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Kubera, Czech constitution's man #2, abruptly dies

I do think that the cigarettes "helped" the sudden cardiovascular event to come

The chairman of the Senate, the upper chamber of the Czech Parliament, Mr Jaroslav Kubera abruptly died today (of a heart attack, unconfirmed reports say; ambulance was transferring him to a cardiovascular center), at age of 72. He belonged to the tolerable wing (or at least to the joint connecting the wing with the chest) of ODS, the Klaus-founded party that I supported up to Spring 2019.

Source: Sorry, I couldn't find a picture without a cigarette, such moments were rare

He's been a true veteran of (nationwide and North Bohemian regional) politics. He was chosen as the chairman of the Senate in 2018 and, as promised, he became the uniter and the social glue that dramatically improved the relationships between the main constitutional representatives of Czechia and the parties, too.

He's been a fanatical smoker – a rare proof that not only non-smokers may be fanatical.

A year ago, during a lunch he held with President Zeman, another smoker, Kubera smoked 16 cigarettes. In this interview from 2009, Kubera said a lot about smoking but we still didn't learn the number. It's likely that he smoked more than 50 cigarettes every day. An example of two questions and answers from that interview:

How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

When I come to a new tobacco shop (where they don't know me yet) for the first time, they offer me one pack. "No, I want a carton." A packet of cigarettes would be a waste of time because I would have to return there soon.

How much time does the carton survive with you?

It depends. But I heard that a Chinese man smoked 100 cigarettes in a row and he died. So I asked myself: "What a loser!?" I made a bet that I could do it. And I have won the bet.
Also, his wife was unteaching him to smoke by inserting fingernails into the packets of cigarettes etc. All such efforts were futile.

He's been popular, full of common sense, and surely one of the wittiest Czech politicians who were active as of yesterday. Some quotes. On freedom of speech (2019):
Attacks on the freedom of speech continued in the last year and, in agreement with the general rule, they were being justified by the greatest of intents. The political correctness has been brought to ad absurdum levels which means that we may only remember the freedom of speech now. We can't say what we think and soon enough, we will be afraid of thinking it, too.
The green totalitarianism was the threat he had primarily in mind:
The new green tsunami that is approaching our border by the speed of sound, that is based on the ignition of fear about the fate of our planet, and that is supplemented with the "we will command wind and rain" [Stalinist] slogan, has made sure that a wonderful green business is born. Haven't they been satisfied with the obsession about biofuels and the photovoltaics that will have to be repaid for many years? These days, we are being kidnapped by the obsession about the electromobility which is already known to everybody to be a dead end – but they are afraid of saying so. All of us will pay for it. Before the man-made global warming deniers will be silenced for good, we need to encourage ourselves again and again to grab our reason into the fist and to stop the crazy exhibitions. The planet won't collapse in 14 days but not even in 14 years.
That was taken from his latest New Year speech. He was liked by the readers of Parliamentary Letters where he contributed some special texts and interviews. He has sanitized a nice word for the SJWs/globalists/Prague Café... Many words exist. Kubera improved the semi-vulgar word "dobroser" (šitter of the good) and used his own "dobrotrus" (creator of manure of good). Because the usage of the letter "š" is capable of miraculously removing any vulgar content from English words (at least I still hope that the Google algorithms agree with this assertion), I will use the translation "goodšitters", anyway"
But we already know that those goodšitters love us and think about us. And they think that the zucchini goulash will be much better than the goulash with beef. But once we will resist this trend, we will encounter unreal things. This gang of goodšitters has already won the war on smoking, continues with the food and with the recommendations: don't eat meat, don't fly, and now "our dear Greta" will join all of is and everyone gets mad. They invited her to the U.N. and a gang of crackerjacks was following her in an airplane. As I say, it is a hysterical age. But it is important not to surrender to the panic. In reality, people are doing very well. They are living through ordinary problems and ordinary joys and this world with the inflated fear is a virtual one and one that is hard to follow in detail. During the totalitarian era, we could read in between the lines much better than we can today.
In an internal disagreement whether the President is obliged to appoint a minister chosen by the prime minister, Kubera used a popular character from old Czech fairy tales: the president must appoint even Ferdinand the Ant if that is the prime minister's wish.

A week ago, Kubera had the last meeting with Zeman. "Zeman hit me with his cane, just gently, and when I left, he was knocking on my hard skull. I must say it was very pleasant, there is nothing I could complain about."

