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Huge machine learning conference renamed by NPCs

Merry Christmas (or Chanukah), everybody!

Last month, I missed this new tragicomic story about the NPCs' banning activity. Since 1987, there has been a huge conference of machine learning every December which was called NIPS and recently had over 2,000 participants.

During the decades, the N in the name – which stands for "neural" – was becoming inappropriate because "Kernel", "Bayesian", and "Deep" seemed like better adjectives. A few years ago, some NPCs – NPCs who are more sensitive than nipples – have noticed that NIPS is somewhat close to "nipples". It has also been a slur for the Japs.

Among the best puns, in 2015, a startup had T-shirts bragging that My NIPS are NP-hard.

Since 2017, there was a pre-conference named TITS and those two years ago, Elon Musk attended and allegedly invented a nice slogan there are no NIPS without TITS. If it's true and if he has really invented this sentence, it's the most feasible hint that he may have at least some nonzero intelligence that I have seen so far.

While it's not too hard to invent the joke given the acronyms, the intelligence needed to construct that sentence is about 50 times higher than the intelligence needed for the Cybertruck.

At any rate, some NPCs learned about these and perhaps other puns and they began to vomit, their lives were endangered. Like speech, the Universe, and everything, it must be banned! Here is a hysterical November 2019 Gizmodo text that attacks the "gross" acronym.

After a vote by 2,000+ participants, NIPS was replaced by NeurIPS – thus giving more room to the word "neuron" that became less important over the decades because neurons are just a particular biological incarnation of the mechanisms that are discussed in a much more abstract way now.

NeuRips is clearly from German and denotes new ribs that are placed upon the original ribs and the medium ribs (the breasts), i.e. nipples. So NeuRips is just a nice word for nipples again! ;-)

Famous Harvard evolutionary psychologist wrote a public letter about this scandal,

NIPS vs. NeurIPS: guest post by Steven Pinker
The host, Scott Aaronson, emphasizes that he has no opinion about NIPS. Pinker makes it clear that he understands all the basic problems with this kind of insanity:
  • It is not even true that "nipples" is a word that specifically touches women because men have nipples, too
  • Nipples aren't really sexual, they are good for breastfeeding and most men in the bedroom are no longer being breastfed (I guess this fifth-grade biology is too hard for the NPCs who keep on wetting their bed)
  • It is actually insulting towards women when someone acts as if censorship is needed whenever there is any, arbitrarily remote, link to female sexuality: this attitude shows that the censor assumes that women are insanely weak and lacking all sense of humor and intelligence; such taboos are really Puritanism of the Victorian type, not something modern
  • Intelligent people whom he knows and who are outside this increasingly insane would-be Academic environment often correctly point out that it would be ludicrous to take most claims – such as "climate emergency" – seriously because such claims are being made by people who are mentally five-year-old, who need a parental protection against words that remotely sound like nipples, and who indeed end up being as obedient to the party line as obedient five-year-old children
You know, Steve, that the last argument, while correct, is just one of the "less direct" arguments why the climate hysteria is hogwash, right? The reasoning of your non-left-wing friends is absolutely valid but there exist more direct ways to see that the climate hysteria is just a product of mentally defective and corrupt individuals.

Sadly, after decades in which mediocre and downright stupid people were accepted to universities en masse, with the goal of increasing the total numbers or even the "diversity", the environment is full of hysterical imbeciles who clearly don't belong there, the sensible likes of Pinker have turned into a minority, and the infantile far left-wing idiots may politically beat Pinker whenever they want. The whole enterprise has turned into a "laughingstock", if I use a word quoted by Pinker.

There are numerous people like Pinker who don't quite deserve to be included into such labels but they still partly deserve it. You know, even Pinker is co-responsible for having turned the Academia into a laughingstock – as the last full paragraph of his letter shows:
To repeat: none of this deprecates the important effort to stamp out harassment and misogyny in science, which I’m well aware of and thoroughly support, but which has nothing to do with the acronym NIPS.
Sorry, Prof Pinker, but cowardly disgusting sentences such as this one by people who used to be in charge of the Academia – like you – are the main reason why the radical imbeciles, such as those who banned NIPS, have taken over. You have been supporting them by similar "innocent lies" that "everyone is forced to say" for decades. That's the justification to say that to quite some extent, you have deservedly turned into a laughingstock, too.

Almost all claims about "harassment" and "misogyny" in the recent 50 years – in your whole career – were the same kind of nonsense as the complaints against the acronym NIPS. By saying sentences such as "it is important to stamp out" such things, you have strengthened all these decadent trends and equipped these hardcore SJWs with the political power to ruin the scholarly environment. And even now, when things are really serious, you keep on doing so, like many people who know that it's bad but who are still fundamentally cowards and collaborationists.

And that's the memo.

P.S.: If you want to see dozens of dirty snowflakes that hysterically react to Pinker's common sense, read e.g. this thread for a few minutes. Here is a "paper" by four distasteful PC Gestapo cops that demanded the change.

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