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My grandma is... an old environmental pig?

Happy New Year MMXX!

Just like in the 1930s when the German Nazis were getting increasingly self-confident and brutal in their behavior, many of us in Czechia are increasingly worried about the evolution of the public mood in West Germany and other countries in the geographic West. We are watching these developments from the perspective of our relative – perhaps temporary – safety.

The Czech President Mr Miloš Zeman dedicated most of his traditional annual Christmas speech to the climate hysteria. He labeled himself a climate heretic, mentioned the climate change in recent billions of years, and recommended people to think for themselves instead of listening to false prophets. Yes, some EU-funded pseudoscientific institute's director immediately attacked the president.

Things are very different in the West and the Christmas speech could be physically impossible to be delivered in Germany and other countries.

First, I was sent a 47-minute long "Nobel Minds 2019" dialogue that took place in the Stockholm stock exchange on December 17th. A manipulative Sudenese British female BBC talking head was the host and she was directing the physics, chemistry, economics... Nobel Prize winners towards a hardcore radical alarmism.

They started to discuss the climate around 25:00. All of them were unhinged alarmists – it's incredible how many Nobel Prize winners who have deteriorated into mindless warts on Greta Thunberg's rectum you may find today – and Jim Peebles who won the latest physics Nobel prize (for his big contributions to the Big Bang; along with two exoplanet folks) started to speak around 31:00.

OK, so he said we shouldn't overstate the alarm. The system was very complicated etc.

The host immediately transformed his innocent, lukewarm comments into the statements that the Big Freeze could have been coming and he was forced to present a scenario in which Sweden no longer enjoys the Gulf Stream which is redirected. His point was that they shouldn't be hysterical but they distorted his comments in order to be even more hysterical! These ultra-implausible alarmist comments weren't enough and Peebles was generally labeled a heretic by the other participants who agreed that heretics should never ever influence policymaking. Almost everything in our modern world was codified by "heretics"! And Peebles isn't really a heretic. He has been a centrist old-fashioned establishment cosmologist for many decades.

The insanity of the alarmist psychopaths has surely surpassed that of the Nazis of the 1930s by now. I think that Peebles should have screame at the lying idiots that were surrounding him but even if they end up being far more sensible than the neighbors, people like Peebles simply weren't selected for the ability to confront evil. So he didn't really make any difference.

Today, the German-speaking world was amazed by the following song by girls prepared for WDR, the West Deutsche Rundfunk, a Cologne-based counterpart of the PBS, public radio broadcast.

They're generally cute but the black-and-white, heavily dancing and frequently blinking one, on the right – at center 0:02-0:05 – is supercute. Much of her charisma is only seen in 4D.

The girls sing that "my grandma is an environmental pig" because she drives an SUV to the physician and to discount supermarket chains where she can buy cheaper meat for her steaks (they must have overlooked that Schröder introduced the eco-tax and the weather tax so they only have money for Aldi, Penny Markt, oder mal gar nichts LOL); at the end, she might be switched from an airplane to a boat. We will not allow you to get away with it, the aggressive girls in the Dortmund regional studio scream!

As many pundits have pointed out, this usage of kids as weapons against their parents and grandparents is a characteristically totalitarian practice. Pavlik Morozov was celebrated by the Stalinist regime for reporting his father, a private farmer, to the secret police. Lots of such examples exist in China and North Korea. Months ago, Mr Vlk explained why he was terrified of innocent kids.

The totalitarian regimes need to create a break in the society and grow a new future while the older generations are phased out. Previously, I have discussed the usage of kids by these ideologies. Let me add a Palestinian song as another typical example of the violent brainwashing of kids.

The melody of the new German Umweltsau song was taken from a playful song (1922-1930-1958-1980), "My Grandma Drives a Motorbike Through the Henhouse" (YouTube versions). In that song, the grandma is being praised for being a full-blown technologically refined lady. She also has a radio in a tooth, a revolver, eyeglasses with a mechanical curtain, bald head with a railing around it, toilet paper with flowers, an UV-illuminated chamber pot, and many other amazing gadgets.

