Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mad commie Sanders: a good reason to evacuate the U.S.

A great PC game for free: Kingdom Come Deliverance (EG page), an amazing 55-gigabyte 2018 Czech game about stories of Henry, a son of a blacksmith (in Rataje nad Sázavou, Bohemia, Holy Roman Empire), in 1403 AD (see Wikipedia), will be available up to Feb 20th for free (it went live on 5 pm today, Czech Winter Time, or here now) through the EG site. See a trailer and Amazon or YouTube. The creator-in-chief is Dan Vávra, a brilliant and politically sensible guy who also masterminded the famous Mafia 1 and 2. You need a good enough gaming PC with 8 GB or more and perhaps to download the EpicGames' platform first, too. Hat tip for the game, 2018: Crabik-Manzo

Viruses: A fascinating article on the Quanta Magazine about HIV and especially narnaviruses whose RNA may be read backwards and makes some sense, a very rare property. The curious people such as you and me immediately ask "why". The leading hypothesis is that they want the host to read the RNA backwards and think that it's meaningful but harmless – but the right reading is in the first direction in which it is meaningful and harmful, and the host gets fooled. ;-) Like people don't suspect that A Beers Dinners is dangerous but it is one of the 11796 anagrams of Bernie Sanders, a toxic thing.
On one hand, Bernard Sanders (I find the affectionate form of the first name crazy to be applied to a hardcore Bolshevik apparatchik) was a victim of the Democratic Party establishment. They probably stole the 2016 nomination from him and they were trying to do the same now. On the other hand, the Democrats' worries are understandable and by now, they're probably accepting the fact that he is a rather likely candidate to win the nomination.

Moderates such as Joe Biden aren't too moderate. On top of that, Biden is incoherent and his whole family should spend their lives in a prison for the corruption in Ukraine (and probably elsewhere). However, all these personal things are details relatively to what can change the United States of America and the most dramatic changes are associated with the name of Bernard Sanders.

The risk that Sanders wins the November 2020 election is very low at this moment. Trump should defeat him in a landslide, perhaps 70-to-30, because Sanders' socialism or communism is unacceptable not only for almost all Republicans but for a majority of Democrats, too. But something bad may happen about Trump's life or health or something like that. The election is 9 months away, a large enough fraction of the remaining "life expectancy" of 73-year-old men like Trump.

(Also note that four U.S. presidents were assassinated after being elected during a year that was a multiple of 20: 1860, 1880, 1900, and 1960. Statistics and history show that 2020 isn't a good year to be elected as the U.S. president LOL; the probability of assassination seems to be 4/11.)

The probability of a Sanders-led communist revolution is larger than some people are willing to admit. And even if such a dramatic twist is proven to be impossible in 2020, what about 2024 or 2028 or 2032? With the increased number of voters emerging from the brainwashed youth that doesn't even understand why "socialism" is similar to "cancer", the probability of a similar victory will increase.

Make no mistake about it, Sanders is a full-blown radical communist. He didn't mind when people called him a communist. However, he refused to be a member of the Democratic Party throughout his life because it wasn't sufficiently communist to him. He has been a member of all kinds of Marxist groups. In 1988, he chose the ultimate paradise for his honeymoon: the Soviet Union (I was there in the same year but I didn't get as many options as he did).

Sanders has explicitly rooted for Bolshevik regimes throughout the Latin America including Nicaragua.

But what he's planning to bring to the U.S. is clearly more important than some weird relationships in his previous life. And indeed, what he plans to bring to the U.S. is "socialism" as understood by the communists. Note that during the Cold War, the Westerners called the Soviet bloc countries "communist". That's how the ruling parties usually called themselves, too. However, these parties were using the word "socialism" for the regime that they actually had: "communism" was reserved for the money-less utopia resulting both from Marx and some hippies' pipe dreams.

Sanders wants to nationalize basically everything. He wants a government monopoly over the healthcare (i.e. liquidate all private insurance companies), he wants the "free" higher education, nationalization of the whole energy industry, and those are just the beginning. As a hardcore leftist, he obviously pays lip service to the pseudoscientific climate hysteria as well. He has vowed to waste $16 trillion dollars to "save the climate". (Wind and solar would be omnipresent, he has no innovative ideas whatsoever.)

Those of us who have been in the climate debate for decades remember that as recently as a decade ago, the climate fearmongers were angrily disagreeing with our statements that the "fight against climate change" would be extremely costly, over one hundred billion dollars a year. Well, now you have a real-world proposal: Sanders wants to waste sixteen damn trillion. And it's just the U.S. Multiply it by a factor of five to get some global figures: the climate loons want to destroy at least 80 trillion dollars globally (almost one year's global GDP). Even this would be a huge underestimate if they really wanted to be close to the "carbon neutrality".

So $16 trillion – some $50,000 per capita including infants – is what he wants to "bern" in the name of a leftist religious cult that doesn't make any scientific sense and that only grew in importance because the universities in the West have been largely hijacked by incompetent and corrupt left-wing subpar dirt that has nothing whoever to do with honest scientific research as it has been understood for centuries.

