Saturday, February 08, 2020

Nazi German lawmakers plan to imprison all Euroskeptics for 3 years

...and/or make them pay dearly...

Much like in the 1930s, freedom has been largely exterminated in Germany again but what we learned today (thanks, Prof Konvička and Counterstream) is perhaps even more shocking than most of the previous events. Several small German outlets have just superficially mentioned a shocking new addition to the German criminal code (Strafgesetzbuch, StGB) in progress, namely § 90c StGB, that wants to outlaw any criticisms of the European Union involving its symbols. This initiative has been discussed at the level of a "law of the state of Saxony" since 2018.

My understanding is that even e-mails with this playful satirical picture would be outlawed in Germany.

The Bundestag has already discussed this addition in the first reading in mid January 2020 and the documentation was prepared in October 2019:
Drucksache 19/14378
The proposed form of the new paragraph § 90c is written on Page 5 (in German). The two parts say:

Criminal code is extended by § 90c, Defamation of the EU symbols
  • Who publicly, during an assembly, or by spreading a written document defames the EU flag or the EU anthem, will be punished by a prison term up to 3 years, or a financial fine
  • The same punishment waits for everyone who removes, destroys, damages, publicly abuses, makes unusable, or publicly humiliates the EU flag. Even an attempt to do so is punishable.
Wow. It is just staggering. But yes, I still laughed when I read the verbs in the second verse. They reminded me of a scene from a Czech fairy-tale, "There Is No Fun With Devils", where the officer says "He is a rebel! When he was being arrested, he seriously injured three soldiers, bruised two soldiers, and... he humiliated another one!"

The justification openly says that the EU is important for Germany so the regime needs to get rid of all Euroskeptics and terrify the rest of the nation.

Well, the EU is important for Germany because the EU is the Fourth Reich that allows some rather typically German, extremely pathological ideas (including the support for Islamization, the climate hysteria, and more fanatical than Hitler's vegetarianism) to be leveraged and spread all over the continent. But this "ability" of the EU isn't necessarily a good thing and all sensible Germans know that it is not a good thing.

The last time when Germany attempted to do the exact same thing, 5 million Germans and 70+ million other people have paid with their lives. Most of the German cities had to be flattened to save the very existence of the European civilization and Germany's geopolitical sovereignty had to be severely restricted (in two states) for the following 45 years after the war. We in Czechoslovakia had to expel 2+ million Germans whose ancestors had lived here for 700 years and many other things had to be done.

Do you really want to do the same thing all over again? Do you really want to punish all the sane and decent people who realize that this suppression of the totally fundamental civil rights – that contradicts the Basic Law of Germany and even similar documents of the EU itself – is wrong?

Many of us have often been faced with the thought experiment: "If you had the opportunity to dramatically terminate the career of a baby Hitler, would you do it?" Sadly, this wasn't just a gedanken experiment. Once again, the situation is here and now. And you don't need to harm any babies now!

Do the new Gestapo-style German politicians want to catch the Britons in Germany most of whom understand that (and why) the EU is an anti-democratic garbage institution led by junk politicians who have no legitimacy and no achievements and that's why they were moved to that continental dumping ground? What about Rowan Atkinson? Will Germany demand him to be punished? And what about the German commenters who realize that his performance of the Ode to Joy (in German) was wonderful?

And what about Ludwig van Beethoven? Are you happy that he is turning in his grave as the second man, after Joseph Haydn, whose catchy melody has been or is being abused by fanatical Nazis who have zero respect to the basic freedoms defining the European civilization? The Ode to Joy should be the Ode to Joy, not an ode to totalitarianism that scares the fudge out of 80 million Germans.

The fact that this proposal – which seems likely to get through – isn't making tens of millions of German extremely angry helps to explain why most Germans find it OK to embrace millions of people from the Islamic anticivilization: the German "values" are not all that different!

Before the full-blown German occupation of Czechia starts again, similar laws will remain unthinkable here and Czech girls will happily sing the Ode to Joy with the lyrics saying When I grow up, I will be like Bára Špotáková, a javelin Olympic winner.

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