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London stabbing victims and Darwin's award

I don't want to discuss every terrorist attack somewhere but the latest London Bridge stabbing ended up with quite some tragicomic explanation.

OK, on Friday, 2 pm London time, we learned about the mess at the London Bridge – a big flat ugly bridge, not to be confused with the tall and pretty Tower Bridge. Some heroes were fighting the attacker. Intelligent people on Twitter took it almost for granted that the attacker was a Muslim and most of them didn't even have to discuss this expectation. An unholy coalition of Islamization jihadists was preemptively attacking people for assuming that the culprit had to be a Muslim.

Make no mistake about it. The odds were way above 90% that the culprit behind a mass stabbing in London had to be a follower of the religion of peace. Non-Muslims simply aren't this obsessed about this ritual. Once the dust settled, it was clear that Usman Khan (28) – who was shot dead by police soon enough – was indeed the stabber; the ISIS publications have claimed that he was their warrior. The name makes it clear that he is as native a Briton as you can get ;-) – after all, his surname matches the surname of the mayor of London.

But what's more shocking is that he has been in jail for previous terrorist offences. One of his projects that he was arrested for was his plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange in 2012. If you haven't heard, a stock exchange is a place where people buy and sell stocks, i.e. their ownership of parts of companies, and London is the financial headquarters of the blue, not green planet. So he was a potential huge fish.

But on Friday, November 29th, 2019, he got a one-day-long license to leave the jail in order to attend an event that is clearly considered more important than the need to keep a big fish terrorist – who wanted to destroy the world's main financial city – in the jail. What can be more important than to keep such dangerous men in safe cells? Well, Khan was allowed to attend an event of Learning Together. What is Learning Together? It is a program run by the University of Cambridge which brings together offenders such as Khan and those in higher education "to study alongside each other in equal partnership".

I kid you not.

OK, so the leading apparatchiks in this "Learning Together" insanity were Jack Merritt (25) and Saskia Jones (23), both students of criminology at Cambridge. Wonderful people, blah blah blah, and they were stabbed to death by one of their equal partners once the event was over. Why? You may ask other Muslims why Khan thought it was a great idea to murder two people who were de facto fighting on the same side. My answer is that Muslim killers just don't care and Jack and Saskia were clearly insufficiently Muslim from his viewpoint – and they were conveniently accessible for him.

Jack's father seems to celebrate the death of his son. Finally, there's a hero in the family and the father may offer his prepared statements about how wonderful the son was and how he wanted the world to be a better place. Saskia was also such a nice being – and she became the 2nd well-known person from her town with less than 30,000 people, Stratford-upon-Avon, after a dude named William Shakespeare who was born and died there.

I am sorry but "Learning Together" was a complete suicidal insanity – I sincerely hope that the university and/or the British authorities will have the decency to ban this organization – and the death of these two young people might be considered a suicide by prisoner (an analogy of the suicide by cop). A sane person who wants to survive just doesn't want to voluntarily spend his or her quality days with some of the most dangerous Islamic criminals that this planet may offer. Well, if they were "equal partners" of Usman Khan, maybe they deserved the same fate, too. And I think that death or its closest legally allowed approximation was what Usman Khan did deserve.

Your humble correspondent has only played with 6 male Exmoor ponies yesterday, including these two gays, in a Greater Pilsen reservation, because he believed that they don't eat human flesh. In fact, they're used to very low-energy diet so don't feed them – the colic could be lethal. The high-voltage around the reservation wasn't a problem for me because I consider \(13\TeV\) to be a very low energy scale. Similarly, some glass was a necessary condition for me to offend a nearby tiger in 2017. ;-)

People like Jack and Saskia have the right to commit suicide but they don't have the right to demand that others commit the suicide with them. Jack and Saskia may have felt like equal partners of Usman Khan but I and others are not Khan's equal partners and by transitivity of the equality, we're not equal partners of Jack and Saskia, either. We know that Islamophobia isn't a disease – it's the absence of Islamophobia that is the disease. Islam is a lethal danger for the Westerners and the West as a whole and it is fatally dangerous to restrict the people's right to articulate this simple fact. When people forget about these simple facts, it ends up as the London Bridge events. Finally, if you have access to the nomination process, I think that you should nominate Jack and Saskia for Darwin's award.

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