But even those $16 trillion that would be literally flushed into the toilet would be a small fraction of his total theft. His recent plan wants to steal as much as $97.5 trillion in the coming decade and use it for his Bolshevik projects. The government spending at all levels would reach 70 percent of the GDP, truly Soviet proportions. One hundred trillion dollars is some $300,000 per capita including infants – that's how much this Bolshevik gigatumor wants to steal from you and every other non-loser American.

What is remarkable is Sanders' alignment with the standard Bolshevik propaganda. As kids, we were brainwashed by suggestions how nice socialism was (well, teachers were supposed to spread these memes but about 50% of my elementary school teachers were anti-communist, and some of them were very courageous – the percentage of neo-Marxists in the schools today is vastly higher than the percentage of Marxists at Second World's schools during the Cold War). The ultimate source of pride that has impressed many people, including many of my classmates, was the observation that the higher education and healthcare were "for free" in the Soviet bloc. Sanders is equally obsessed with this hogwash. Needless to say, higher education and healthcare are never "for free" because teachers, physicians, and others have to be paid to do their work. They're just being funded from other sources. In the healthcare and education "for free", everybody is obliged to pay something, even if he wouldn't ever choose to do so in a truly free country.

The socialist framework where "the government does and pay for everything" produces the same problems that made the Soviet bloc inferior relatively to the First World. The quality services aren't really being developed and offered, there are no real incentives for technological progress and optimization. And because socialism – a system where unproductive losers and parasites are in charge – depends on "other people's" money, it ultimately runs out of the money. Over 4 decades, "socialism" in the communist sense subtracts some 90% from a country's GDP, just ask someone who is familiar with the history of Czechoslovakia.

But it's not just the final outcome that is terrible. The "transformation" towards this Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Sanderist paradise is a terrible process by itself. It's really a process in which millions of people are robbed of their assets, of their dreams, and – in some cases – of their lives. Sanders' staff has been caught as planning to burn cities in November. They really are on par with the terrorist organizations in other countries that the U.S. has somewhat wisely bombed in the recent century.

If the odds for a Sanders-like victory in the general election seems over 10%, and if I were a U.S. citizen, I would definitely be preparing the evacuation because these hardcore criminals are really planning to destroy you. They hate you. The problem is that the number of Western countries that seem to be in a good shape – and that are almost universally expected to remain in the good shape – is shrinking catastrophically these days. Hard left-wing cesspools are taking over much of Europe, Canada, and others. In Canada, convicted and confessed Al Qaeda killers are being donated $10 million from the prime minister and treated as rock stars and "magnificent Gentlemen" while those who dare to point out that something is wrong are being nearly arrested.

Countries like mine seem to be the remaining islands of sanity and prosperity predicted to grow. But it's the influence of the European Union, another approximate copy of the Soviet Union, that represents the greatest threat. Some weeks ago, I mentioned that Facebook could become a "good guy" and abandon censorship. Well, we were informed yesterday that Facebook will order some employees of AFP, a French press agency, to rate shared contribution on the Czech and Slovak Facebook. Wow. Some random pieces of šit from a part of the North Algerian šithole where they devour frogs – from a completely different country – wants to rate the validity of the posts that people, including people like me (I don't use Facebook but many "similar" people do: most Czechs use their Facebook account!). Maybe they will add the straight censorship, too.

We didn't have anything like that during the Cold War times. The Soviet Union has never directly influenced or rated the everyday acts of regular Czechoslovak citizens (the Kremlin was "just" pushing the top-tier Czechoslovak leaders in a certain way but it never got to the lower levels). Such an explicit loss of Czechoslovakia's sovereignty at the level of the ordinary people would be unthinkable. The present reality is already much worse than the Cold War era in this respect.

Note that if something like Bernard Sanders won the general election, the leftist filth would be greatly energized across the world. What is already extremely bad in other countries would become even worse. Are there countries whose future doesn't look so terrifying? I wouldn't want to live in explicitly non-democratic countries such as China and I would also have some smaller trouble with Russia although it would be better.

There are some countries near the boundary of the collapsing Western world and the non-Western world where things may be much better in coming decades. Switzerland is still better than the EU although many of their policies are rather close. But I think that countries like Serbia, if they manage to stay out of the EU, may await some really nice decades. If I were an American, I would start to be thinking about some evacuation plans to Switzerland or perhaps Australia or Serbia or Japan... or something else. And quite certainly, I would be thinking about ways to hide my assets if I had any substantial ones. Let the lying thieves and parasites who worship the climate hysteria and similar lunacies try to live out of their own money!

Half a century ago, the life on Earth seemed so much easier. You just fooled (or shot dead) a few lame communists and made it through the Iron Curtain, some regular fence, and a big world that was basically fine was available to you. But what about 2020 or 2025?

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