Sunday, March 08, 2020

Children in Lombardy should undergo "let's all taste Covid-19"

Societies should reward, exploit the Covid-19 survivors' superpowers

One minor aspect of the intentional and deceitful coronavirus hysteria fabricated by the dishonest media is the claim that there are over 100,000 infected people. In reality, those 107,000 that have been Covid-positive include 42,500 active cases (that number began to slowly grow again but it has already touched a local low around 38,000 days ago) and 64,500 or so closed cases, including 3,600 fatalities.

Those 61,000 people (mostly in China so far) who have been cured and discharged are extremely interesting – yet almost completely overlooked. They have antibodies that will probably protect them from the disease for years if not decades (before the antibodies fade away). So they are immune against something that hundreds of millions if not billions of people are hysterically afraid of. Let us not hide the shocking yet simple truth:

They are supermen and superheroes! ;-)

The most famous Czech heart surgeon Mr Jan Pirk – who has done 7,000 heart surgeries, including a huge number of celebrities – has said that the coronavirus panic is completely unjustified, populist politicians are abusing this fear, Nature is naturally defending herself against overpopulation, and all of us should taste the virus.

It's unnecessary and undoable because lots of people are willing to do many weird things to avoid the encounter with the virus (or even an infinitesimal risk of such an encounter; or they will do amazing things just to fool themselves into thinking that they have done something useful against their infection even though it's not useful). On the other hand, limited versions of that proposal could be extremely helpful for the countries, I think. By its draconian policies, China managed to reduce the daily infections by an order of magnitude but as The New York Times admitted, the cost was painful and it is not clear whether such a brutal restriction of the society has long-term advantages. What is the goal, in a world where the virus will surely survive somewhere for a long time?

Hours ago, Lombardy – the middle region in the North of Italy – has been basically quarantined in a nearly China-style fashion. Things look more "humane" but the implicit goal is rather clearly to "emulate the numerical success of China". Everyone may return home from those places – but e.g. in Czechia, you will be ordered to respect a two-week-long quarantine. Out of our 26 infections, we have 23 tourists who have returned from Italy (or their close relatives) and 3 linked to Boston (one man directly, one couple through an intermediary in Austria). We still don't have serious cases in our country.

Italy is just like Hubei, Alessandro told me, and has now the same number of cases and casualties per day as Hubei during the peak. Still, the Sunday in Milan looks a bit more human and democratic. The number of pigeons living in that gorgeous cathedral is still one million, I guess, so everything is alright. But one expects that with less draconian measures, the peak of deaths will be higher than in Hubei. Alessandro wants to promote some online seminars, if you think it's meaningful and you can help him, contact him.

Statistics indicate that there are no fatalities of Covid-19 beneath 15 years of age. This page still shows 0.0% case fatality rate for 0-9 years and 0.2% for the age 10-39 years. This should really have far-reaching consequences.

One of them is that if it makes sense to protect the children at all, it only makes sense to prevent them from becoming the propagators of this virus. It's not about their survival, at least not in the overwhelming percentage of cases. Fights against this infection that will probably not disappear completely could in principle cripple the regions' and nations' life for a long time. I think that no sane person wants Lombardy to see a 50% drop in the GDP for the next decade, for example.

So I think that nations should actively grow their segment that is already "updated" and immune against this vulnerability, just like the Windows operating system after the newest monthly Tuesday patch. And people who can brag to be "Covid survivors" are the building blocks of such a new, patched system. Lombardy kids up to 15 who agree – and whose parents agree – should be infected, tested positive, quarantined for a few weeks, and then they should wear a special medal or dress identifying them as the supermen.

They could do lots of things – fearlessly deliver food and toilet paper to the people who are quarantined, for example. ;-) Note that their antibodies are probably extremely useful as a cure. That cure is called plasma therapy and Japan seems to be starting with that approach to the treatment. It's just a vaccine created by the survivors. Search also for convalescent plasma. A higher percentage of immune survivors in a community reduces the contagion among the other people, too.

Various variations of this policy may be applied. Instead of kids 0-15 years, the policy could also apply to volunteers up to 39 years of age or another limit; or to everyone, not just volunteers, in some villages or regions where it's in the national interest to grow the survivors and restore the business-as-usual within two or three weeks, regardless of the high density of the infected people. A very small percentage of the people could die but they could also save lots of lives and restore the life to places that have been getting shut down in recent weeks.

The survivors who get infected and quarantined willfully should be rewarded, something like $20,000.

These policies are already directly relevant for China that has over 57,000 survivors now. Iran has 2,000 and Italy almost 600 (and about 4,000 everywhere outside China). But we're in the (first?) ex-China wave of the disease in which the number of ex-Chinese survivors will increase visibly in coming weeks. At the end of March, the number of survivors outside China could surpass those in China. The number of survivors – like the number of infections – is still at tiny values relatively to the size of the nations but already these hundreds or thousands of people could be extremely useful for certain jobs. They can move everywhere, they may basically be given exceptions for everything.

If the disease kept on spreading and someone wanted to cancel the Tokyo Olympic Games or other events, I would recommend to keep all these events and make them open to the Covid-19 survivors, the supermen. ;-)

Of course, in the unlikely case that the number of ever-infected humans grows to a significant percentage of mankind, the experience could separate the groups politically for a while. If the hysteria survives, it will become very obvious that the infected plus survivors will have very different ideas about "what is right to do" than the often scared Covid-inexperienced people.

As I walked into a hospital, I asked doctors what were they giving to patients with coronavirus.
"Pitas, potato pancakes, crepes, and thin-crust pizza."
"And that helps them?"
"We don't know, but they fit through the gap under the door."

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