Back to his fights against cigarette bans, against feminism, and against the EU etc.:
If someone asserts that smoking is a drug, then the government is the greatest drug dealer in the country, leading a $4 billion industry. So this business should be completely banned. But the government can't ban it because it would go bust.
I would create wind power plants with the photovoltaic panels on the blades. If the wind doesn't blow, it will at least catch some solar radiation. And when it's neither blowing nor shining, we can send some electricity from the grid over there which will still be cheaper and it will still be profitable, because of the subsidies. Not even the experts in the Soviet Union have invented such a perpetuum mobile so I will apply for a patent. Maybe I will receive a peace prize for the invention, too.
I am testing the Czech girls and ladies and I must happily report that they haven't been touched by the MeToo movement. They hold, they like it. I always start by gently caressing them and asking whether they are as dumb as the American ones. And they are not. But I have already reached the 17-year-old ones and I am afraid that I will continue with younger ones. Those 25-year-old ones hear from me: You are beautiful, too bad that you are already old for me.
I don't want socialism in any form but it is crawling over here. It looks like they have burglarized the archives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia – I have no other explanation for their ability to keep on producing the new ideas [that was his comment about some vocabulary and ideas coined by the EU].
The European Union hates the private subjects. It simply thinks that their regulation will come to the socialist organizations where these ideas will be economic. If my opinion mattered, the town of Teplice would leave the European Union. Maybe we will organize the referendum on one day. If all large Czech cities organized such a referendum, maybe even Czechia would have to leave the EU, too. Not even Grebeníček, the chairman of communists, has the balls to propose such a hardcore amount of socialism. It's unreal to see what comes from there. And no one knows what they will invent tomorrow. It starts to affect the criminal law and lawyers in general, too. To put it simply, the Union would like to control everything. But that won't work.
Václav Klaus is a man who already sees further than others. He stopped being interested in the Union altogether. He already sees that we're approaching the full-blown global government. He sees that there is nothing he can be picking at here. The Union is already decaying by itself which is why it doesn't give him the fulfillment anymore. If the Union decays without a war, we will be very lucky. It is nice to see the hypocrisy of the Europhiles when it comes to the visas for Canada. They are living lives for themselves and they are still convinced that God has appointed them to rule us but He hasn't. They have appointed themselves. Rompuy should already go to the woods. Let them let us rest in the living room [Czenglish is intentional here, LM].
Arguments that the ads influence someone to smoke are misleading. I only began to smoke when I was 25 but I admit that I have already (over)compensated for the passivity from the first 25 years of my life. Those arguments are as naive as to claim that ad for sanitary napkins should shorten the women's menstrual cycle. It's this nonsensical. I know which steps will be the next ones. The condom ads will be banned because we need a greater number of children, a ban on oral sex, a ban on sex in any form, and additional bans. Even God smokes, otherwise the weather would never be cloudy, the sky would be constantly blue, and we would get fried.
The probability that Prof Švejnar [a colorless U.S. professor of economics] will be elected the president of the Czech Republic is the same as the probability that I will be elected the member of the European Parliament representing Albania.
My amazing advantage is that I am not a diplomat. I am describing things as they are.
Maybe it is a deviation but I have never managed finances with a debt.
But your turn will arrive, too. They are already preparing an EU regulation about the average weight of the European person and everybody who will be above it will be paying an extra Weight Tax! And let's see the faces of the champions of the restrictions when their beer, streaky bacon, and all these delights are banned. And the culmination of bans will be the ban on sex on Sunday because it's clearly proven that on Monday, people who have had sex on Sunday, have almost no productivity at work – and, please don't overlook that Monday is already a workday! Why should the clients who come to the office on Monday (and who want something) suffer through this disappeared work output?
Source for many quotes: PL

P.S: Kubera was not only the chairman of the Senate but also arguably the most famous and popular regional politician (mayor of Teplice) in our modern democratic history. Also, he starred as Czechoslovak President Dr Edvard Beneš in a rather recent movie, Toman (2018, trailer), about a boss of intelligence who was a Jewish Czechoslovak communist, an entrepreneur, a commercial savior of lots of Jews, a fund collector for his numerous personal accounts and the communists' illegal accounts, among other things. Toman managed to escape from the communist prison and the communist Czechoslovakia into the West, namely Venezuela [sic], where he became even richer and funded lots of organizations in Israel etc. He was afraid to return to Czechia even after 1989.

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