just a more hardcore rewriting of a 2-month-old BBC story

Asthma carbon footprint 'as big as eating meat'
Not only the meat eaters should feel guilty. So should the asthma sufferers. You may find more or less radical versions of similar articles that encourage the asthma sufferers to abandon their usual treatment.

These texts bring you lot of would-be emotional propagandist hogwash but it's extremely hard to get the basic facts from them. OK, this is The Reference Frame, not a BBC-like cesspool, so let's agree about the basic facts here.

In the U.K., and probably in the civilized world, the healthcare industry produces some 5% of the greenhouse emissions. Out of this 5%, the asthma inhalers account for 4% of that which means 0.2% of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Because there are some 200 million "global warming causing" inhalers in the world owned by some 300 million asthma sufferers globally (not everyone has a good inhaler), about 1/40 of the people have such an inhaler, you may see that each user of an inhaler is contributing as much greenhouse effect as a meat eater (or one-half of it). Agriculture, dominated by cattle's farts and burps, accounts for 14-18 percent of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions (always measured by the temperature that they cause at some timescale).

If you throw away your inhaler, it's such a contribution to the "fight against global warming" as if you go vegan. Alternatively, a common meat eating asthma sufferer emits almost twice as much greenhouse gases as his asthma-healthy meat eating friend.

Two types of inhalers are being used for asthma. Most of them, and 70% of newly prescribed ones, are the more effective "metered-dose inhalers" which have a propellant, almost always hydrofluoroalkane (HFA), which is a greenhouse gas that is thousands of times stronger than CO2 (1300 for HFA-134a over 100 years; less frequent HFA-227ea ICS/LABA, used e.g. with Flutiform, has 3320): so each month, tens or hundreds of grams of the propellant that gets out is equivalent to hundreds of kilograms of CO2 emissions per patient (which is also getting close to car emissions, about 5 tons from an average car per year). It's generally agreed that these inhalers with a propellant are significantly better and safer for the asthma sufferers than the green "dry powder inhalers".

I wrote that the metered-dose inhalers account for 0.2% of the man-made emissions. If all the observed warming trend in the recent 40 years is due to man-made emissions, and I think that it's more likely that humans account for a smaller part, then the man-made emissions cause some 1.5-2.0 °C of warming per century. The inhalers were said to be 0.2% of that which means 0.003-0.004 °C per century.

It's three fudging undetectable millikelvins of temperature per century that we are talking about.

Because the gr@tins are so obsessed with the cooling of the globe, they actually consider forcing the asthma sufferers – and Erwin Schrödinger was a famous physicist among them (and asthma could have been a reason why he actually hated cats, despite owning lots of them) – to throw away their good inhalers. Even if it were just Erwin Schrödinger, and if the damn equation were the only good thing he has ever done, surely his personal comfort would be more important than three millikelvins of the temperature change that is only achieved after a century. But we are talking about 200 or 300 million asthma patients and the gr@tins want to severely reduce the quality of all these lives. Tons of research articles are being funded and written about the climate aspects of forcing people to use less comfortable inhalers.

It is very obvious that by proposing to outlaw the most effective achievements of healthcare for hundreds of millions of people, the climate fearmongers are approaching (if not surpassing) the level of the Nazi war criminals. Some of them realize it, want to avoid the execution after the Nuremberg Trials, and they try to be careful about their "recommendations" related to asthma. So although the "pressure" exerted by the BBC article is obvious – asthma sufferers are as guilty as meat eaters, we read starting from the title – you may always find more radical green activists who often end up being more influential. The Swedish lunatic is a good example of that correlation. Even the "more moderate" writers such as the BBC lady clearly realize that more radical interpretations and recommendations will be inspired by her text and I think that they indirectly encourage this kind of insanity.

So for example, the Czech article is titled The asthma sufferers' carbon footprint: inhalers are an unexpected source of a large amount of greenhouse gases. The most incredible paragraphs, one about the recommended policies, says:
At this moment, the most widespread (and more harmful for the environment) are the metered-dose inhalers that are easy to be used and that are immediately ready to serve. Everyone, including pensioners and infants, can learn to operate them. On top of that, the dry powder alternative isn't effective for everyone, at least without an adequate training. It seems that patients will have to choose whether they want to have a higher carbon footprint without the symptoms of asthma or they choose a more environmentally sensitive approach, accepting the risk that they won't be able to restart their smooth breathing. At any rate, all people should throw their emptied inhalers to separated trash or return them to pharmacies so that they're not mixed with generic trash.
This green author is just a bloody Nazi-level psychopath. His text makes it very explicit that he realizes that the quality of the basic health if not the very life of the asthma sufferers may easily be at stake but he still recommends them to run this risk because of the utterly stupid, pseudoscientific claims about global warming which is only affected by several millikelvins. These individuals are inhumane and we should acknowledge the risk that these thousands of fanaticized people's continued existence poses to hundreds of million or billions of people on Earth.

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