Thursday, December 19, 2019

Impeachment: leftists are those who lower the quality of everything

Leftists degrade, inflate, poison, distort, devour, and abuse all things that they touch

It was disappointing to watch the impeachment proceedings. The Democratic Party clearly didn't have any arguments against Donald Trump, let alone evidence of crimes, let alone evidence of high crimes, let alone overwhelmingly clear evidence of high crimes, as they previously planned. Instead, the charade was driven by their hatred for the U.S. president.

At the end, the president was "impeached" – which means charged – on two charges. Whether he is removed will be decided by the "judges", the Senate, and the expectation is "no" given a clear Republican majority there. In the House, some 3 male Democrats voted "no" while the only presidential candidate in the House, Tulsi Gabbard, voted "present" i.e. "abstain". She has restored some credit with me. She needed courage to separate herself from the angry mob – but courage doesn't mean suicidal behavior so she wisely left the building through the GOP door LOL.

While watching this pathetic farce, I was led to realize that the leftists may be pretty much defined as the people who fight to lower the quality of everything. It's not a groundbreaking discovery and I was vaguely summarizing the political Left in this way already when I was a teenager. But there was some hiatus – for one or two decades – when I didn't realize this fact as clearly as I do now.

There are different criteria by which we may define the leftists, many traits that are correlated – and at least in some regions of the spacetime, the correlation is known to be positive – but these traits are in principle unequivalent. However, the leftists have always defended the "lower classes", "disadvantaged people", and "equality" or "egalitarianism".

It is not hard to see why the "support for the lower classes" is pretty much the same as the fight for "equality". Why? Well, in the real world, people, nations, groups, companies etc. are unequal in almost all cases. So if someone wants everyone to be equal, it is very clear that someone benefits and someone loses. The person or the nation (or something else) that was "better than the average" loses by this enforced equality or the illusion of it; and the person or the nation (or something else) that was "worse than the average" benefits.

The fight for equality is therefore pretty much the same as the fight to improve the situation (and, in some cases, only the "officially allowed perception") of those who are "worse than the average". Active leftists are placing this "equality" above any "meritocracy" or any values that have passed the test of time and that our civilization is based upon. So in effect, the activities of the leftists end up being a "fight against values, meritocracy, skillful people, and useful institutions" most of the time.

These basic facts have always been clear to me but only in the recent years, I could see how universal this harmful influence of the leftists is. It affects pretty much everything. Why did I realize it only recently? I think that it wasn't because I was previously slow. Instead, I think that it's because they only became universally destructive rather recently. Some left-wing parties after 1989 – and maybe even the very Communist Party of Czechoslovakia – were obviously defending some "lower classes" but they still had some respect for some good things because even the lower classes whose interests were defended by those left-wing politicians liked some good things and respected some universal values. They wanted to enjoy their lives and some "good things" were needed for that.

But this isn't really the case anymore. These days, the leftist activists and politicians only defend the interests of the ultimate, idealized rock bottom of the society that doesn't have any respect for anything good and that doesn't want anything objectively good in their lives. It cannot be surprising that leftists see less purpose in their lives than the right-wingers. What have the leftists poisoned and what are victims, concepts, and institutions whose quality has been lowered by the leftists?

Let me start with some old-fashioned leftists' impact. What are the things whose quality has been eroded or is being consistently eroded by the leftists?

Income and wealth

Traditional leftists have obviously demonized and lowered the income of the capitalists or successful people in general because that high income isn't compatible with the dogmas about equality. Higher income, greater assets etc. have to be taxed, nationalized, or otherwise stolen. More generally, the particular amounts of money aren't the main victim here.

The main victim is the concept, the correlation between income and wealth on one side and success or contributions to mankind on the other side – and the belief that such a high correlation is naturally sustained in a free society. Leftists generally pretend that this correlation doesn't matter because success or any stuff like that is a joke, is fabricated, and so on. Now, success in the real world is surely not a perfect measure of what people deserve. But at least in the long run, there is a high positive correlation which was a necessary condition for the progress of life on Earth, the human societies, science, and technology, too. Leftists generally deny it.

