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Jeff Bezos throws away $10 billion of his money

...to fund organized crime based on pseudoscience...

Last night, the media informed us about a shocking decision that was greeted by arrogant titles in far left outlets such as

Billionaire Jeff Bezos Figures He Might as Well Try to Help the Planet He Currently Lives On
He will never live on any other planet. The suggestion in the title is fake news and pure arrogance. He said:
Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet.
What a staggering moron. There is no climate-related threat to our planet, let alone a big one. Instead, the actual threat to mankind – not to planet – are active morons ("aktivní blbec" has been used in Czech at least for 50 years), psychologically ill Scandinavian spoiled brats, and children who were left behind and who are "capable" of saying breathtakingly stupid sentences such as the quote above.

Most of the money will end up in the pockets of spineless lying criminals, nasty and greedy bullies who know nothing about science or who know something but they intentionally lie about what they know. I am not sure about the outcome for the world economy. Most likely, even the greenhouse gas emissions will keep on happily increasing. A more worrisome possible outcome is that those $10 billion will be really used to successfully shut down most of our power plants and the rest of the civilization.

Bezos has some software-related degree. How does it happen that a wealthy man like that ends up being brainwashed by similar most pathetic medieval pseudoscientific superstitions? Is it because Bezos has mingled with Hollywood "elite" to create "celebrity life"? Is he paying $10 billion to pick a Lauren Sanchez whom I have never heard about? And does he really believe it or does he need to improve his image among other brain-dead extreme leftists for some reasons? Wasn't it enough for him that he had to cough up $35.6 billion that his ex-wife "needed" to devour?

For $10 billion, you could
  • build the first-stage of a new particle accelerator of circumference 100 kilometers, or 1/2 of the 100 TeV collider
  • build a really nice version of the wall on the Mexican-U.S. border
  • have paid decent salaries for one billion hours of the Amazon workers' time – instead of the šitty salaries that Bezos has actually paid to them
or many other things. Instead, he will just throw this $10 billion to the already huge bucket (surely hundreds of billions a year) that is being wasted for really crappy, dishonest, uneducated people who are gradually destroying the Western civilization. Is it really important for Mr Bezos to accelerate this decline by a few percent? Does he believe that when he destroys the Earth, it will help to relocate his villas to Neptune or where he exactly wants to live? It won't help.

The money will surely be used by climate hysterical liars and fake scientists to become even more arrogant than they are today and to go after the neck of genuine scientists and decent, honest people in general. It will make the hysterical screams that surround us even more obnoxious, less intelligent, and more detached from any reality. It will lead to a further suppression of academic freedoms and the civil rights in general. It will be used to increase the eco-terror against companies that are more important than Amazon.com by many orders of magnitude – e.g. utilities. It will be used to justify the replacement of solid and cheap technologies by would-be alternatives that are vastly more expensive and, in some cases, that actually emit more CO2 emissions in total, too. The money will be used as any money behind the climate hysteria: to increase the lies, propaganda, censorship, terror, arrogance of immoral people, and hardship for everyone else. The nastiest big fish of the climate hysteria who should have been arrested for a decade will become multibillionaires; billions of new "worried climate scientists" will be hired because the small fish of the climate hysteria are the cheapest sluts you can get, costing about $1 a piece.

Whatever his precise motives and beliefs are, this Bezos guy is really a fudged up moron and a near-tera-scale villain. I still believe that the Czech billionaires aren't this fudged up. But that's not good enough news given the fact that Bezos (and other rich Americans indoctrinated by the insane contemporary far left delusions) are much wealthier.

You're filth, Mr Bezos, and $140 billion (instead of $150 billion) is no longer enough for you to change this fundamental fact.

P.S.: The possibility that he is throwing this amazing amount of money in order to pick a woman reminds me of the joke from Ivan Mládek: Jeff Bezos likes a woman at a party. The shy man says: If I pay you $1,000, would you allow me to buy you a glass of wine? - OK, so you can, why not? - Now, if I pay you additional $10 billion, will you accompany me to my bedroom upstairs in the hotel? - OK, so I will... - And in the bedroom, he asks: And now, how much money do I have to pay for you to have sex with me here? - $10 like everybody else. ;-)

P.S. 2: One week ago, Roger Pielke Jr wrote about the most important academic blacklist, 17 ultimate heretics of climatology that should be "unhirable". The list was presented at an important event weeks ago to justify the jihad against Judith Curry. I was flattered that I am still on the list of 17 top climate scientists. The list is clearly obsolete. I dedicated at most 5% of my time to that topic in the recent decade and Bob Carter died in 2016, among other problems. The "list of witches" was always pathetic and inhumane – now it is also heavily obsolete. But those would-be people don't care.

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