Friday, January 31, 2020

Far left-wing terror against Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is one of Britain's most important opinionmakers and a critic of many wrong trends in Britain and the West who was sometimes retweeted by Donald Trump. In recent years or months, the no longer civilized court system of the U.K. has stripped her of a breathtaking amount of money comparable to one million dollars for a basically non-existent (or political) reason. She had to sell her house and move to a rented house. During my childhood, the communists were no longer behaving quite in this way towards the dissidents.

Yesterday, Twitter has suspended her account with 1.1 million followers. They deleted all her tweets and only cherry-picked one to be saved to shape her image among those who have any trust in the Twitter system. The official reason is that – while making IMHO reasonable guesses about his real name etc. – she dared to point out to an unfair, obnoxious rapper that it's harder to be white in Britain these days and he should stop whining.

This was apparently enough to destroy much of her digital existence that her material survival depends upon. I tried to report about 3 tweets demanding or planning death for Katie Hopkins but none of them was found problematic by Twitter. The degree of double standards has already surpassed the asymmetry between Nazis and the Jews of Germany of the mid 1930s.

The far left inkspilling foam is more enthusiastic that she was "silenced once and for all" than the Nazis were after the Nights of Long Knives or Broken Glass.

To make things worse, a would-be entertaining but morally shocking video was released a few hours ago and it immediately draw 600,000 views. On Monday, Hopkins was invited to Prague to pick an award. She deserves lots of awards but the environment around her has been overtaken by dishonest and worthless people and doesn't have the decency to give those awards to her.

So she agreed, without realizing that the acronym for the award was C.U.N.T., something that is seen behind her in the video (you should always think what the acronyms for some important phrases are!). Everyone enjoyed the evening. The organizers of this "prank" saw that unlike them, she is actually a wonderful and cordial human being (who also writes messages with a perfect grammar). But the whole event and award was fake.

These pranksters were able to rent a fancy room in Four Seasons, meters away from the river and less than 200 meters away from the Charles Bridge. PM Medvedev lived there in 2010 when he met Klaus and Obama in Prague (the second man was the U.S. president if you need to know). I know the hotel because a billionaire once sent a limousine from that hotel here to Pilsen, when we went to Nice. It was the first time when the driver went to a suburb with concrete blocks.

Lots of correct and important things were said by the organizer of the prank while she was receiving the award. A problem is that this young man has the intelligence of a parrot. So while he can say such sentences, he doesn't understand a damn thing. But we live in a world in which such stupid, seemingly irrelevant people have enough money to organize a fake event with lots of fake guests and a real fancy food in a real luxurious hotel of Prague, to lure a top British pundit. It's just scary – the irrelevant clueless morons actually seem to be better off than the people who understand important political things. The West is already a world largely controlled by lying malicious individuals such as the organizers of this award and the morons' apparent financial advantage seems to guarantee a further deterioration of our societies.

Ms Hopkins, if you got a cup and some diploma, it's clear what you have to do with it. You need to organize and advertise an auction to sell it. A prominent, impartial, pleasant Czech radio host Luboš [namesake] Xaver Veselý – who actually likes to do nice informative interviews that are more than just another lesson in the progressive indoctrination – was recently given an "anti-award" from some parasitic pro-Soros would-be journalists in the public TV and around it (who are funded through the license fees from all of us and from Soros-style NGOs). The award included the golden lemon. It is an actual lemon that is getting spoiled but it is painted with this goldish color.

What did he do? He organized an auction. The lemon was worth over $3,000 yesterday. We don't know what the final price will be. Xaver will use the money to strengthen his radio program. That's exactly what such "anti-awards" and fake awards should be exploited. Hopkins' award should sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

I am angry and partly heartbroken about so many things in these stories. How many people are nasty scum who are ready to join a disgusting campaign to strip a very special lady of her dignity – and assets. A campaign in which thousands of unworthy individuals assemble in a herd that kicks into a worthy lady. She is clearly a victim in the increasingly terrifying regime that is overtaking the bulk of the Western societies. Those "progressives" who are harassing are lying jerks, cruel immoral creatures, and the contemporary counterparts of the Gestapo cops and members of the SS.

Also, I am annoyed that Prague has played a role in this particular humiliation of Katie Hopkins. As far as I can say, the organizers of this fake event have hurt the name of our capital – which should really be a pleasant, safe historical city for the likes of her. Well, Prague may still be cheap enough for folks in Britain. On top of that, you will find lots of cheap Czech social prostitutes who will happily be paid to participate in such things. And lots of people in Prague want to belong to the same San-Francisco-Brussels "progressive" community, in the exact same way as when their clones fought hard to be caressed by the Nazis 80 years ago (which is why these Czech collaborationists, soon to be executed in many cases, were often more cruel than the Germans themselves – that's even more true of the Ukrainian fascists, of course). Well, it's due to a combination of the Czech sense of humor and the Czech "flexibility" – after all, these two traits are correlated with each other, anyway.

Some people from Western Europe still misunderstand why Czechoslovakia had to wisely expel 2+ million Germans in 1945. In these matters, the EU propaganda increasingly resembles the Nazi propaganda of the 1930s in which the Nazi bullies are presented as victims – the very fact that the bulk of Germans has behaved in despicable ways seems to be another taboo today. The expulsion was really an act of a humane treatment by the Czechoslovak authorities. Almost all the adults among them were Nazi supporters. Lots of them have done very particular cruel things. But almost all of them were supporting the Nazi efforts to break Czechoslovakia and have therefore committed treason. It's an explosive thing so instead of going through the dirt at the microscopic level – which would overwhelm the capacity of the Czechoslovak courts anyway – a modest blanket solution (pre-planned by Dr Edvard Beneš already in 1942, during the reprisals for the extra-judicial execution of Reinhard Heydrich) was chosen instead. Most of the Germans benefited because they soon found themselves in the prosperous Bavaria instead of the communist Czechoslovakia (many started in Neutraublung, East of Regensburg, Pilsen's twin city – that camp was amusingly built on the location of the demolished Messerschmitt factory). But the deep problems of the co-existence were cured and of course, it wasn't the primary culprits of almost all the wartime evil who also lost the war who were dictating the conditions.

Similarly, when this epoch of the far left totalitarianism is over, millions of traitors and criminals may be expelled from Europe and North America or punished in similar ways. I tell you in advance: Instead of whining and asking stupid questions "Why" in a few years, why don't you observe what you're doing right now? It's nasty and it's already on par with lots of the Nazis' crimes. And you're adding lots of such things every day. For example, some "Democratic" lawmakers (from the "U.S. House Committee on the Climate Crisis", it's amazing what stuff is paid from your money, Yankees) demand a purge of all sensible climate videos from YouTube: only the Lysenkoism-style pseudoscientific climate hysterical propaganda would be allowed there if they were listened to.

Do you really misunderstand why there will be damn good reasons why these "Democrats" may be expelled from Europe and North America in a few years? They just don't belong here. The Western civilization is based on freedom, apolitical and independent natural science, and other important things. In a few years, it will be obvious to everybody that they still pose a credible threat to the basic values and survival of our societies. Maybe your brain is too weak so that you don't understand it but the weakness of your brain isn't sufficient to veto that policy in a few years.

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