Love, families, nations, civilizations...

An extended discussion of the leftists from the social conservative viewpoint should be inserted here. Contemporary leftists not only diminish the quality of the nations, patriotism, and people's attachment to their civilizations (at least when the Western civilization is at stake). They are openly hostile to these fundamental values.

At a more local level, leftists are reducing the quality and weight of the concepts such as love, family, marriage – by equating them with increasingly decadent "equivalents". One may argue that there is a tight analogy between homosexual love and heterosexual love, for example. But they're not quite the same thing, they don't play an equally essential role for the preservation of the species and the happiness of the individuals, and the denial of these differences is a characteristically leftist obsession.

Science, education, degrees, awards

Leftists are brutally and intentionally eroding the quality and prestige of the term "a scientist". Just like in the case of the financial wealth I started with, the scientific credentials are just "another commodity that creates inequality". So it has to be distributed, leftists think. They are never concerned with the question how these values were actually built – a true leftist activist or politician hasn't ever built or contributed anything, pretty much by definition – the redistribution of what has been done by others is their only focus. And they don't care about the implications of their "treatment" for these concepts and institutions.

So all these identity politics SJWs are getting some degrees, they want a greater number of college degrees and PhDs and research chairs etc. for themselves and people who are "like them". But they don't give a damn about the obvious fact that by pumping lots of worse people into the system – into colleges as students, into research institutions, as researchers, into the body of physics PhDs, into the lists of winners of a prize or lists of top scientists according to a formerly prestigious journal or anything of this form – they are just eroding, spending, wasting, and lowering the content of these things. These previously valuable things are just evaporating when they are treated in this way, as a "commodity that should be redistributed".

The grade and degree inflation is lowering the importance and trustworthiness of grades and degrees. Every imbecile may get a college degree today and most imbeciles actually get one. So the college degree doesn't really mean anything. It doesn't make one very special. But they haven't stopped with college degrees. They continued to erode PhDs, the term "theoretical physicist" which used to be more than a "rocket scientist", a winner of a previously famous award, and so on.

Leftists are just locusts who are determined to devour the rest that is left, while pretending that it's forever, and to allow other leftists who are lower in the "hierarchy of leftist equals" to devour the excrements coming from the leftists who are "higher in the hierarchy of leftist equals". Needless to say, when this is happening, the value of everything is being eroded. All the good things that have been built and refined for years, centuries, or billions of years are being contaminated and consumed.

A theoretical physicist or a Nobel Prize winner or... add many other, previously amazing labels... used to be impressive, breathtaking, unique, special. But leftists – with quite some special role played by the leftists liars and inkspillers in the media – have brought us into a new world in which tons of imbeciles claim to be theoretical physicists (and maybe on par with the likes of Weinberg or Arkani-Hamed) although they haven't mastered basic string theory or renormalization or anything like that. Tons of idiots have gotten the Nobel Prize, at least the Nobel Prize in peace. Tons of idiots and mediocre pseudo-researchers are being named "the scientists of the year". Leftism is equivalent to putrefaction that makes all intellectual activities and social structures deteriorate, suck, and stink.

Courts, justice, impeachment

Courts should be just and a judge used to be an impressive person. He had to know lots of things about the law but he needed quite some moral integrity and especially impartiality. But the leftists have devoured and degraded most of the quality and weight of the courts and justice, too. From their viewpoint, courts are just another tool to achieve something that they place above justice – the equality of the people who aren't equal.

So the leftist-controlled courts have a simple key who wins: low-quality humans must win, high-quality humans must lose. That's how the inequality between the people gets erased. For example, as a classic good cop, Donald Trump wanted corruption in Ukraine which remains a highly corrupt ally of the U.S. to be investigated and the culprits to be punished, whoever they are, even if they are the U.S. citizen.