This 2019 version of the "Oma" features pretty much the same lady. She is full of life and clever technological solutions to improve her life. What has changed is the recommended appraisal. Instead of admitting that the grandma is a refined lady, something like Karel Gott's Grandma with some hi-tech stuff added, the kids are encouraged to argue that she is an environmental pig instead!

Again, aside from the campaigns directed from the EU, the analogous Czech songs convey a very different message. For example, I like this girl choir who praised (in their remake of the Ode to Joy – a much better usage of the music than an informal "EU anthem") Ms Barbora Špotáková, an Olympic javelin winner. The girls want to be like her, make it from Jablonec to London, terrify the measurers at the Olympic Games, one girl just doesn't know where she will look for her fireman (Špotáková dated a fireman).

It's a very peaceful content about the personal achievement, uncontroversial aspects of individual lives etc. In this respect, the difference between the values seen in girls' songs is extremely similar to the difference in the 1930s. Aside from the content, you may see one extra difference: in all these "amusing songs written for kid-singers", the German kids always look like a homogeneous mass. Look at the Czech girls. You may see that they actually have their personalities. I think that the smiling little girl at the center admires the tall blonde on the right side but this positive attitude isn't reciprocated. Do you agree? Generally the taller girls seem to be more popular there LOL.

Humor really needs to be personal or individualist. A collective uniform humor – like this unflattering lyrics about the grandma – is bullying, not real humor.

Or Czech kids sing Grandma, Teach Me Charleston. So refreshingly apolitical. Just like the Gallant Deer LOL.

Months before the Sudetenland was annexed by Nazi Germany, in August 1938, top Czech comedians, playwrights, informal singers (energized by Ježek's often ingenious music) Voskovec and Werich came to a multi-ethnic summer camp in the Sudetenland where both Czech and German kids co-lived for weeks (time-travelling Greta is at 2:10 here). I guess that the degree of the Nazi control over the German-speaking society was so intense that every German kid whose parents allowed it probably traveled to that pro-Czechoslovak summer camp! ;-) You can see that they were taught to believe that butter is more important than cannons and different people may and should co-exist. The Czechoslovak attitude was very "PC" but to an extent that most of us find just about right and decent today, just like the notorious "left-leaning bias" of the interwar Czechoslovak cultural elites. Most German-speaking kids were already being brainwashed by the aggressive Nazi propaganda at that time.

It's happening again. The German kids are trained to hate their technologically superior grandma. She is really your role model, girls. You should better fix the lyrics and turn it against the bad people who made you sling mud on your wonderful Oma.

Too bad that WDR doesn't use the money from the license fee to pay for some new and better versions of Christmas Carols, like those from Bambini di Praga that celebrated success in Korea. If they can't do it themselves, they could invite Darina Rollins from Czechoslovakia to help the German girls, given the fact that Karel Gott is permanently indisposed for singing Stille Nacht. Or WDR could have created its own Kühn Children Choir? and teach them to sing the Bartered Bride. And if kids can't do it, adults may be hired to star as kids, as in Five O'Clock, the Czech remake of Petula Clark's "Downtown". On the contrary, these girls were a little bit too young for that job LOL. Or try this 2013 remake of These Boots Are Made For Walking which has been popular in CZ thanks to Yvonne Přenosilová and Lucie Vondráčková.

Five days ago, Daniela Ulrichová released her new remakes of carols. At 13, she is obviously more mature than Greta Thunberg who is 17 on January 3rd... ;-)

I think that Czechs ultimately have more respect not just for the pensioners' dignity and fossil-fuel-based transportation but even for the pigs. Here, Dagmar Patrasová sings "Three Piggies Are Walking", a song from Jaromír Nohavica, and kids like it. While the piggies are walking, they're singing, people don't understand why they're so happy – because these piggies live in Czechia, not Germany. Meanwhile, cars are driving to the left and trucks are driving to the right, as it should be. And the old enough Gamekeeper is the Boss of the Forest who is beloved both by the animals and by youth here. ;-)

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