Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Okamura: integration of V4 needed to defend the European civilization

Tomio Okamura was born in Japan, is genetically half-Asian (quarter-Japanese, quarter-Korean), half-Czech, and is the leader of SPD, the main nationalist party in Czechia. His colorful ancestry should make you sure that the "Czech nationalist scene" is actually very meritocratic and fair.

Far left loons are using the term "far right" for almost everybody these days but I find it likely that Okamura would be considered a classic "far right" even in the 1980s when the contemporary type of the extreme left was rather weak.

Just a decade ago, I found it clear that I wouldn't ever vote for parties like SPD. You know, they're also low-brow, working-class-addressed. Nevertheless, they did get one vote from me, the latest election to the European Parliament, although it was a temporary fluke and I was quickly given a more intellectual Tricolor Movement as an alternative that I am ready to vote in the near and medium future.

Sputnik, the major official Russian news organization, has promoted Okamura's Facebook status where he urged the Visegrád Four Group (V4: Hungary, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia) to integrate further.

The text on the image above says:
The European Union has diverged from the original values of the Christian civilization and it doesn't have anything to offer to us anymore. Instead, let us build a strong Visegrád Four (Group) that may become the fortress defending the pillars of the European civilization.
I couldn't agree more. The Western Europe is on the brink of a serious deterioration into something that has nothing to do with what made Europe the "coolest center of mankind" some 500 years ago (and earlier and later), into a system that will try to completely deny that Europe has ever been the best place at all, and the degenerated West, as Okamura rightfully calls it, will nurture Islam, Gr@tinism, and other pathological and wrong ideas openly planning to harm the economy, the individual freedoms, the traditions tested by the centuries of experience, the lifestyle of the Europeans that has been typical for decades or centuries, and the influence of the descendants of the people who made Europe so great centuries ago.

Well, I have actually thought (and tried to persuade the people) about many more detailed steps to integrate the V4 countries. For example, I believe that we should include the languages of the other V4 countries as a material for the schoolkids to learn, perhaps for half a year instead of their first language, so that the communication becomes stronger in our region. Also, on a purely voluntary basis, V4 countries should share some ministries. The Czech ministry of transportation arguably has been doing a terrible job for a few years and I think it would make sense if all these activities were governed from Warsaw, with some right to terminate the relationship by a Parliament's vote at any moment.

On the other hand, Poland is the only non-nuclear V4 country that is nevertheless planning to build nuclear power plants. I think it would be safer for the future Polish nuclear power plants to be considered as mostly Polish projects whose part belongs to Czechia and/or all the other three V4 countries. Czechia would give some experience, among other things. Poland has nuclear experts but given the lack of the actual Polish experience with nuclear reactors, it's always a bit uncertain whether the experts are "genuine".

Most importantly, the geopolitical matters around immigration and asylum policies etc. should be much more integrated and reflecting the actual public opinion in the V4 countries, not random parties that happened to form the government and that may have relationships to the Brussels policies that seriously differ from the dominant views of the electorate. Here, I would welcome some integration or majority voting within V4: geopolitics shouldn't be solved at the level of small nations let alone regions or cities. It could really mean that V4 could copy Polish attitudes to such things because Poland's population exceeds the rest of V4 combined. But I think it would be helpful at this moment.

We should restore a seed of some European integration of the kind that still made sense, that served the European nations' actual interests, and that defended the European values. Such a V4 seed could later grow. With some political clout, this V4 seed could become very attractive for nearby countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, post-Yugoslav countries, Baltic countries, and Austria (and Bavaria or East Germany if those secede from Germany, but this speculative addition had to be placed in between parentheses). Austria is of course an important one because it's wealthy and avoided communism. Austria's anti-nuclear stance is a problem for V4. On the other hand, Austrian desires to avoid the "poorer company" could be easily defeated by giving Austria some greater rights within such a group, e.g. rights and votes proportional to the nominal GDP so that Austria's influence could become comparable to Poland's.

It seems that such a V4 would seek peace both with Russia (and Turkey) in the East and with Western Europe that is becoming a far left, Islamized hell. The values and general policies that V4 shares are very close to what most of Europe considered the ultimate precious values for a long time. Most of the V4 countries' citizens still see it in a similar way which is why the deeper integration of V4 looks so natural.

The processes that threaten us are rather fast and intense. Even if there were a very ambitious referendum whether V4 should be turned into one federal country, I would vote Yes at this moment because United We Stand, Divided We Fall. These are dangerous times in which sensible people simply should feel the duty to look for allies and to appreciate their existence.

And that's the memo.

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