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Iowa caucus glitches wonderfully show why leftism is dysfunctional

KOTO kaon anomaly: just some links, a fresh Science News review of a September 2019 talk by Satoshi Shinohara (PDF). They saw four long-lived kaons decaying to neutral pions plus missing energy, instead of a fraction of an event. It's probably noise but you may look at some theorists' proposals to explain it with light scalars, leptoquarks, new sources of CP violation, and more.
Iowa started with the caucuses on Monday. Caucuses are similar to primaries – elections to choose the nominee of a party – but people vote publicly, after they loudly persuade each other to move to one side or another side of a gym. Similar caucuses have taken place for some 250 years in the U.S. but it suddenly failed. It's Wednesday and the partial result from 62% of districts (not necessarily representative ones) are the best thing we have (the number jumped to 71% before I completed this blog post).

We are really used to final results 2-3 hours after the Czech elections end.

Ellen Feiss, a stoned Democratic organizer, tried to report the results from her district

This event has quickly become the world's second most notorious technological screwup of the recent 40 years after the Chernobyl accident. Both accidents show why it is utterly insane for millions of people to allow leftists to decide about the public affairs. I can tell you: "been there". Well, we've lived under communism for 41 years so all these events in Iowa look extremely familiar to me.

The companies behind the app were ACRONYM and Shadow Inc. The former is owned by a pro-Obama girl who also owns a bar (sounds trustworthy, doesn't it?), the latter – more directly involved – is run by the key people from the Hillary campaign (you need to click at the URL and press enter to reload the page and avoid the "access denied" nonsense there). Hillary Clinton has ruined so many things – and has contributed to the death of so many Americans – that every cautious American would burn every piece of furniture that she (or her accomplices) have ever touched. Sadly, there are no cautious Americans in the U.S. Democratic Party today so they think it is a great idea to order such people to create a speedy, high-tech solution for the first caucus.

The app was supposed to be used by smartphones but there was a suspicious condition: the organizers couldn't download the app from the App Store. Instead, the Democrats had to turn off the protection and "download apps from third, unverified sources". This aspect of the solution is already very bad but in leftist parties, generally accepted rules and security standards may always be beaten by an ideologically fanatical moron who shouts louder.

As soon as those people downloaded the unverified app, they were getting tons of error messages (after they entered results, they got "unknown protocol", nice; this VICE text brings screenshots from the terrible app). It is very clear that the coding blunders were numerous. Someone said that everyone can learn mathematics and everyone can probably write a caucus counting app, too. Except that these statements are obviously rubbish.

The activists in the Democratic Party have been selecting each other for years to be the union of the most pathetic bottom layers of the human society that you can find, incompetent, whining, spoiled, corrupt, brainwashed morons who believe that Greta Thunberg is intelligent, electric cars are the future, Trump isn't helping the economy, schools should teach kids to be politically correct snowflakes, the sexual identity is a social construct, Islam is as compatible with the West as Christianity, and so on. And in this set of low-quality people, you simply can't find a team that may create a reliable app to count the votes. Everything that works in the commercial world depends on the people who are sane and at least politically neutral. And the Democrat folks have actively fought against any quality control by meritocratically competent people. In particular, the Democrats rejected the vetting of the app by DHS (clickURL-enter-reload).

Aside from particular technical errors that are mostly random and that I don't want to discuss because we don't have enough information, there were conceptual, typically left-wing, mistakes of the whole plan:
  • the company preparing the solution wasn't quite commercial, chosen for meritocratic reasons; it was tightly connected with political candidates' campaign. This "intermediate" nepotist private-apparatchik company is exactly the type of mess that the Democrats would love to spread across the U.S. economy and such semi-socialist nepotist companies are dysfunctional relatively to the full-blown capitalist ones
  • the company's link to candidates isn't the only problem. A more serious problem – with the justice – is that the company was clearly much closer to some past candidates (Hillary) and some present ones (the gay with the name I can't spell); in fact, the gay was an early investor in that company
  • the party has chosen a solution that was too complex for the simple task; too complex unverified solutions have a high probability that something goes wrong
  • all the obvious risks associated with the contrived solutions have been neglected in the name of ideologically driven, grander goals – progressive technological progress (current neo-Marxists love to babble about the scientific and technological revolution as much as the communists did); but criticisms of complexity and risks are often totally justified, they shouldn't be ignored; the same kind of selective suppression of inconvenient evidence occurs when the leftists promote clearly bad "solutions" such as biofuels, electric cars, wind turbines everywhere, ban on meat, silly non-replacement for plastic bags and many other things, digitization of things that work better outside the digital world etc.
  • important apps like that should be downloadable from official app stores, as I said, third-party apps are risky; these general safety rules shouldn't be overruled by people with political power; it's really wrong for some people to stand above such principles (or, using a bigger word, above the law) just because they are politicians in a state
  • there wasn't a clear hierarchy of responsibilities, people could insanely hang up phones during important calls, and so on
More seriously, there exists an alternative hypothesis that is worrisome: the scandal wasn't a sequence of technological failures that the people have wanted to avoid but they couldn't but a deliberately fabricated suppression of information. Partial results from 62% districts show that BS (Bolshevik the Senile one) and the gay were at the top, each with 25% of votes. (Yes, the winner may be a young guy whose most important political achievement from the Democrats' viewpoint was the insertion of his limb into the rectum of another man.) It's possible that Sanders actually won in Iowa. But Hillary – who is close to the people behind the app – hates Sanders. She and her people arguably tried to suppress him by unfair methods already during the 2016 primaries. Maybe they're even releasing the least pro-Sanders districts first.

It seems plausible that they're just trying to hide the information that Bolshevik the Senile one has won Iowa; or at least delay the publication of the information to the moment when it makes a minimal impact. Such a theory has flavors. Hillary would probably prefer Joe Biden to win and he probably dropped to a distant 4th place, with 15% or so, and that's the outcome that Hillary may want to suppress, too.

Now, the Bolshevik the Senile one is almost certainly a greater threat for the U.S. and the world than Joe Biden – who seems like a safe, old-fashioned kind of a creep. However, it's still true that his opponents are behaving more dishonestly now than his fans. This comparison could change dramatically, however. The Project Veritas has recorded Sanders' staffers who plan to burn the U.S. cities as soon as Donald Trump is re-elected. These radical Bolshevik lunatics also want to destroy and steal lots of private property. They're exactly the kind of criminal scum that courageous U.S. troops had to wrestle with in Latin America and elsewhere but because they are U.S. citizens, they are not treated as scum that has to be neutralized but instead, they are cool and they call themselves an alternative to Donald Trump!

Nepotism, incompetence, selective suppression of rules in the name of the political interests of the powerful, excessive power of the politicians and apparatchiks in general, lack of accountability. This is a rather toxic cocktail that has created the amusing hassle in the Iowa Democratic Caucus that no one really cares about – but it may cause much greater damages in the U.S. and the world if these bad people happen to take over in November.

And that's the memo.

P.S. 1: The leftists have done and said many other incredible things. Here, a black pundit complained that Iowa is racist. Why? Because 90% of the voters in the Caucus of Iowa are called... Caucasian. They are white and they are racist. The only way to make them non-racist is to place these whites in cages, she recommended. Nice. This is also a part of the alternative to Donald Trump.

P.S. 2: CNN says that Democratic voters are "balkanized by race, education, age, and ideology". What a surprise – after many years of identity politics whose very point is to achieve this balkanization. When millions are brainwashed for years that it's important whether they are Islamic vegan black-Jewish transsexual homosexuals, whatever it means, many of them will find the adjectives important, indeed.

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