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Millennials are staggeringly poor

In the discussion under the previous blog post, we had to conclude that the political opinions related to the diversity and similar fashionable neo-Marxist buzzwords are heavily correlated with age. It's primarily the youth that has been radicalized, re-programmed to oppose previously undisputed values such as the freedom, capitalism, and even the GDP growth itself.

Even outside the Academia, this correlation seems obvious. To a large extent, the comparison of AOC and Joe Biden is representative. Both are leftists. Joe Biden is a leftist and a creep. But you know, he is an ordinary, old-fashioned creep. If you don't focus on details too much, you could say that he's basically a similar man as Donald Trump. I sincerely apologize to Mr President if he is offended. You know, I just wanted to make a qualitative point using an exaggerated metaphor and I am sure that others have appreciated that.

We see Millennials who are behaving crazily in many ways. Most of them want to abolish the freedom of speech. A huge fraction of them considers the GDP growth to be a bad thing – an idea that used to be unthinkable both among left-wing and right-wing people in recent decades and centuries. Hours ago, MSN and others published the remarkable graph above. It shows how the wealth of the cohorts differ.

I hope that they used the definitions of cohorts as

* baby boomers born in 1946-1964
* Generation X between 1965-1980
* Millennials 1981-1996

I belong to the center of Generation X, the middle one, and this sub-cohort of ours is known as Husák's Children in Czechoslovakia. Many of us were born because the communist leader chosen by the Kremlin after the 1969 occupation, the Slovak communist hero Gustáv Husák, has introduced pro-natality policies which increased the number of us who were born to our money-thirsty baby boomer parents. ;-)

You see that the cohorts are comparably large but not identical. Baby boomers had a 19-year-long interval where they were born, the other two cohorts are 16-year-long, about 20% shorter. If you make some precision comparison, you should be aware of this 20% difference. However, the graph shows that the wealth gap is vastly greater than 20%.

For the median cohort age of 35 years, we don't have the data for the Millennials yet but baby boomers owned 21% of the U.S. wealth while Generation X owned some 9%. For the median cohort age of 30 years, the baby boomer data seem to be forgotten – it could have been close to 15% – but Generation X owned over 5% while it was just 3% for the Millennials.

The percentage of the wealth owned by the youngest generation is basically halving every generation!

The speed of this process is staggering. When percentages like that change by a factor of 2-3 every generation, you just can't trust many extrapolations. A simple extrapolation shows that at some moment that isn't too far, the impoverished youth attack and devour those 30 billionaires above 80 years of age who own 99% of the world and the system that respects the ownership rights will be over. ;-) We face three fundamental questions:

* Why is it happening?
* What does it imply?
* Should it be reversed and how?

OK, it's happening because the young people have been trained to hate achievements, hate wealth, hate money, hate luxury, and even hate carbon dioxide – the gas we call life etc.

The baby boomers are largely responsible for this indoctrination – but we're not sure about the guilt. (I think it's only some baby boomers who are guilty, the far left ones, but those managed to take over the institutions that decided about the future trends, especially about the schools.) It's possible that the Millennials would grow tired of life in a similar way even if they avoided the degenerating schools of the present postmodern era. At any rate, it doesn't seem to be an accident that the things are getting worse for the youth in this way. Success, pleasures of life, even sex, money, luxury... are increasingly painted as evil and lots of the young people simply buy this suicidal garbage. And those who don't accept it are being ostracized, harassed, robbed, fired, and otherwise put in disadvantage. A particular form of the reverse natural selection has been firmly put in place.

The second question is what are the implications. The implications are deep and grave, of course, because the young generation wants to end the business-as-usual. The wealth that has been growing for some 1,000 times – and at many previous moments throughout the evolution – may stop growing. It will stop growing because the people no longer seem motivated to build, grow, and enjoy their lives.

Note that some of the weird behavior of the young people is directly dictated by their poverty. For example, you may encounter lots of the people who are 20 years old or so and whose "desire to live" is built upon the idea that they invested $100 into the Bitcoin and they think it gives them a chance to own $500 in a few years, unless it will drop to $0. This is what their life and dreams are all about! For $500, they would agree to spend their life as a suppository in George Soros' rectum. Why do they have these priorities? Well, at some level, the answer is simply "Because they are very poor." Lots of the poor people in the third world behave similarly. People who are poor can't assign too high a value to their lives, either.

I think that the dangerous trends must shock everyone who has a clue. And there are lots of people who could do something about it, including rich Millennials such as Mark Zuckerberg – there are some exceptions that confirm the rule. The fix of the education system seems like a primary goal but I am not sure whether it's sufficient given the fact that the young people have already devoured the idea that the schools aren't important and they're learning the same "insights" (namely the stinky "progressive" propaganda) from the social networks etc., anyway. But maybe the latter view may also be changed.

We need schools that

* teach the kids how to be rich, why one should be rich, basic financial literacy, stocks, capitalism, hiring, and firing
* teach them to have some fun, slap girls' buttocks, (theoretically) have sex, drink alcohol
* teach them to fight and be better than others again
* reward them for being better than others. In physics, kids who just happen to learn quantum mechanics or even string theory must be made rich directly so that there's some motivation
* let's rebuild some classical gymnasiums as they existed around 1900, with the same subjects, including Greek and Latin. Every change of the curriculum relatively to 1900 would require a detailed scrutiny
* you may organize Olympic Games with the nude athletes or many other things that have been abolished for reasons that aren't easily justified

and so on. We simply have to grow and nurture young folks who aren't fudged up because if the trends above continue for 1-3 more generations, the civilization as we have known it for cent\uries is going to be over in 1-3 generations. Maybe the Millennials are already lost and they must be isolated in the charts. Strictly speaking, they're not even needed for reproduction – a 16-year-old hiatus is compatible with the survival of the species. It's likely that the real fix may only start with Soph's Generation Z, born 1997-2012, and maybe just the young portion of it. I do look at the kids in this way. These are kids who will still enjoy their lives and achieve things again when they are of college age or a bit older and they will feel continuity with those who have built our world and not with the garbage that wanted to poison and stop our world.

The current "progressive" putrefaction of the society will be over by that time.

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