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RIH Pachauri: 1940-2020

The sad death of many people who have been great to mankind and who have contributed something remarkable is a part of the decay of our civilization. The generations of achievers, sometimes modest and constantly smiling and self-sacrificing achievers, are being replaced by the generations of frowning spoiled brats that whine about microaggressions and stolen childhoods while on their intercontinental yacht trips that are paid by someone else.

Well, statistics makes exceptions unavoidable. On Thursday, February 13th, the 79-year-old Rajendra Pachauri ceased to live due to his long-term heart problems. He was an Indian railwayman, a sexual pervert, and one of the most notorious fraudsters in the world who has also led the IPCC panel promoting the climate change alarmist scheme.

Rot In Hell, monster.

The Australian Quadrant Magazine has published quite a revealing summary of his life:

Waste No Tears on the IPCC’s Rajendra Pachauri
The text shows decades of constant blackmail, relationships with women who could be his granddaughters, his bragging about such perverse relationships, immoral combinations of his influence over the climate alarmist cult and his perverse sexual adventures, neverending lies, perjuries, hypocrisy, and his repeated destruction of the lives and careers of genuine scientists that he has never had anything in common with. And there was this constant milking of the money from all conceivable sources, sometimes right after he did some of the worst acts.

Notoriously, the IPCC climate panel – along with Al Gore – won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. That is another reason why Pachauri wasn't some kind of black sheep, a negative exception in the ocean of decent climate fearmongers. He was the ultimate prototype. An incompetent, nasty, lying, blackmailing, cruel bastard who liked to radicalize mobs and who wouldn't hesitate to use any tools for his personal benefits. And it's incredible to recall what kind of severe criminal problems he has had before he was allowed to continue with his career and, in fact, expand it. But there is a silver lining: he wasn't appointed the IPCC chairs by people in the West; it's overwhelmingly undemocratic third-world šitholes that did it.

Like other cults, the climate cult has some division of roles. So yes, aside from the aggressive predators such as Pachauri, there are many submissive sheep who may like to be "led", who may like to be fudged and perhaps even fudged up. So it's misleading to present the climate cult as a uniform entity. However, even the submissive people are co-responsible for the evil that Pachauri has committed. He couldn't have done what he did without the help of many other, more obedient people, including all the young women who allowed him to fudge them for quite some time.

Don't forget to invite lots of other beings who are similar enough to you to your new home where you may rightfully complain about too much heat for the first time in your – well, it's no longer life. In other words, Rot In Hell, Rajendra.

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