Monday, February 24, 2020

Old "Miss Germany 2020" is deceitful

The post-modern left-wing NPCs are fighting against everything that the Western civilization has been built upon and that has been admired for hundreds or thousands of years – Christian and European values, nation states, freedom, democracy, private ownership, roles of men and women, the scientific method, meritocracy etc. – and it is unsurprising that the women's beauty is a target, too.

Some of the beauty contests have come under attack in some Anglo-Saxon countries and swimsuits have been erased.

Germans constantly want to retake the crown for the most unhinged left-wing nation in the realm previously known as the West which is why they have demolished the main beauty contest, too. A 35-year-old mom, Leonie von Hase, was allowed to run – she was obviously the oldest contestant in the contest ever, since the 1920s (18-39 years was the allowed age range) – and she was chosen Miss Germany 2020 by a women-only committee.

The winner received cosmetics and a Volkswagen Golf which, just like its sister Seat Leon and a stranger named Kia Ceed, lose the comparative contests against their sibling Škoda Scala.

The list of pathologies in these reforms is extremely long, indeed. It's hard to decide where to start.

First, let us just look at the words in "Miss Germany". The contest is called "Miss". A miss is a female who hasn't married yet, or who hasn't given a birth to a baby yet. The winner violates both of these defining conditions – she may be at most a MILF (or MYLF if You will), not a miss. Also, most people would expect "Germany" to say that the contestants were born in Germany. The winner was born in Namibia and she was apparently born after the 1884-1919 period in which Namibia belonged to a German colony, the German South West Africa.

(The victory of a native of Namibia confirms the old joke: An American asks a German: Do you know which woman in Germany is pretty? The German has no idea and the American explains: A tourist, only a tourist.)

Second, more importantly, "Miss Germany" as a whole has been adopted as a phrase that represents meritocratic beauty contests. This one clearly wasn't an example of that. The rules have been changed to some vague sequence of babbling so that it is not clear whether "beauty" or "life stories" should be decisive. At any rate, the jury was encouraged to choose whomever they wanted, with no consistent quality control or criteria at place, and none of the virtues that I mentioned was decisive and I would say that "not even a combination of these two quantities" was decisive.

It's the women-only jury that was guaranteed to mock the contest and destroy its meritocracy. The women really don't have the right incentive – based on the sexual instinct – to choose the most beautiful contestant. Even more seriously, they don't have the impartiality because they really have an interest and driving force – normally known as jealousy – to choose someone who isn't the best. The members of the committee are waiting to hear "holy crap, you're prettier than Miss Germany 2020" or "more charismatic than her" or "having lived a more interesting life" etc. It's almost safely predictable that a women-only jury chooses a candidate who isn't too far from the average.

They couldn't have chosen the woman with the best life story, either. The grandma who rides her motorbike in the henhouse, who has a radio in her tooth, and about 20 more gadgets like that is surely more impressive – at least more patente – than the chosen winner. This Oma should have won but the women-only jury couldn't have chosen this Oma because virtually no women can really be good experts in teeth-based radios and similar technologies.

The famous Czech economist Mrs Markéta Šichtařová – who has incidentally won a survey looking for the most likable Czech mature female pundit – considers the new trend mistaken and she added:
The evolution wanted and made sure that the "handsome" and "beautiful" are adjectives earned by those men and women who have physical traits suggesting that they will make the reproduction easy, from their youth, from the muscles of men, to the distinctive curves of the women. The Miss contests used to look for women who had those attributes.


I have nothing against the Miss contests that are understood as the pick of the prettiest girl. But the history has chosen that it's impractical when the words are being stripped of their original meaning. For example, the NSDAP had "socialist" in its name, but it was nevertheless classified as a right-wing party because some people found it inconvenient for socialism to be discredited. Or the word "liberalism" has been used for the left-wing anarchism for some time,
she warned. That's why the contest should be renamed to "Liebe Oma", the director of Next Finance proposed. Amen to that.

Well, this one isn't too "liebe" but she could win an Oma contest.

It's really strange how easily this kind of crippling of the old brands is taking place. Isn't someone holding the rights for the Miss contests – in Germany and in the world – who would have the interest to protect the trademark against a similar degradation? The degradation isn't just one at the moral level. It's bound to make it vastly less interesting for viewers because the pick has no beef.

Also, is this winner going to represent Germany in some global contest? Clearly, she would only have a chance if that global contest changed the criteria in this dramatic way, too. (Miss Universe is the most likely global version of the Miss contests that could go in this way before others.) That's probably what the unhinged people behind this German reform want to achieve globally – much like the aforementioned NSDAP wanted many of its policies to be applied in the whole world or at least the whole Europe.

Will someone stop these dangerous warriors?

P.S.: The founder of our first commercial contest, Miss Czechoslovakia, Mr Miloš Zapletal is in the state of shock. The Germans have completely lost their mind by removing real jurors as well as the key discipline, the promenade in the swimsuit. The contest has lost its meaning, participants of our Miss contests in the past overwhelmingly agree. Zapletal still focuses on the U.S. and its stunning hypocrisy. On one hand, even 1-year-old girls can't walk on the beach naked. On the other hand, the U.S. produces 95% of the porn in the world. The hypocrisy was placed on steroids by the #MeToo movement, he adds. He believes that Czechia will avoid this insanity and we will keep our jury and our swimsuit contest.

Extra reports that Germans are disappointed. "We haven't even seen her in the swuimsuit, it's no fun". Also, some viewers say that the winners looks like a 45-year-old scorched branch, not 35. (I don't think the contest will "empower" her because she will be hearing that she looks 10 years older all the time now.) Billionaire and Senator Ivo Valenta criticizes the changes as well, says that it's absurd to eliminate men (should only kids decide in the contests with kid participants? And should cars pick the Car of the Year?) and predicts that with this rate of propagation of "correctness or stupidity", all such contests will be forbidden, anyway, because they discriminate against the 3rd and 97th sex. Sputnik CZ and Prima TV previously shared the ironic suggestion And what about the addition of burqas next time? In fact, Miss Germany 2020 was already less Western than Miss Iran 1972.

Some Czech and Polish observers were nicely surprised that the winner wasn't a colorful bearded womenoman Omar (the Spanish Miss Universe Angela Ponce is a biological man). Others have suggested that Miss Germany 2020 is a first step to crown Angela Merkel as Miss Germany which will make her politics even more appealing. Well, stay tuned, maybe there will be Miss Germany 2021, too.

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