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Greta never went on strike

...she is served by apparent gangsters funded in an opaque way...

Willie Soon sent me this 28-minute long Rebel News video that was posted yesterday:

The journalist, Mr Keean Bexte, has shown quite some courage and professional attitude when he tried to find the answers to some elementary questions about the first events that led to her fame (or infamy), about the funding for assorted activities that surround her, and other things.

So we were shown nontrivial research about Mr Ingmar Rentzhog, a green billionaire, who supposedly randomly discovered Greta on the street. However, the reconstruction of his very artificial path on that day shows that it was almost certainly a planned event. Rentzhog's discovery of Greta has been a result of a more general project that had existed for quite some time and Greta was only a face that was inserted into this plan.

We were shown the very rich neighborhood and playgrounds where Greta "was robbed of her childhood".

It seems very clear that since the beginning, she has been tightly linked to the founders of the Extinction Rebellion, some quotes seem to clarify. Even more importantly, we learned something about her school regime before the "strike". The data indicate that she wasn't attending any regular school with the mandatory presence. Instead, due to her numerous psychological handicaps, she was a member of a school program for "children with special needs" where the attendance in the classroom isn't mandatory and where it's completely normal to take the day or week off.

You can't easily find answers to basic questions such as "was Greta or is Greta homeschooled" because the answers seem very inconvenient to somebody.

Later, Mr Bexte tries to interview Greta and her guards. There is apparently a large triplet of guards that constantly accompanies her. Among other things, they burn lots of fossil fuels by doing so. These guards have perfectly refused to answer any questions – especially who funds them (and about the gasoline). So there are these folks who seem essential for someone who actually started to affect policies at the global level and it's impossible to find out how these units operate. And many people don't seem to care!

In the last minutes, Greta's gorillas start to physically push into Mr Bexte's body in order to intimidate him. They behave like some hardcore low-tier gangsters from the Russian Mafia of the mid 1990s. At the same time, you may see that these people – who instinctively deserve to be executed – are friends with Ms Greta.

I am just shocked by the existence of the people who support this whole shadowy movement that spreads destructive and malicious lies (which rob the world economy of hundreds of billions dollars a year and which are crippling the good mood of many gullible children) and that operates like a classical criminal organization, like a Mafia. The gap that separates decent people like me from the supporters of Greta and Gr@tinism seems to be deeper than the Mariana Trench.

P.S.: I forgot to include a metaphor with the Russian blockbuster fairy-tale, Jack Frost. The alarmist circles around her want the world to believe that she is like Nastenka who meets Morozko for the first time. It's cold and Morozko asks her whether she already feels warmer and Nastenka always modestly answers that she feels warm enough.

She was just thrown out of her house by the nasty step mother etc. Well, after many twists and turns, she gets a wonderful husband and they become rich. The nasty step mother wants the husband and the wealth for her spoiled brat, Nastenka's step sister Marfusha. So Marfusha is sent under the same tree in order to get (at least) as wealthy as Nastenka.

But when two girls do the same thing, it's not the same thing. Marfusha screams that she's permanently dissatisfied. "How dare you," Marfusha yells at Morozko, "don't you see that the weather is terrible?" And then she physically assaults Morozko, much like Greta's guards assaulted Mr Bexte. You know, Nastenka was authentic and modest; Marfusha was an artificially planted chronic complainer expected to earn some bucks. Now, a question to find out whether you're smarter than a fifth-grader: Is Greta's strike under the Parliament more similar to Nastenka's or Marfusha's encounter with Morozko? ;-) Hint: Greta even has a very similar diet to Marfusha!

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