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Trudeau runs Gestapo that secretly bullies, go after the neck of opposition

Peter F. sent me a totally shocking video with 470,000 views (and 99% upvotes) that was published by Rebel News Network, the main Canadian right-wing TV platform, on January 29th:

HIDDEN CAMERA: Police interrogated me about my Justin Trudeau book. They didn’t know I videotaped it
Ezra Levant published a book on Trudeau's corruption during the October 2019 elections in which Trudeau got 40%. The book made it to #2 at Amazon.

He was summoned to the capital, Ottawa, because of some complaint related to the book. The 26-minute-long video shows that the cops, apparently highly paid cops who previously fought terrorists etc., refused to tell Ezra Levant, the boss of Rebel News Network and the main co-author of the book, what the complaint or accusation was.

So he only knew stuff from the intimidating letter about the investigation. It's something related to the book. But what is wrong with a book? Or is the complaint about the book itself or about the promotion of the book? They couldn't answer these basic questions. They were just investigating and threatening him. He was recording them, thank God.

While they tried to indicate that he did something wrong while promoting the book, the very publication of the book was later said to be a problem. Perhaps he should have registered a "third party" when he published the book – or he should have registered the book with Trudeau's government and he should have kindly asked Trudeau for a permission to publish the book, they stunningly said with their boring technocratic voices, as if they were saying something neutral.

Needless to say, an overwhelming majority of the people would get broken under this pressure of Nazi-style intimidation and threats. He didn't. He really mustn't because he's one of the 5 main guys who represent all the sane and decent people in Canada. He boldly insisted on the key principles of the Western society. And he also recorded the terrifying dialogue. It is not clear to me whether he could break some laws by this secret recording but I don't really care. What he captured is clearly vastly more important than any law that could restrict such records.

The similarity between these Trudeau's henchmen's behavior and the stories from the Nazi and Soviet bureaus is breathtakingly clear. You can even see that these men realize that they're doing something terribly dirty and unacceptable – something they were told to do and paid to do – and they may be heavily punished for this unconstitutional behavior when their boss' totalitarian control over the Canadian society is over. But I think that they can't look at themselves into the mirror. I think that they must feel an urgent need to commit suicide when they try to look at themselves.

Canadians must be a bunch of dangerous savages if 40% of them have voted for this nasty Nazi puppet for the second time.

Good luck, Ezra.

P.S.: This tweet and video that Ezra posted yesterday is also shocking. A convicted Al Qaeda terrorist was on the same flight as Ezra and the police liked it and when Ezra dared to ask, they threatened to arrest... Ezra!

Incidentally, Omar Khadr – the "youngest terrorist ever" – just arrived and is giving huge speeches in Halifax. It's really hot and almost as profitable to be an teenage Islamist murderer (of an unarmed, 29-year-old U.S. Army medic Christopher Speer) in Canada as to be a retarded Scandinavia spoiled brat who screams "How dare you". This is how teenagers may secure themselves for lives these days.

The Canadian "police" also refuses to drive pickup trucks through plywood barriers that ecoterrorists placed somewhere to sabotage a pipeline. Instead, it arrests a resident who does the job that the "police" is paid for!

On Sunday, I was uncharmed by some rather unpleasant Russians at a Carlsbad flee market. However, Russia is still alright in certain basic things so it sent 7 Antifa (domestic terrorist) leaders to a Gulag for 6-18 years. Those are the same people who are earning $50,000 speaking fees in Halifax these days.

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