Under normal circumstances, he would be applauded and the Bidens would be sitting in the jail by now. But the leftists have a different attitude. It is not justice that matters. The Bidens are connected to the left-wing environment that devours the values created by the conservatives – or excrements coming from the other leftists who previously devoured the results of the conservative work or other leftists' excrements – so they are labeled the unpunishable winners to start with. Bidens are a part of the left-wing ecosystem where everyone consumes the excrements of others that contain the nutrients stolen from the conservatives. So they must be protected by other leftists whatever they do – and their foes must be attacked.

Instead, it is the innocent Donald Trump who dares to think that corruption should be punished even when the corrupt people are leftists who hate Trump. And most corrupt people are leftists, make no mistake about it. Instead of helping Trump to relocate the Biden criminals into a jail, they started a witch hunt against Donald Trump – their previous Russiagate conspiracy theory didn't work too well and they're always ready to try something more pathetic than what they did last time. Well, they started it before he was elected the president in 2016 but that's another story. In this case, they have one more reason because Trump is the innocent and good guy, Bidens are the criminals from an objective viewpoint, and the leftists don't like this inequality, especially because "their guys" are on the lower side (as in most cases).

Leftists don't respect any objective viewpoints. The interests of the people of low quality is everything that matters to them. To "punish" Trump, they started impeachment, something else whose weight has been brutally eroded by them.

The U.S. founding fathers have included the institution of impeachment as the ultimate rare, rigorous weapon. You know, if impeachment is followed by the removal from the White House, such events negate the results of democratic elections. So it's quite a nuclear weapon and must be used very infrequently. Historically, it's been used thrice in those almost 250 years.

Impeachment proceedings against the U.S. president should therefore be the ultimate example of a "fair trial on steroids". They clearly play the role of a court trial but one in which the defendant is backed by a majority of electors which makes the trial more sensitive than a trial deciding whether Joe should return the chocolate to Harry. So the process must be particularly careful, impartial, non-partisan, and rigorous and it must guarantee that the defendant may defend himself, appropriate witnesses may be heard, presumption of innocence is assumed at all times, and very particular high crimes or demeanors – and not just ordinary crimes or demeanors – have been demonstrated. That's why, according to the founding fathers, impeachment is a rare event that not everyone sees in his lifetime and that makes everyone breathless because some very serious guys are discussing very serious matters.

However, in the hands of the contemporary Democratic Party, the institute of impeachment is just another pile of stuff that someone created (and they don't care about the creator) and they may devour and abuse it for their own personal, collective, or ideological goals. It's just another thing that may be destroyed, abused, and distorted for an arbitrarily dirty and unfair charade – leftists don't have a problem to become very dirty. What is actually happening is that the weight of impeachment as a process – which was very high – is dropping dramatically. Without the proper ethical people at the right places, impeachment became just another meaningless charade or a monster trial of the Stalinist type in which a body of self-evident liars and hateful jerks has labeled a political enemy and showed him that they may negatively affect him, however innocent he is.

It's just like in the case of the fake theoretical high energy physicists who actually don't know any string theory. These people totally suck as judges, they don't have the knowledge or the integrity, so the result "Trump is impeached" means absolutely nothing aside from the fact that some over 200 nasty individuals have made it clear that they hate Donald Trump and they are willing to commit an arbitrarily immoral and fraudulent act to prove their hatred. Obviously, from now on, impeachment of the U.S. president may become as mundane an event in the Congress as the increase of the debt ceiling (which should have been very rare as well but the seriousness of fiscal responsibility has been diluted a long time ago).

Otherwise, this impeachment means absolutely nothing now, just like the college education means absolutely nothing. They are indistinguishable from nothing but all this "neutralization" of concepts that used to be important and special, like degrees, education, families, or impeachment, means that the real carriers of the values – people who are actually brilliant or educated, researchers who actually make amazing contributions, families that work well, accusations of crimes that are actually grave etc. – lose their ability to be seen, taken seriously, and to proliferate.

The society is turning into a stinky pile of excrements and unfresh fruits that are putrefying and it's not just a negative side effect of the leftists' efforts. One may say that it is their primary goal and perhaps by definition of a leftist, it has always been their primary goal.

And that's the memo.

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