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Home Alone: With Donald Trump

Home Alone is one of the typical Christmas films on TV – in Czechia but apparently also in Canada. Canada's leading TV channel CBC has censored a scene with Donald Trump in Home Alone 2.

The Trump derangement syndrome is a real thing. Trump has personally blamed Justin Trudeau for the censorship. The censorship was apparently motivated by some fanatical leftists' desire to hide the fact that Trump was pretty much a popular figure already in the 1990s. But CBC claims that someone made the edit already in 2014 and for apolitical reasons.

Czech version is here. Making of.

As I previously said, I do believe that the amount of censorship by the neo-Marxists has already trumped the amount of censorship both in Nazi and communist Czechia.

Fortunately, there is also an anti-Canadian country named Czechia where a short film, Home Alone With Donald Trump: Lost In Prague, was created two years ago. It is a story about Trump who reunites Kevin with his mother. It actually seems rather clear to me that the creators are "globalists" but that still didn't prevent them from a creating a viral video about Trump that is rather nice about Trump.

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