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Tenure denied to a PC candidate, Harvard grad students go on strike

Especially in recent years, dozens if not hundreds of TRF blog posts were dedicated to disturbing and sometimes heartbreaking stories about people who have been attacked, blackmailed, threatened, fired, character assassinated, and professionally liquidated by immoral, fanatical, intellectually handicapped neo-Marxists and neo-Stalinists. This kind of ideological filtering is already more brutal than what Nazi Germany used to do – but it's just one side of the process.

The picture goes to GWPF and then you may read After Academia at Quillette, quite realistic and terrifying

Aside from worthy people who are being liquidated for the ideological reasons, there are also lots of people who are professionally inadequate but who are being hired and appointed for the same ideological reasons. And this part of the problem – the absence of filters that are supposed to keep the weeds out of the elite places – is arguably even more harmful than the terror against the great conservatives etc.

The Harvard Crimson currently describes lots of student strikes. The union of graduate students has declared a strike. My understanding is that they want some workers to get a higher wage, something that isn't the business to be solved by the Harvard graduate students at all. But these young people already mentally live in a new Stalinist regime in which they are the apparatchiks in a new party secretariat that is deciding about everything – screw others and screw the markets. Because of the ongoing sabotage by these not-really-sensible people, the UPS is prevented from delivering packages in time.

Independently of this main strike (and another sequence of recurring Harvard gr@tins' strikes demanding divestment from fossil fuels), a group of 30 student organizations covering 200 student signatories – out of which 50 have organized a sit-in – is protesting against a tenure denial:

Students Protest, Pen Open Letter In Response to Professor’s Tenure Denial

Ethnic Studies Advocates Interrupt Faculty Meeting, Denounce Tenure Denial Decision

Harvard Ethnic Studies Coalition and Grad Student Union Rally Together in Protest of Prof’s Tenure Denial
So sane Harvard folks must suffer hundreds of unhinged leftist graduate students who are protesting against the tenure denial to a female Romance studies professor, Lorgia García Peña. Those students have lobbied for her tenure at least from April.

Once again, the graduate students shouldn't be making the decisions about the tenure of scholars. It's just not their business. On top of that, this lady clearly isn't at the level that she could get a tenure at Harvard. Just look at the damn Google Scholar. Lorgia García Peña has 98 citations in total. As far as I can say, this shouldn't be enough to become a postdoc at Harvard, let alone a tenured faculty. I wasn't impressed by her talks at YouTube, either. They're full of the mundane left-wing politics, statements in favor of uncontrollable migration and sanctuary cities, dismantling of capitalism, and similar distasteful things.

And her articles seem to be variations on the paper
Translating Blackness: Dominicans Negotiating Race and Belonging
The students don't understand any of these things or they don't care. They just demand her to be given tenure, to be donated a whole new department of "Latinx" grievance studies (they repeatedly call themselves "Latinx", not even "Latino" is sufficiently politically correct for these unhinged lunatics).

The atmosphere at the world's most famous university must be absolutely toxic these days. Can the scholars at least point out that these graduate students themselves just don't belong to a good university? If you think that such jobs – and tenured Harvard professors have been considered the global elite for many centuries – should be distributed according to some politically correct criteria, you belong to the šittiest community colleges, you should get at most $10,000 a year, and you need to starve to death. You are just not material for Harvard or Princeton or anything of the sort and it's outrageous that there are no adults in the room who would be left at Harvard and who would make sure that you are kicked out of the school, unsophisticated and instinctive left-wing activists.

Up to early 2005, things were still basically alright and the president Larry Summers could have articulated complaints against the lousy scholarly output by some people in the departments of grievance studies. By now, these people are controlling at least the body of the graduate students and other layers of the university and through this new power, they demand to control all decisions at Harvard, too. They clearly want to liquidate the last traces of meritocracy at the school.

I am telling you – if there's a semi-adult left somewhere at Harvard – this is not funny. If you don't make sure that the students start to understand again that they don't have the credentials to grant tenure to politically correct or similarly popular employees who aren't at the tenure-like level, the university is heading for a complete collapse.

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