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Let us acquire the bomb or let us learn Russian

Guest prophesy by Dr Martin Konvička, a leading Czech critic of Islam
Original text was posted at New Bourgeoisie

In the Unionist Northeast, Timmermans' plan runs like clockwork.

Germany's New Year's Eve was traditionally marked by the ritual of groping of the native women; a few cops who were nearly killed were a novelty. But who would care about them? The young generation is enthusiastic because the Reich has gloriously entered the Climatic Decade. The power plants started to be shut down (as an appetizer, they shut down some nuclear, climatically harmless, ones but don't look for logic in insanity), there are plans to ban cars in cities and to tax basically everything in such a way that the country will fall to poverty. The metaphysical enemy is carbon dioxide (that has always been in the atmosphere and that will always be there – the fight against it may therefore continue indefinitely), a particular named group of pests are the environmental swine – i.e. the Germans from older generations. They are awaiting the fate of the German Jews of the 20th century but I am getting ahead because they will be allowed to exhale CO2 for a few more years.

Meanwhile, what is taking place silently is a new migration wave. Bosnian, Greek, and certainly other Lagers and improvised camps are bursting in the seams and Turkey has invaded Libya – Erdogan the Caliph needs to intensify the influx of the "Syrians" from sub-Saharan Africa. To do so, he needed to unfasten the Libyan-Italian route on top of the Aegean-Balkans one.

The climate insanity is a giant cover-up maneuver for another wave of Islamization. The scheme is the work of many people including the EU elites (Timmermans et al.), business that is thirsty for an undreamed of bonanza of "environmental" public contracts (who owns the stocks of companies making the pinwheels?) and cheaply purchasable Academicians (global journals that were prestigious rather recently such as Nature and Lancet are driving the wave of the climate business now but so do the regional cobblers and amateurs (an example). One may also imagine that the whole project has gotten out of control by its makers at the very beginning. The climate business and the Academia are already terrified of the craze that they have unleashed. Similarly as the German industrialists and "racial scientists" who were terrified after they swept the highway for the Nazis. However, in both cases, they were and they are terrified silently which is useless.

In our country, the president speaks about a successful land which is a codeword for our not having gone insane (yet?). The prime minister is promising us a new prosperity powered by the public contracts. The chairman of the Senate has admitted that the freedom of speech has disappeared – in other words, the Constitution is being breached, a condition that is responded by a sigh by the constitutional representative #2. While we may hope that this is just a painting beneath which many people are working on a reconstruction of the energy grid, new military alliances with Poland and Hungary, or new assigned tasks for the intelligence services – most likely, our hopes are futile. The domestic democracy is gazing into the jaws of the Monster – which plans to devour the domestic democracy – with a hypnotized expression in its face.

Maybe those chaps are secretly hoping that the matters won't be as black as they are painted and the new arrival of Evil will be Švejked around (circumvented by the clever behavior resembling the good soldier Švejk) by our nation in some way. But that view is a deep misunderstanding. Neither Islam – which wants to conquer the world – nor the green Maoism – that wants to destroy the world – is composed of saloon buffoons who are dressed to kill and who were ruling Germany between 1933 and 1945. The contemporary ones are more ambitious.

In the conflict between the green insanity and Islam, Islam will obviously be the winner – but the green insanity will sweep the road for the religion of peace. How will it happen?

1. The country devastated by the eco-craze won't satisfy the expectations of all those arrivers who were longing for heated swimming pools, fast cars, and easily available goods – not for environmental programs and hostels without heating. Their aggressive behavior will rise.

2. Neogermans will keep on being fed by the welfare funded by the taxes from the Paleogermans. The grudge of the payers against the payees will increase much like the payees' feeling of superiority.

3. The omnipresent paranoia, decomposition of the last islands of stability such as the family or a collective of neighbors, surrender by the law enforcement bodies that used to restore the order (these guys are already fair game now), all these things will throw the society to the state of complete havoc.

4. The only islands of safety and stability will be the communities around mosques. Those are already almost everywhere now; their members aren't constrained and won't be constrained by climatic, gender, and other restrictions; these people are the only humans in Germany who are armed and who are providing each other with a decent social but also economic and information network.

5. The imams in the mosques are also the only ones who will have some limited but useful ability to calm down the skirmishes between the young men who will have gone wild and who have some insight into the opaque inter-ethnic relationships (Arab-Turkish-Kurdish etc.).

6. Es kommt der Tag, in other words, the day will arrive when the more law-abiding or conservative leftovers of the German society will seek protection by the Muslim community. Protection against the "environmental" harassment, new types of gender silliness, against the fanaticized youth, hooliganism, and the increasingly bizarre laws. "Better a burqah than the mandatory vegetarianism or the ban on conception of the babies", normal ordinary people will think and tell each other. Their acceptance of Islam (either by conversion or some cooperation in exchange for the "protection") will become a solution for masses of Germans.

At that moment, Erdogan will order his people to act – already now, he is in charge of some 2,000 German mosques as well as the "composition of cadres" in the migration waves. Maybe some Erdogan's "peacemakers" will enter Germany, maybe a militia will be formed from the German Mohammedans, maybe Germany will invent a way to be integrated with Turkey. It doesn't really matter.

The Sharia Law will be gradually embraced and preparations for a new Drang nach Osten (Drive to the East) will begin.

And comrade Timmermans, adequately rewarded for his services, will finally legalize his underage hareem.

Author: Martin Konvička, Budweis, Czechia, January 3rd, 2020

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